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My Favorite Spiritual Teacher

Eckhart Tolle has a Book called the “New Earth – Awakening to your lifes Purpose”. It is a book everyone should read.

Now you will probably read this one a few times till you grasp it.

I got these from the oprah site. Will put some more up tomorrow as I think these three will be enough to absorb at the present.

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Gift Idea Wednesday – Books

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.49.39 PM
Book One

I happen to read this book last year after seeing him being interviewed by Oprah and on the CBS.

Well I was watching Steve Harvey last night on his Season premiere No 2, “What Men Really Think” and it reminded me of the book.

On the show Steve Harvey explores Love and relationships and men’s thoughts on the matter.

He had approx 150 females in his audience and about a 1000 men. The woman was asking relationship questions.  Harvey together with his sharp humor was putting up a choice of 3 answers and the guys were giving their choice via a survey.
I laughed my butt off. It was so funny and rather insightful.
I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I think the next one is on this afternoon (09/09/2015). I of course record it and watch it with my husband in the evening.

The book was very light-hearted , not to serious  with great clarity.  I chuckled through the book as we as females are really lost when it come to thinking we know what is going on in our mans brain.
This a video and Steve Harvey is talking about the book. I just laugh listening to him I find his humor very funny.

Just click to buy this book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition”


Book 2

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.21.02 PM

“5 languages of love”

This book I read about 3 years ago. Probably the best book I have read about helping one understand their relationship with their partner.
I notice since I read the book he has expanded his books to ‘Singles’ ‘Children’ &’Mens edition’ just to mention a few.

It basically determines which language of Love that is suited to you and that of your partner.
It’s a great builder of a rather diminishing relationship of a long marriage or not so long partnership.
Sometimes we really do not know our partners as well as we think we do.
I have actually given this book to many of my friends and find that not one of them have said that ‘This book is not for me’. They have all had great things to say about it.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I especially like the look of the 5 languages of love for children. We are all inclined to treat our children in the same way but each one has a different language of love which could make a difference to your relationship with them especially if they are teenagers.

Both of these books will be great gifts for Christmas

Click to buy 


Because if you don’t do different nothing will change

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No Phone Zone!!

As probably half of America know that Oprah Winfrey is having a big promotion to plead, scare, shock and give awareness to the dangers of using your phone in the car while driving.

I am also pleading, scaring, and making you aware of the danger and stupidity of the use of phones in our vehicles while driving.

Why? I am a motorcycle rider and the biggest danger to us on the road is drivers that are using their phones in the car while they are driving.

The examples of this danger are when the vehicle, moving from their lane, on the highway, going at a speed of about 75 miles an hour and moving straight across in front of me. When I catch up to them, 99% of the time they are on the phone and had no idea what they did. I can tell you from my actions they soon know.

I don’t think we can even imagine or know how many fatalities there has been caused from someone on the phone while driving, not being aware of the vehicle beside them, and moving on top of them or in front of them. Trust me it is a very scary thing to have happen to you. I now make the assumption that all drivers on the highway are using phones, just like I make the assumption when I come to cross roads, the driver is not going to stop or doesn’t  see me.

I have sat behind vehicles at the exit of a shopping mall. I have sat there for at least 2-3 minutes sometimes, thinking they must be waiting for traffic, not understanding why they have not moved out to the line of traffic when there is a gap on a busy highway. Nope, not the case, they are on the phone, quite oblivious that there is a line of traffic waiting behind them ,waiting to exit also.

I have been on my motorbike on the highway, going relatively speedy , look across at the vehicle next to me ,to see the driver with coffee in one hand, phone in the other and steering with their knee. Unbelievable. What can I say, they are an accident waiting to happen or a lethal weapon in my opinion.

I am so pleased that Oprah is making this her new cause as she will ultimately save many lives and prevent many, living the rest of their life with permanent disabilities.

I can yell obscenities and give sign language of my displeasure, give dirty looks and stand on my head, those drivers do not care in fact they often sign language me back.

The other thing is, that while I am doing this and getting myself all knotted up I am putting my own life in danger because while I am getting upset I am not focusing on my own riding, which is pretty essential while riding motorcycles.

Australia and New Zealand have stiff penalties for the use of phones in your vehicle while driving. You lose points off your driver’s license and you have a high financial cost. After so many points you lose your licence for what ever time the judge decides to give you.

Oprah will have much more influence in this country than I ever will, so I am saying “Thank-you” because you could be saving my life and many of my friends that ride motorcycles.

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