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Wise Words – Food For Thought


“The quicker you are in attaching verbal or mental labels to things, people, or situations, the more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes, and the more deadened you become to reality.” ~Eckhart Tolle


There is so much bitterness and hateful things being said these days and those who feel they have the right to say these cruel things. They don’t and truely none of it helps or solves anything,  where positive thinking actually does and makes those around them feel better. Just sayin.


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Did You Know – 09/24/2018

  1. Research reported in the Journal called the Lancet say’s that 45 minutes three to five times a week can improve your mental health. On the other hand more than 90 min a day can actually worsen your metal health – lesson here, is do not overdo it.


2. There are 196 countries in the world today:- 195 if you don’t include Taiwan as many countries do not officially recognize it


3. The perfect length of time to be on vacation is 8 days. Your health and wellness levels rise rapidly while on holiday but peak on the 8th day. The suggestion is to take more vacations instead of longer ones


4. Sleeping with your bedroom door closed could help you survive a house fire. Open door  can reach 1,000+ degrees Fahrenheit. Having your door closed can keep the temperature in your room below 100, limit the carbon monoxide exposure and reduce smoke inhalation


5. One if five people suffer from misophonia – This is a condition where certain sounds trigger bouts of anger or stress. 36% say their symptoms worsened after they had caffeine. Some of the other triggers are Gum popping, food chewing or crunching, sniffing,  breathing, not sure about that one ( We all have to breathe) , pen clicking, clock ticking, whistling, lip smacking, finger or foot tapping

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Did You Know – 8/06/2018

1. The Hawaiian Alphabet has only 13 letters. It includes five vowels and eight consonants

2. Smart Bandages – Researchers at Tufts University USA have come up with a brilliant innovative tech. Although only in the clinical trial period, if successful it could put an end to infections and amputations in people who have chronic skin wounds.

This bandage which looks like a clear sticking plaster houses both heat and PH detecting sensors together with a dose of thermally activated medicine. Infected wounds and burns generate higher temperatures and Ph levels that healthy skin, so as soon as the sensors notice anything out of the norm they send a drug releasing microbes straight to the area.
It appears there are many Universities looking into this so I guess it is something that we can look forward to in the future.

3. Sex and Fruit – According to Dr Yen Ying Lim, of the Cognitive aging laboratory at the Florey institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Victoria, Australia, having sex on a regular basis and heaps of fruit especially berries and cherries help your memory work at its best. Things that break down the protection of our brain are inactivity, being Obese, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

4. Clench your fist – While we are on the subject of Memory researchers of the Montclair State University in the USA have discovered that making a fist seems to help memory and recall.
Clench your right fist when you want to remember something and clench your left fist later to help recollect the memory.

5. An Orange a Day Keeps macular degeneration away – Researchers from Westmead institute discovered that by eating one orange a day the flavonoids they contain helps to prevent macular degeneration. Try changing from an apple a day to the orange a day and you may have happy eyes

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Human Growth Hormone – Naturally Produced


I know this is considered an illegal Sports enhancement drug but if you are finding you have most of the symptoms below it is because your body is not making enough growth hormone.
There is a natural way to increase your HGH so that your body increases in muscle, bone and mental strength.

These are the symptoms of deficient HGH in the body.
Hair loss
Sexual dysfunction
Decreased muscle strength and mass
Memory loss
Lack of concentration
Dry skin
Increased triglycerides
Cardiovascular disease risk
Increase LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
Insulin resistance
Reduced bone density
Temperature sensitivities
Increased weight, especially around the waist

If you are suffering from most of these symptoms then you need to look at the chart below and consider following its suggestions to see if you are able to change your body shape and outlook on life.

