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I bet this was an effective ad…

Texting while driving is one of my pet peeves . As a Motorcycle rider I see it all the time. Coffee cup in one hand, texting with the other and steering with their knees. I know because I can see in the window as I pass them. 

They get a shout out from me as I pass. 

Signs that someone is on their phone is, erratic speed, they move from one side of the lane to another and often into the next lane, they do not stop in time and often rear ending the car in front. I have seen it all

A Hong Kong movie theater asks its patrons to leave their cellphones ON when they enter the movie.  Using that, Volkswagen made an eye-opening ad…

More than 1.5 million views in 3 days!

After viewing, please forward as it may wake up some folks and save their lives one of these days!

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I Want Everyone In The World To See This Video – Pass It On Please

I have written poems about this subject, written stories but none of it will have been as affective as this video.

Please watch it and pass it on and if you are one of these people, take heed, you maybe missing the biggest opportunity of your life.

In fact I was out riding my bicycle yesterday and a guy was on the footpath with head down reading something on his iPhone, I saw him but he did not see me and when I gave him a shout he almost wet himself with fright. I had to laugh though, the shock on his face was so funny.


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Maybe You Can Pass It On

Too Cute. My husband sent me this so maybe you could send it on to someone you love.

You have a message

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