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Dancing Till You Drop

This is a video of dances from old movies. Its so great. I LMAO with some of the outfits.

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In A Perfect world

In a perfect world 1

In a perfect world 2

I could add a few more on to this:

Movies were still 9c a ticket.
No Security checks at the Airports

Drive your bike past a fuel Station and it automatically filled the fuel tank without having to get off the bike.

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Poem About Nothing In Particular

Poem about nothing in particular
Author: Lesley Voth

The sun is out, it feels warmer and that is good
While riding my motorcycle I wont need the hood

Winter is a step closer come every day
I hate the cold it is bleak in every way

I hibernate like a squirrel and all his nuts
By the end of winter I have increased not one but two butts

But what the heck Christmas is so near
I am looking forward to clinking glasses in good cheer

I don’t worry so much anymore about Santa Claus
Cause when you get my age he don’t come knocking on these doors

Did I tell you I am writing a new book
Don’t know what to call it, I need a good hook

Its being edited today for spelling mistakes
It will tell you how to save money and put on the credit card brakes

Lets talk about our candidates Perry and Cain
Seems like one is doing the soft shoe shuffle around women again

And then there is Perry who has not got that remembering mind
I bet he has trouble dressing in the morning, shoes and socks hard to find

Well I am off to the movies this afternoon
See J Edgar, Interesting history but will go down as a buffoon

Have a safe and happy weekend
Spend it with family or a wonderful friend

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Dogs Shaking Off Water

These are such great pictures. Reminds me of a movie that Tom Hanks was in called “Turner & Hooch”. That was such a great movie. The Source of the pictures is http://carlidavidson.photoshelter.com/

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Saving Tip For Today..7/26/2010

Popcorn at the movies.

Two things I will not buy at a movie theatre. One is bottled water and the other is popcorn. Take your own water and if you have to have popcorn, pop your own at home just before you leave. It is so much cheaper and probably not so fattening and just as enjoyable. Both of these items in my opinion are over priced at the movies.


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Patriotic movies to watch for the 4th of July

If you are having a relaxing day today, then some of these Classic movies might be a good idea to watch on this special day. You can get them on DVD or some of the old classic movie channels or the Turner Classic Movie cable channel.
Have a wonderful Independence Day

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). This must-see Frank Capra film skyrocketed the career of James Stewart, cast as a wide-eyed junior senator in our nation’s capital. His idealized vision is shattered when he realizes that some of his most trusted friends in Washington are corrupt. Along with his worldly, wizened secretary, Jean Arthur, he devises a scheme that will have you glued to your seat.

Foreign Correspondent (1940). Directed by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, this film focuses on a naïve reporter (Joel McCrea) who is sent to Europe to cover the Universal Peace Treaty and unexpectedly is involved in espionage after a foreign diplomat is kidnapped by enemy agents.

Sergeant York (1941). Gary Cooper won an Academy Award for his performance as real-life World War I hero Sergeant Alvin C. York, who single-handedly captured 132 German prisoners in the Battle of Argonne in 1918. Directed by the great Howard Hawks (Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday), this remains a perennial favorite and a quintessential flag-waver.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942). The story of songwriter, producer and playwright George M. Cohan is played to perfection by the energetic James Cagney in his only Academy Award-winning performance. Directed by Michael Curtiz (The Adventures of Robin Hood, Angels with Dirty Faces, Casablanca), the movie has a wonderful supporting cast, including Joan Leslie, Walter Huston, Rosemary DeCamp and Cagney’s real-life sister, Jeanne, playing his sister.

This Is the Army (1943). This superior musical is based on Irving Berlin’s musical revues Yip, Yip, Yaphank and This Is the Army. George Murphy portrays the father of a soldier, played by none other than Ronald Reagan (our 40th president), who is putting on a musical. In a new DVD version in the Warner Bros. and the Homefront Collection, the movie has been newly restored in gorgeous Technicolor.

Hail the Conquering Hero (1944). Preston Sturges’s patriotic satire tells the story of Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith (Eddie Bracken), who has been honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps due to chronic hay fever. He meets up with a group of marines who take pity on him and devise a scheme to bring him back to his hometown as a hero.

Pride of the Marines (1945). John Garfield is superb in his portrayal of real-life marine private Al Schmid, who was blinded at Guadalcanal when a hand grenade was thrown in his face. Returning to his hometown and the girl he loves, he learns to adapt to his new life without losing his pride and sense of dignity. The war scenes in this tense drama are harrowing.

They Were Expendable (1945). This is director John Ford’s tribute to the PT-boat squadron in the Philippines following Pearl Harbor. John Wayne and Robert Montgomery lead the cast. This overlooked gem is one of the best World War II movies — the combat scenes are unusually realistic for a movie of this era.



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Movies – Is it just me

I have just been to see the movie “Gamer”. Is it just me or is it that I am just getting older!

It was gruesome and the movie previews that I witnessed were just as gruesome. It seems to me that the movie industry is indoctrinating the young that the world is coming to and end or that monsters and vampires are going to part of the normal.

What has happened to the humorous and the romance movies. I just love a good romance movie and equally love a good humorous movies. The humorous movies are few and far between, in fact any so called humorous movies I have seen in the last week have actually been an insult to my intelligence.

I am an avid movie goer so please Movie makers, give us some good stuff if you want to stay in the big screen business.Dirty-Dancing-movie-13

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