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Pet chatz – What will they Think Of Next


This is actually so cool.  I mean some pets are locked in an apartment all day while the owner is at work so I think this is fantastic. They will never be lonely. Mind you I am not sure about them calling you that could become a bit of a problem.


You can buy this on Amazon Just click here or on the picture

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Did You Know – 03/24/2014

1. tumblr_n2n20orTad1qkvbwso1_500


2. According to Consumer Reports, veterinarians can make up to 1,000% markup on their Pet Meds and charge a dispensing fee of up to $15. cheaper alternative trot off to Walmart, Kroger or Target where generic pet meds sell for as little as $4.00

Fear of long words

3. If you have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, then you have the fear of long words.


4. The Stars you see when you rub your eyes are phosphenes.
They are a phenomenon by which seeing light without light actually entering the eye. This rubbing mechanically stimulates the cells of the retina causing effect. Even after you open your eyes you still see those spots for a little while.



5. Almost half the bones in your body are in your hands and feet. There are 27 in each hand and 26 in each foot, and the way that they are arranged is remarkably similar.

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My Pet Peeve – Drextors

Drextors – My word definition of people who text while driving

This is my pet Peeve. As a Motorcyclist it is one of our greatest fears, those who text and use the phone whist driving.
I have known of a young girl, she was not paying attention, texting and ran straight into a motorcyclist and took his leg off. How would you like that on your conscience. Plus I see young Mother, with kids in the car texting away not paying attention to them or the road.
I see enough of it and have seen some scary near misses because of it and these statistic prove how dangerous it is.

Distracted Driving–America’s Bad Habit http-::www.benjamintravis.com:project:distracted-driving

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Did You Know « 8/23/2010

1. According to “Womans Health Magazine“, they say that researchers found that people who routinely endure sound levels higher than 55 decibels (snoring is typically 60 – 80 decibels) were twice as likely to be treated for high blood pressure.
They suggest plugging your ears when you go to bed to help lower blood pressure.

2. J. Paul Getty (1892-1976) one of the richest men in the world put dial locks on his telephones and installed a pay phone in his Manhattan home so visitors and house guests would not run up his phone bill.( I guess that is one of the reasons why he remained rich )

3. Multimillionaire investor Hetty Green (1834-1916) reportedly never used hot water, never heated her home, wore the same black dress every day. She carried oatmeal to her bank job, then added water and cooked it on the radiator. (Often rich people get great pleasure out of being frugal, no pleasure from waste)

4. The amount Americans spend on pet food in 2009 was $17.6 billion according to AARP

5. The average credit card debt among households with balances on their cards in America is $15,788 (AARP)

6. “Americans drink 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated drinks every year.” (Public Health Reports 2000. Vol. 115. Oxford University Press, 2000: 308-319.)

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