“If you don’t do different nothing yes NOTHING will change”



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Poem Friday – You Will Always Be In Gods Hand

You Will Always Be In Gods Hand

Author: Lesley Voth

Picture 4

Well hello Mitchell welcome to this earth
You have chosen parents who will love you with all their worth

Your Brother Sam who is your playmate, your helper and best friend too
He will be there for you through your life time, that is true

There is a mob of angels looking over you, in presence but no sound
Great Grandfather, Uncles and Aunties no longer around

Your Granddad Barry, my brother, who had a heart so pure
He would be sorry to miss you but he will be there in spirit that’s for sure

You are a special little boy with Downs Syndrome that will affect your life
But you have a big family who cares and help protect you from any strife

The strength you will develop physical and mental in you growing ways
Will have your parents saying ‘I cant imagine my life without him in my days’

I believe you are special and a gift to us all
You will always be in Gods hand to soften any pain, any fall


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Mental Examination

I failed.

I am not sure if it is really a mental hospital examination but it was certainly tricky.



Scroll down


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14 Practical Tips For Increasing Mental Concentration

Here are some great words of wisdom. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on one thing for too long. I find it hard too, but these tips are very helpful, so I am sharing them with you today. Enjoy.

The issue of lack of concentration is not limited to young children only. Many adults complain about it and look for advice on how to increase concentration. During coaching sessions, I have come across many such requests and here are some tips that I found to be most effective.

1. Make a time plan – set up a schedule for the jobs to be done. The key is to balance, to allocate time appropriately to serious, difficult tasks like study, as well as to recreation… And stick to it. Avoid keeping very similar tasks together, so that your schedule has in-built variety to avoid boredom.

2. Identify your peak times – we all have our times of peak alertness in 24-hours cycle. However, it is not the same for all. Find out yours and use it for more difficult or less interesting tasks.

3. Go slow; build up over time – start with sticking to your study / project for 10 to 15 minutes to start with. Build up slowly. While it is important to discipline yourself, more important is to put the time to effective use. So start small, but stick to it even if you are not able to concentrate easily.

4. Take breaks in between – on an average, the attention span for a serious task is no more than 20 minutes or so. Therefore, while studying for longer stretches, it is advisable to take a break for may be five minutes after 20-25 minutes and get back to the job.

5. Mind the surroundings – the location, direction, lighting – all make a difference to your attention span. You should be reasonably comfortable in a quiet place with proper lighting etc.

6. Do away with distractions – while tv and radio are more obvious distractions and can easily be avoided, there are others like telephone calls, or friends and relatives dropping in to chat for a while. There are no general rules for them and you will have to devise your personal rules to take care of such issues.

7. Manage requirements – make sure that you have prearranged all your requirements before you get set. This may include your study material, notes, pen, pencil, calculator, highlighter or whatever you might need during your study/task.

8. Join the younger ones – if you have young children, sit for your study along with them. It will motivate you to discipline yourself and concentrate.

9. Put your heart with mind – applying your mind to the work is a prerequisite in any case; however adding curiosity and positive attitude makes the real difference. When you become inquisitive and start enjoying the study, assimilation and understanding is much faster, much better.

10. Use pencil extensively – do underline frequently and use white space in the margins to make your own short notes. While writing adds to your pick-up, it helps tremendously during future references.

11. Exercise your mental faculties – games such as crossword puzzles, sudoku and word jumbles are good relaxation tools as well as help you improve memory and concentration. Keep some time for them.

12. Meditate – meditation is a wonderful tool to keep your mind calm and relaxed, thus improving your concentration and memory. There are hundreds of meditation techniques. It is advisable to learn and practice one or two from an expert instead of experimenting with many and get confused.

13. Live a balanced life – nutritious eating habits and regular sleeping hours help you to lead a healthy life with better memory and concentration.

And, here is a destructive one!

14. Tear it apart – you have a nicely bound new book; but the size is so dreadful that you hardly touch it; so it remains new for years together. Total wastage! Remove its binding, convert it into small manageable pieces, may be 5, 10 or 15 pages. Pick up one at a time and handle it with a smile. At the end of it, even though short of a showpiece in your book shelf; you will be happy about this loss, I am sure!


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