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Did You Know – 10/31/2016


It would take you 76 full workdays to read all the privacy policies and terms and conditions you agree to in a year


Study shows purified water is a detriment to the health of our body. Purified water is produced by deionization, distillation or reverse osmosis. It acidifies the body and leaches minerals and because of the sarge size and shape of its water molecule clusters it does to hydrate the body efficiently. Purified water should be used in humidifiers, fountains autoclaves and fish tanks. but not consumed by humans.

Source: The miraculous properties of ionized water

If you want to learn about Ionized water and the water filter – Click here



London Still pays  rent to the Queen on a property it leased in the 11th century. Every year a ceremony is held at the Royal courts of Justice and the city hands over its annual rent:- A Knife, An Axe, 6 horseshoes, and 61 nails  to Barbara Janet Fontaine, the Queen’s Remembrancer, the oldest judicial position in England. The job was created in the 12th century to keep track of all that was owed to the crown.

No one knows exactly where these two pieces of land are located anymore, but for hundreds of years the city has been paying rent on them. The rate, however, has not changed—the same objects have been presented for hundreds of years.


I love the traditions of England. Like no other country upholds its history like the UK.



 This striking volcanic plume Shiprock was formed around 30 million years ago, developing as a plug within the vent of an active volcano. Over time, the rest of the volcano eroded away, leaving the  jagged outcrop all alone in a vast expanse of plain. At over 1500 feet, it’s the tallest structure for miles and miles.

The structure is an epicenter of legend within the Navajo culture. “the rock with wings,” myth says that the Shiprock was a piece of land that became a bird, carrying the ancestral people of the Navajo on its back. At sundown, the enormous creature settled in its current desert location and promptly turned back to stone

Although the steep, perilous sides of the Shiprock were once considered a great prize among rock climbers, human ascents have been expressly off-limits since 1970, in accordance with Navajo custom.


5. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-40-27-pm

There is a bike lock that is designed to make would be thieves sick. When someone cuts 30% of the way into a Skunklock, it releases a pressurized gas that immediately induces vomiting and causes difficulty breathing, symptoms similar to the effects of a pepper spray. Great for bicycles and motorbikes.


6. webcam-with-tape2-470x236

FBI Director James Comey admitted to covering his PC Webcam with tape. He also recommended that everyone do the same to protect their privacy saying “There are some sensible things you ought to do and that is one of them”

If you saw the movie “Snowden” you would not hesitate. (click on Snowden to watch trailer)

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Monday Morning Start Up

5 of these each morning is soooooo good for the body, mind and Soul. Well not sure about the soul but mind and body anyway. Gets the circulation going. Its for the fella’s as well you know.

I know a few that might have a need for this – not pointing any fingers of course but they ride motorbikes.

Walk Down Push Up

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Back From Sturgis 2010

We rode over 5,000 miles. From Houston to Spearfish and back, where we stayed and met up with our friends from Canada.

We had a great time. South Dakota and the Black Hills are just fabulous places to ride. We went to Devils Tower, rode the great canyon roads, and also went to Yellow Stone Park. I rode up the Bears Tooth Pass road which goes to the height of 10,947 feet above sea level. Just unbelievable scenery as you can see in the photo’s.

Our ride home was not as pleasant as the temperatures were what I call excruciating. For most of the way through Texas the temperatures were over 100 degree’s and up to at least 110 on the road. I had a face as red as a lobster and when we got to Arlington to our friend’s place I just dived into their pool with all my clothes on. I felt like I sizzled as I splashed into the pool. I am so surprised that our bikes went so well in that heat. My bike was so hot that it put heat marks on my legs which lasted several hours.

Sturgis Rally is a fun time and extreme entertainment, extreme numbers of motorbikes all shapes, makes and design. They estimated over 600,000 motorbikes visited the rally. Thats a lot of food, laughter and meeting up with friends that you have not seen for a year, from all over America.

Unlike most rallies that are confined to a city or town, it has wonderful roads and countryside to ride for many miles, it is also a very historical area. We always go up a week before the rally so that the roads are reasonably clear of traffic, because once the rally starts it is bumper to bumper bikes and not so easy to get to all the places. We use that Rally time to look at the new model motorbikes, take demo rides on the new bikes and visit the vendors for T-shirts etc and generally gawk at all the antics of the guys and gals.

Here are some of the photos to give you some idea of what goes on at this Rally.

Our first stop on the way to Sturgis - Dave, bike and sport (trailer)

Arrived at Destination - Spearfish Motel

Pactola Lake - Our group (Me 2nd from end) Dave taking photo

Me at "Needles"

Bears Tooth

10,000 ft up Bears Tooth Pass

The road

Big Horn Park

Big Horn Pass

Typical of extreme bikes at Sturgis

As I said xtreme

Bikes and girls


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