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Poem Friday – What Ever You Do Don’t Let Texas Be Blue

I have not done a Poem Friday in some time but I needed something like what is going on in this Country to get me off my posteria and write, because I can. Its about ” Seeing something and saying something.”


The Great State Of Texas proudly blood Red

Economically wealthy and successful and the best is ahead


Proud of their President, their Flag and the American Flag to

Proud of their history, the heritage, there hospitality genuine and true

They love and show great respect for their vets and military men

For those who fought for USA they will always stand up and defend

I have always been so impressed when they take time to shake their hand and  personally comend


I know the wealth and beauty of this State is the envy of many 

The door should be open to those who share this pride not just any


Those from the States  and cities that are blue

Stay there, clean up their mess,  get your politicians to work as they should do


They appear to be unhappy, mean, and vicious it seems

It appears that they have lost their  spirit and their American Dreams


The blues cause unrest, bringing the ‘Reds’ down in their sights

This State is a great state with no need for anti establishment fights


It does not need the face covered Antifas, climate changers, destroying property into the nights

Freedom of speech as it should be  is a Texans right


Texas they have the right constitutionally to bear Arms

They need Guns to protect themselves, their land and their Farms


So Blues if you come to Texas to stay

You need to think about changing to red and live the Texan way


I am neither a Republican or Democrat in fact I  live in Australia that is true

I stay in Texas for the months that they allow and leave when due

But I have to say be careful  and “What ever you do don’t let Texas be Blue”




Go Vote for your President you need him and he needs you





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Poem Friday – Everything Goes Beep


Everything goes Beep
Author – Lesley Voth

It drives me crazy at the sound of the beeps
It is so invasive it gives me the creeps

It controls our lives no matter where we are
We get the beep when we reverse the car

The washing machine it beeps when its finished
Keeps going until your peace is diminished

The fridge now when that beeps it is my pet hate
we should have the option to deactivate

The Microwave does the same, beeps till you come
We go running to the beat of that drum

We seem to need the alarm beeping in our ear
Gets louder and louder like we don’t hear

Even when we want to cross the road
It beeps to tell us and flashes a crossing code

Open the car door and left keys in the ignition
For goodness sake just another annoying addition.

For most I am sure your life if just fine with that noise
But for me the peace it destroys

What is it that someone out there decided for us
To control our movements in the name of safety is not a plus

Our parents survived without following like sheep
Did not bounce up to everything that goes beep

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Poem Friday – 06/03/2011

A very weird Week
author – Lesley Voth

I think the stars are misaligned this week
Strange, weird happenings so to speak

Actually when I come to think
Its been crazy, it could drive you to drink!

It has been time of expressed surprise and shock
Relationships crumbling when I thought they were steady as a rock.

A long-standing and loving marriage almost came to an end
No strangers to me, but a friend of a friend

That wasnt the only one, you could have knocked me over with a feather
And that’s another thing, all around the world it has been fearful weather

Around the world in many places the ground trembled and shook
Again more sadness, destruction and many lives it took

For me this week was the most traumatic of all
My granddaughter Mika, from the horse, had a nasty fall

Hearing her Mothers terror and seeing her limp frame
I thought the worst a terrible feeling, a feeling with no name

Off in the ambulance she went leaving us numb and standing
But thank-you Lord and her angels because they must have softened her landing

Many bruises and scratches on her body and face
But only a broken arm, was the result, that’s all they could trace

But you know the memorable and good thing about today
Having a laugh and coffee with the girls, makes me happy in a special way

When I am with my friends, we tell stories, we offload our woes
We laugh about them, offer sympathy, it softens the blows

To talk to my husband who is always cheerful and true
He gives me freedom, love and another point of view

So damn those stars, get back into line
Because I like it when everything is happy and fine

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Poem Friday: What’s Happened to Our Freedom? 10/08/2010

What’s Happened to Our Freedom?

What has happened to those days when we were free?
To be all the things we want to be.

To do all the things we wanted to do,
Without all the rules that control you.

Those do gooders pretending to protect your life,
Supposed to make you safe, keep you from strife.

But what is going to happen when our life gets tough,
We are getting so used to being pampered, not handling the rough.

We have let them disarm us, make us weak,
We now are losing the right to speak.

The money we work for, we let them take Tax,
They even make us think its their right to take the Max.

We don’t even object or put up a real fight,
We just complain, and let them take another bite.

The freedom of taking initiative, being able to take a risk,
The choice is disappearing, fast, and brisk.

I cannot cut a tree on the property… I own without a permit,
I cannot fish… without a license I must submit.

I cannot ride my bicycle… without a hat,
Now we are strip searched at the airport, we all know about that.

I know some of you will be saying it is all for our good,
For me, I believe FREEDOM is now misunderstood.

We don’t even know what it is like to really be free.
We are so caught up in the ‘Money Tree.’

Afraid to lose our possessions, our purse,
That money has now become, to some a curse.

We have been spending like there is no tomorrow,
Now we must, yes must stop what we borrow.

So every time we have a new law, new tax, or new order,
If you don’t agree, get out of your box, object, and stretch your border.

Your freedom is precious you must defend it with all your might.
Pass on the freedom to you children, make it right.


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