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Did You Know – 10/10/2016


  1.  Lockheed WC-130 Is the plane that flys into storms – It  is a high-wing, medium-range aircraft used for weather reconnaissance missions by the United States Air Force. The aircraft is a modified version of the C-130 Hercules transport configured with specialized weather instrumentation including a dropsonde deployment/receiver system and crewed by a meteorologist for penetration of tropical Storms and winter storms to obtain data on movement, size and intensity.
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3. Most places of work in Sweden will have two “mandatory” coffee breaks per day and On December 24th at 3:00 p.m. of every year, it is a tradition for the Swedish to watch “Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas.”


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Merry Christmas To You All

Merry Christmas to all my supporters, I love that you make comments on my articles and you take the time to read my articles. Wishing you all a great day and a fabulous New Year.

DAVIDE BONAZZI ILLUSTRATION- CHILL SANTA  December 23, 2015 Davide Bonazzi wishes you a Peaceful, Happy Holiday!.jpg

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