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Did You Know – 01/20/2020


1.You can slash your risk of death by 27% if you work up a sweat at least once a week.  Source British journal of Sports medicine

2.    Make some rules! – 3+ hours is about the amount of time teens spend on Social media a day when it affects sleep. A Scottish study found those aged between 13-15  who spent 3-5 hours on social media went to bed later, woke later and had trouble getting back to sleep after waking during the night. So parents for the sake of their heath make some rules!! – (House of Wellness)


3.  Hypnosis helps a person to change their thinking pattern. Thinking bad thoughts? Change them. Think differently and you will feel differently and you will act differently.


4.  Australians have been accidentally  eating a fish unknown to science. It is a type of grouper which is said to be quite tasty – More info 


5. The 10 reasons to eat a whole avocado each day. (suits me) – a. a single serving of Avo supplies over 20 crucial vitamins minerals and properties our body apparently needs. b. Healthy fat  c. helps lower blood triglycerides and LDL. Increases HDL d. Aphrodisiac e. Weight loss F. Helps regulate blood pressure. G. Helps boost nutrient absorption processes. H. Helps treat artritis symptoms. I. The amount of zeaxanthin and lutin in the avocado helps reverse the macular degeneration and hop improve e health.  J. Half an avo helps regulate blood glucose levels, insulin and lower the overall risk of diabetes. k. Avo’s are rich in fibre , 25% soluble and 75% insoluble. L. Bone health – contains copper, Vitamin K and folate . source Cleanfoodhouse.com






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Commitment is The Only Way To Success in All Things

Commitment is probably the one major thing I learnt from my Dad. Some times it is a pain in the neck but gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.  Unfortunately  it kinda makes you a little intolerant of those who cannot commit to something or anything for that matter. It actually makes you disappointed and sad.  I found it in sport, the gym ( you start off with a friend and after a week or so they drop out or begin to at least and in the end find a reason not to keep going). I have just started being involve in a weight loss business called Isagenix. Great company great product. This product works but requires commitment. I see cases of those who really need to lose weight, become more confident and get themselves out of a rut. They start ‘Gung Ho’ then after a week or two they slowly get back into old habits and either lose no weight or start to put on weight. They set themselves up to fail.

When I listen to this fellow  and it so made sense. The way to success in anything, you need to have a routine, a ritual, a pattern, Over delivery,  that will keep you on track.

His rituals are simple easy to do and help ones focus on what they are committed to.  Please listen and enjoy

Because “If you don’t do different nothing will change”

If you are interested in definitely losing weight go to – https://lesleyvoth.isagenix.com/en-AU/ or email me at lesley@davidvoth.com

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Quiz – Are You A Shopaholic?

Did you know that about 2% of people have a spending addiction. That doesn’t seem very many you might say to yourself, well I did anyway. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry uncontrolled spending has its consequences of debt, lying to spouse and to family, mood swings, low self esteem, massive guilt and more, which can be just as devastating as being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

See if your spending is safe or sinister. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you suffer from a shopping hangover, suffer remorse the next day or by the time you get home, on the way home?

2. Are you constantly visiting the ATM machine because you are short on cash or borrowing money for the necessary items like FOOD?

3. Do most of your purchases lie in the back of the wardrobe, unused and with the labels still on?

4. Do you shop because you think you deserve it or are stressed or feeling lonely or depressed?

5. Do you shop for a new outfit every time you are going to a function, because you think what you have is not good enough?

If you answer yes to most of these questions you need to consider:

  • Take the time to figure out your feelings. Spending addiction often masks an inadequacy, pain, feeling hurt by some remark, loneliness. Get some quiet time and soul searching.
  • Get a referral to a councilor. From your doctor or Salvation Army or call lifeline. There are many organizations that offer this service. Phone someone you trust, a friend before putting a hand in your purse for the credit card. Explain to them your problem, don’t ignore it. It is very real.
  • Break the pattern. Change your behavior by making a plan. Take a look at your spending habits be it online, or at the mall. Studies have shown that most of the online spending is done in the evening. If this your issue then don’t turn the computer on in the evenings. Stay away from it. Have a relaxing bath, play some music, read a book. Is mall shopping your problem, then just stay away. Go to the movies if you have the urge to splurge.
  • Only use cash. Compulsive spending expert Dr Ruth Engs says this makes it easier to track your spending. Gives you more control.

Learn the lesson – Regret can be a powerful motivator for change. Think to yourself “What is it that I need to do to change this situation”. If you don’t like the feeling of regret, then you must do different, so you are able to overcome this feeling and regain your power.

Don’t dwell on what might have been – Solves nothing. If you have spent on something you regret, take it back to the shop or if that is not possible ‘live with it’ what is done is done. Make the effort not to be in that powerless situation again.

Boost your mood – Give away one chore you have to do today and use that time for quiet reflection. Re frame the events of the day, take deep breaths and clear your head of negative thoughts.

Look if this is your problem, get some help, take that weight off your shoulders. Float, be self assured and know that you are in control, love your life again.

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