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Did You Know – 30/04/2018

1. NATURAL SLUG REPELLENT – Mix one part espresso (real, not instant) with 10 parts water and spray on areas of the garden where you’ve seen slugs and snails.
The caffeine will absorb into their skin and kill them, so if you prefer a cruelty-free alternative try repelling them with copper barrier tape or picking the little slimers off by hand (after dark by torchlight is the best time).

2. If you have these personality traits you will live longer. Researchers have determined that regardless of age, gender or nationality, there are five core personality traits that everyone has that will help determine that you will live longer. These five traits are classified as OCEAN (or the Big 5) –


3. Leonardo Da Vinci loved geology – He is  believed to have found physical evidence  disputing biblical claims, He studied rocks, fossils, and river erosion that led him to the conclusion  that the world is a lot older  than stated in the book of Genesis, he also believed that marine fossils found in the mountains were the result of falling sea levels not the Great Flood.


4.  Playing Tetris ( tile-matching puzzle) after traumatic experience can help eliminate bad memories. Memories fad more rapidly and helps with distracting from self-pity and interferes with the way long-term memories are stored.

5, Small nut shape Poops  💦 – You are probably needing to drink a lot More water – Preferably Kangen Water.   Lack of fibre is another reason



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30 Years Old Today

Great memories, great chick flick movie

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How Cute is This – Best Friends

Reminds me of my Grandchildren when they were that age. It is so special to be able to have the time to watch these funny things they do. They give great memories.

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At The Beach

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment.
We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”
~Cofete, Fuerteventura

I used to live on a beach like this in Queensland, near a place called 1770, Australia. Just me, sand, birds and ocean. Not a soul to be seen for miles. Great memories. In fact I have a similar picture. When I find it I will post it.

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Poem Friday 08/30/2012 – Happy Birthday Jono

My son Jon has a birthday in three days
1974, September the third, seems like yesterday in many ways

Out into the world he was thrust
Getting to the Cairns races, for the staff was a must

They filled me with drugs to bring him on
Fantastic very quick , stitched me up and then they were gone

You have been a pleasure my son in many ways
We have had good times and some not so good days

But you always make me proud
Because you are  your own person, honest, never loud

There is not a bad bone in your body, you are kind
A great catch for any woman to find

Tidiness is not your best strength
That job as a kid, you would avoid at great length

But we have got great memories, fun laughter of the years
Remember you made wings so you could fly, didn’t work, you shed a few tears

So Jono I wish you a fabulous day
Happiness, love,health, abundance in every way

I wish I was not so far away
So Jono I could hug you for your birthday


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