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What Happened To This Invention

This makes the problem of parking in small spaces , not a problem, 


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What’s Coming Soon!

There is some really good stuff here. I think the power outlet is a must in every kitchen and the back pack and bike, a great idea if you like to hike, especially in mountainous terrain.

Bike Pack

Glass Holder

Traffic Signal with Hour glass timer

Solar Charging while Parking

No more Blind Spots (rear view mirror)

Wearable wireless mouse

Hoodie BackPack

Hidden Power Outlet

Unique umbrella design

Ruler with holes for precision

Eco friendly Toilet

Solar rocking chair

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Budapest Multiparker 730

This is amazing and ingenious. Not only does it save the eye-sore look of car park buildings, it will allow much needed space in the inner city for other amenities such as a park or attractive walking area’s and other much needed buildings that are more pleasant to the eye. I find it unpleasant to be driving around a car park looking for a space and if it is in the evening I don’t always feel that safe. It looks very efficient to me, do you not agree. It is probably high dollar but I like it.

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Simply Fantastic Parking – Hey Its Free!

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