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I bet this was an effective ad…

Texting while driving is one of my pet peeves . As a Motorcycle rider I see it all the time. Coffee cup in one hand, texting with the other and steering with their knees. I know because I can see in the window as I pass them. 

They get a shout out from me as I pass. 

Signs that someone is on their phone is, erratic speed, they move from one side of the lane to another and often into the next lane, they do not stop in time and often rear ending the car in front. I have seen it all

A Hong Kong movie theater asks its patrons to leave their cellphones ON when they enter the movie.  Using that, Volkswagen made an eye-opening ad…

More than 1.5 million views in 3 days!

After viewing, please forward as it may wake up some folks and save their lives one of these days!

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Ohio Man Buried Riding His Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

This is a wonderful story written in the Dayton Daily News. What a great effort for the family they should be proud of themselves.


Billy Standley started planning to be buried astride his 1967 motorcycle about 18 years ago. His family carried out his wish Friday with a large Plexiglas casket.

As far back as his family can remember, Standley said he was going to be buried astride his Harley Davidson Electra Glide. They said the motorcycle helped him retain his sense of adventure after he settled down to raise four children in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, — quite a compromise for the man who made his start at the tender age of 13 as a ranch hand and rodeo rider.


Standley began making the burial plans because when he died he didn’t just want to ride to heaven, he wanted the whole world to see him do it in a see-through coffin. This required a lot of preparation, and even more gumption.

He was a quirky man,” Brown said. “But when it comes to us kids, he loved us, he raised us well and, of course, we wanted to help him.”


He started by buying three extra burial plots at the Fairview Cemetery in Mutual, Ohio, next to his wife, Lorna. The land was big enough for the 9-by-11-foot cement septic tank able to accommodate his bike. His sons, Pete and Roy, fashioned the casket out of Plexiglas, reinforcing the bottom with wood and steel rods to handle the extra weight. For five years, it sat in Standley’s garage and “if you stopped by his house, he showed you his casket,” Roy Standley said.

He was proud of it
His forethought proved advantageous after Standley was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. Even as his mind wandered, his children or friends couldn’t forget his final wishes. When Standley succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 82, his plan rolled into action.


The burial might have been bizarre, and a bit shocking, to those in Mechanicsburg, his family agreed. But they also know it’s only natural that Standley would want to make an entrance when he meets his maker.

He’d done right by us all these years, and at least we could see he goes out the way he wanted to,” Pete Standley said.


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Saving Tip for Today 07/22/2013


Home Insurance

Don’t be penny – wise and pound foolish. Make sure you have adequate coverage to rebuild your home in case disaster strikes. Be sure to get replacement coverage on your home and its contents. 

Always, Always read your policy before signing on the dotted line. Don’t take your agents word for it. You may think you are fully covered till you read your policy completely only to find, say for example it does not cover you for flood or dripping taps. Has happened. 

Travel insurance is another policy to read thoroughly. It can be a very expensive experience if you find you are not fully covered for some specific health problems that may arise while you are on holiday.

One example for me is that I had a Texas licence to ride a motorcycle but I did not have and Australian Motorcycle license. My travel insurance was an Australian policy and when I read the policy I found out I would not be covered for any accident I may have in America if I did not have an Australian motorcycle license.  I had to go and get an Australian Motorcycle license before I left the country. 

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LOL – Motorcycle With Pedals

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To My Friend Bob

Bob and Millie

To Bob
Author – Lesley Voth

My special friend and Motorcycle mate
Is all broke up from an accident of evening late

He will be in pain and mad as hell
That he will not be riding on the two wheels from which he fell

In fact I believe it will be a few months or weeks
Before that seat will be feeling his posterior cheeks

But I have a suggestion I am sure he won’t like
He could think about getting a Can Am Spyder bike

While his chest is wrapped and leg in a cast
Three wheels would get him on the road quite fast

He would not miss out on any of our rides
We would have the pleasure of his company besides

Hey even Millie would find that pretty sweet
Stable, comfortable with a larger softer seat

Anyway Bob its just a suggestion
I kinda feel it would be out of the question

But really and honestly I am so happy
That it was only a few bones broke, I know thats crappy

Love you Bob and that you are alive and sort of kicking
Even if its only one leg that you can, cause the other took a licking

A cigar and Bourbon I look forward to
Special friend and buddy that is you

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Poem About Nothing In Particular

Poem about nothing in particular
Author: Lesley Voth

The sun is out, it feels warmer and that is good
While riding my motorcycle I wont need the hood

