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Poem Friday on Saturday – Love at First Sight



 Love at First Sight


We actually went looking for a cat

Came home with this ball of fluff, how about that


My Mum was in need of a furry mate

Cat or dog that was the debate


Off to the pet shop we all went

Next to the cat cage was this puppy so heaven-sent


The decision was then made

Home she came with us once we paid


Charlie was the name we decided

Probably not the best name provided


As Mum always called her a he

Even though Charlie was a she


Anyway Charlie gave my Mum so much pleasure

So smart, so lovable, a heart stealing treasure


There was not a soul who did not fall in love with that dog I believe

So special to my Mum, a lot of love Charlie did receive 


But Alas Charlie is not with us any more

An accident ended Charlies life, Charlie who we love and adore


These things happen and  it causes great pain

But time they say does heal and the hurt does wane


We will miss her that is for sure

A love of a pet is so unconditional, so pure


That ball of fluff so beautiful, was so bright

Loved her to bits, for me,  It was Love at First Sight










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Bacon Pancakes With A Difference

Sunday mornings in Australia are kinda special for me. When I am on the Sunshine Coast my Grandson makes the pancake mixture and we go to the beach and have a Sunday Morning breakfast cook up of pancakes and bacon. With this recipe we can incorporate both. Smothered in Canadian Maple syrup on a beautiful sunny day is a ‘Simple Pleasure’

Three words- Bacon. Pancake. Dippers.

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Poem Friday – 08/09/2013 – Privilege And My Pleasure


Privilege And My Pleasure
Author: Lesley Voth

My Brother and his wife went off on a trip
I hope they realize that not like New Zealand you need to tip

They are off to Europe for about 3 months or more
Exciting for them a great adventure in store

England, Scotland, France, Turkey and Spain
I hope they get great weather, plenty of sunshine and no rain

So while they are away, to my Mothers place next month I will stay
She is now going 96 young, memory at times goes a little astray

So for two months in New Zealand I will be looking after my Mom
Good for her, she loves a wine and she is partial to a little coke and rum

It is time that I enjoy as it is now a precious treasure
They say we only have so many breaths on this earth, she only has a few to measure
So I can always say time spent with her is all my privilege and my pleasure

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Poem Friday – 07/12/2013 – Love Is A Beautiful Thing

surprising_friends (19)

Love is a beautiful Thing
Author – Lesley Voth

Would it not be great if us humans were like this
No problems ,life just all cuddly and bliss

I mean look at them, not a trouble in the world
Protective in that warm, contented curl

This is pure innocence and love at best
comforted by each other, I am so impressed

I know we provide and care for them
But usually the rewards are like a priceless gem

Just sit a gaze at these pictures of beauty and peace
Absorb with pleasure and enjoy the good feelings it doth release


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