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Wrap Rage – Package Overkill

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How many times a week do we bring things home only to find that the packaging is impossible to open without a sharp knife, pair of scissors or you just tear at the thing with frustration. I mean I bought a brush the other day it basically had impenetrable packaging and when I did get it open finally it was tied down with wire ties. I mean ridiculous.

What is it all about, it is not going to stop someone stealing the brush, it’s not breakable, it is not going to leak poison so what is the story with all this waste of time environmentally ‘unfriendly’ packaging. The ones I hate most are these child proof screw tops. I mean I have to go find my glasses, which is a challenge at anytime and match the arrows on the lid and bottle before I can extract my headache pill because it is impossible for me to see without my glasses.

From electronics, batteries , DVD’s to milk cartons, jam tops, I mean you need to be a body builder with strong wrists to get some of those jam tops off. It drives me crazy. In my opinion it is a waste of time and energy and actually puts me off buying some articles and bottled produce.

The hard plastic seal is called “Clamshell” packaging in the industry, apparently it is a cheap way to package, it is efficient , protects the merchandise and for the shopkeeper the packaging sits nicely for display on the shelves. For us,the consumer ‘Narda’, no advantage at all.

Another negative side to all this suck and seal products is the injury that it can cause.

In the US, one survey shows that 6,400 people were treated in emergency for injuries caused by opening this “Clamshell” packaging. I am sure there is a lot more

Another survey done in New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia  by catalyst Research  surveyed 500 people and found that 100% of them had injured themselves trying to open packaging.

What do we reach for when we cannot open the package? Of course scissors, kitchen knife, or something as useless as a fork, screw driver, saw, and, yes it has been known – angle grinder  and invariably what ever we us the chances are it slips and we stab ourselves. Many of us end up with chipped tooth because we have tried ripping a package open with our teeth. We have ended up with a bruise because our hand has slipped and we have smashed our hand on the table or wall. Broken a nail or in my case thrown it at someone and bruised them.

This packaging overkill has got to stop. It is possible, apparently in 2008 Amazon.com unveiled a Frustration-free packaging range and had great success with it. The packaging was recyclable and free from that hard plastic killer stuff and no wire ties.

‘Arthritis Australia’ recently implemented a review process which has provided recommendations on fixing accessibility issues with over 100 products.

Some one like my Mother, would not have a hope in hell opening some of these products. Number one she has arthritis and also suffered a minor stroke, plus she is 95, so her ability to open a lot of these products is especially limited.

So next time you buy something and the packaging is a challenge look for the Toll free  number and give them a call and complain. In some cases refuse to buy the product again. If enough of us complain they may take another look at their packaging and develop a product that is easier to access and not such a health hazard.

Having trouble opening that metal lid on a glass jar:

1. Run the jar under hot water

2. Turn the jar upside down and slam the lid down on a hard surface, till it surrenders

3. Turn the jar upside down and soak in hot water for a few minutes.

4. Throw it away



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Its Had The Life Sucked Out Of It!

In an interview the other day, Deepak Chopra was asked a question about how to live a healthy life, he had four answers, one of them being, do not buy any food with a label or in a can, it has no life.

You may not agree with his philosophies but you need to agree with that one. He is so right and why do I say that? Think about it, if it is in a can it has been cooked to hell and back and not an ounce of life is left in it and if it has a label it has either been cooked till it is dry like the packet it is in or it is in some form of powder and no life in it either.

This is a subject dear to my heart and have been pontificating about it for years to mostly deaf ears and some who think I was rather eccentric. This is an example. I love to cook meals and pride myself in using fresh herbs and spices when I can, only to be horrified to see someone put ketchup on their meal. Depending on who they are I say nothing it is their choice, but if it is a family member, then they get a tongue lashing from me. Why you might ask? Well they might as well pour sugar, salt and chemicals on their meal. They will not even taste the natural herbs and spices I used.

Here is a reason why most of our countries population is over weight and suffer from those muffin tops and big bellies. If you are eating a sausage or any meat for that matter without ketchup you would probably have one helping and that would satisfy your appetite. If you put ketchup on your sausage , steak chips or whatever is on your plate  you can be sure you will have another helping. What happens is the salt and the sugar plus the chemicals will stimulate your taste buds and you will crave for more. I learnt this many years ago from a nutritionist called Adele Davis who wrote a book called “Lets eat right.” She was not wrong.  I believe that book is a result of my good health today.

What really started me on this subject was a program on ’60 Minutes’ about a company called Givaudan, which is one of many that make flavors for our food. This particular Swiss company is in 45 different countries, its purpose is find flavors that will create a craving. An example of this is soups, anything in a can, packet or box.

They have people in their company who have a job of finding different flavors that will appeal to us the public.  They call  sniffers. This group will go around to, real fruit farms and sniff their top quality fruit for that special flavor extract the flavor molecules, head off back to the factory and mimic that flavor with chemicals. Their main aim is to produce a flavor that is not lingering so you want to come back for more. Basically they are creating an addictive taste.

Chemicals, well they are man-made we know that when we see that label.
Natural flavors? Well that is not what the label implies. There is really nothing natural about flavorings. Flavors are manipulated and then give you the impression tat you are tasting a natural product. It is absolutely an illusion
Another example of this is they can manufacture the old oak tree flavor for some cheap whiskeys to give you the impression they have been stored in oak barrels.

For them its is like music, they call all their different flavors ‘notes’. They store thousands of different ‘notes’ to make thousands of different flavors for food. Many of those flavorings are also used in most restaurants where you think you are getting real deal.

That chicken that you thought was smoked–artificial flavoring. That barbeque fish from your favorite restaurant well the chances are that’s just flavoring. That grilled steak, that barbecued steak, yes the same.

Those flavored chips, ready to eat meals, soup, stews, rice dishes, almost every product in the supermarket has been enhanced artificially and intensified with fat, sugar or salt, to create the addiction to the taste.

Dr Kessler who is a former head of the FDA was saying that the flavors are so stimulated it actually hijack the brain. It makes food super palatable and makes us eat more.

We want healthy food but most of us will not eat anything that is bland, hence we have the flavors produced to make us enjoy  eating it. We don’t want to eat anything that has sugar in it, but we wont eat anything that is not sweet, so they make a flavor that gives the impression of sweet.
The whole purpose is to make the tasting experience memorable and a desire to eat more.

So you may ask why our nations people are getting fatter and finding it very hard to lose weight yourself. Well here is your answer.

Your answer to a weight problem is to observe what you buy and stay with natural ‘Fresh’ food as much as you can.

If you don’t do different nothing will change

Another interesting piece of information I received today was on the statement that Dr Oz made a few months ago about the high levels of arsenic in apple juice.

Dr Oz was criticized and ridiculed by the FDA, some of the media, and some members of his own profession.

Apparently the FDA stretched the truth (lied) about some of the facts and now has apologized to Dr OZ and agreed that his statement was correct.
Good one Dr Oz.


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