Winter is a step closer come every day
I hate the cold it is bleak in every way

I hibernate like a squirrel and all his nuts
By the end of winter I have increased not one but two butts

But what the heck Christmas is so near
I am looking forward to clinking glasses in good cheer

I don’t worry so much anymore about Santa Claus
Cause when you get my age he don’t come knocking on these doors

Did I tell you I am writing a new book
Don’t know what to call it, I need a good hook

Its being edited today for spelling mistakes
It will tell you how to save money and put on the credit card brakes

Lets talk about our candidates Perry and Cain
Seems like one is doing the soft shoe shuffle around women again

And then there is Perry who has not got that remembering mind
I bet he has trouble dressing in the morning, shoes and socks hard to find

Well I am off to the movies this afternoon
See J Edgar, Interesting history but will go down as a buffoon

Have a safe and happy weekend
Spend it with family or a wonderful friend

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Cool Story – Motorcycle Dog

You will love this story.

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Poem Friday – Will They?

Will They?
Author – Lesley Voth

When I ride my motorcycle in the countryside
I breathe in the air, the beauty, natures pride.

The fields are full of blue bonnets and different wild flowers
Red, blue, yellow, all vibrant reaching for the sun and showers

Do the leaders in the world ever stop, look and see
What God provides, The peace the beauty, the love that could be

Our world is being shaken by nature, humans and war
I feel that we have a lot more to come, a lot more in store

Yet we sit back and let our lives come to ruin, our leaders rape
Our freedoms, our children who from all walks of life cannot escape

They spend, and tax and leave our countries in debt
They will be pushing up daisies, when our kids suffer, you bet

They will leave a legacy, that we should be ashamed
We wont be here but we will be blamed

Will our children, no matter what part of the universe they live
See natures beauty that we see now, will they love each other and give

It would be so great if our leaders would stop, breathe and fill with grace
Stop destroying the life we know at such a speedy pace.

I guess that is expecting to much
Because all of them are so out of touch

Maybe our children will not be subservient and obey
Will they be different. Will They

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No Phone Zone!!

As probably half of America know that Oprah Winfrey is having a big promotion to plead, scare, shock and give awareness to the dangers of using your phone in the car while driving.

I am also pleading, scaring, and making you aware of the danger and stupidity of the use of phones in our vehicles while driving.

Why? I am a motorcycle rider and the biggest danger to us on the road is drivers that are using their phones in the car while they are driving.

The examples of this danger are when the vehicle, moving from their lane, on the highway, going at a speed of about 75 miles an hour and moving straight across in front of me. When I catch up to them, 99% of the time they are on the phone and had no idea what they did. I can tell you from my actions they soon know.

I don’t think we can even imagine or know how many fatalities there has been caused from someone on the phone while driving, not being aware of the vehicle beside them, and moving on top of them or in front of them. Trust me it is a very scary thing to have happen to you. I now make the assumption that all drivers on the highway are using phones, just like I make the assumption when I come to cross roads, the driver is not going to stop or doesn’t  see me.

I have sat behind vehicles at the exit of a shopping mall. I have sat there for at least 2-3 minutes sometimes, thinking they must be waiting for traffic, not understanding why they have not moved out to the line of traffic when there is a gap on a busy highway. Nope, not the case, they are on the phone, quite oblivious that there is a line of traffic waiting behind them ,waiting to exit also.

I have been on my motorbike on the highway, going relatively speedy , look across at the vehicle next to me ,to see the driver with coffee in one hand, phone in the other and steering with their knee. Unbelievable. What can I say, they are an accident waiting to happen or a lethal weapon in my opinion.

I am so pleased that Oprah is making this her new cause as she will ultimately save many lives and prevent many, living the rest of their life with permanent disabilities.

I can yell obscenities and give sign language of my displeasure, give dirty looks and stand on my head, those drivers do not care in fact they often sign language me back.

The other thing is, that while I am doing this and getting myself all knotted up I am putting my own life in danger because while I am getting upset I am not focusing on my own riding, which is pretty essential while riding motorcycles.

Australia and New Zealand have stiff penalties for the use of phones in your vehicle while driving. You lose points off your driver’s license and you have a high financial cost. After so many points you lose your licence for what ever time the judge decides to give you.

Oprah will have much more influence in this country than I ever will, so I am saying “Thank-you” because you could be saving my life and many of my friends that ride motorcycles.

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