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Learn meditation from this Buddhist master. – This is excellent

If you have trouble with meditation like we all do this is a great recipe to make a start. It makes it very simple

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Freddie Mercury – Master At Modulating His Voice

This is an Article that I found written by Lisa Respers France, CNN. Very interesting I thought as I am such a Freddie Mercury Fan.


Freddie Mercury’s voice was easy come, easy go, little high, little low, and now a group of researchers have delved into how amazing it was.

The Study of Freddie Mercury’s Voice was recently published in the journal “Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology” and it looked at the Queen front man’s vocal abilities.

The team of Austrian, Czech and Swedish authors used archival recordings to delve into the sound of the man whose voice has been described as “a force of nature with the velocity of a hurricane.”

The findings included evidence that Mercury was using “subharmonics” by vibrating his ventricular folds, a technique usually found only in Tuvan throat singers.

“Perceptually, Freddie Mercury’s irregular (and typically faster) vibrato is clearly audible in the sustained notes of famous songs such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (A Night at the Opera) or ‘We Are the Champions’ (News of the World), and it appears to be one of the hallmarks of his vocal style,” the study says.

Good article Lisa
For more information – Source – Lisa Respers France

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Yoga Master at 92

I had a Yoga teacher who was ninety years old. I have no idea if she is alive but her name was Elsa and lived in Australia on the Sunshine coast. I was always so amazed at her flexibility and love of life. She was inspirational.
Elsa did not start yoga till she was in her 40’s. She was having health problems and her eye sight was not the best. Elsa decided to have a lifestyle change and took up Yoga. At 90 she was a fine example of the benefits of Yoga. Elsa used to say I have no fear of being around people with a virus of any kind because my body is capable of fighting any decease. Elsa was very confident mentally and physically. She believed she could overcome any illness. She no longer wore glasses and at 90 was still driving a car.

When I read this story of Tao Porchon-Lynch it reminded me of her.

As you would know I totally agree with her last statement in this interview.

For Yoga Master at 92, There Is Only the Dance

Yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch, 92 years young, kept repeating her life’s motto, there is nothing you cannot do, before a packed workshop in New York City.

Then, light as a bird, she glided into a gravity-defying arm balance to illustrate the point.

“I haven’t been able to do the peacock since I broke my wrist in April, but I did it in that room,” Porchon-Lynch said of the pose she demonstrated recently at Strala Yoga studio.

“In yoga every breath I take puts me on the right path.” Porchon-Lynch has been practicing yoga, the ancient discipline connecting breath to movement, for over 70 years.
Along the way she has walked with Mahatma Gandhi, modeled couture in Paris, trod the boards in London, and acted under contract to MGM in Hollywood.

It was yoga breathing, she said, that kept fear at bay when she worked for the resistance in World War Two France.
“I didn’t realize I was doing any of them,” she said of her many adventures. “It’s just the natural path of life. You either travel on it, or you get stuck in the mud.”
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