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Poem Friday – 08/16/2013 – Happy Birthday Jamin


Happy Birthday Jamin
Author: His Mother

August the 15th 1972 is a day for me to remember
My son Jamin was born, he was in a hurry meant to come september

I was then in my 20’s, with no manual on parenthood
I was new to him and he was new to me, we did the best we could

It wasn’t all rosy at first as I got postnatal depression
Babies were meant to be a delight, well that was my impression

Anyway it did not last long
How could it with a baby so happy, so strong

He was beautiful and an absolute delight
He mostly laughed and ate and best of all he slept all night

As he grew, chubby to muscle by the age of three
I was always amazed at the love one felt for something that did not even reach your knee

Even as I write I am left with wonderful reflections
The great life we had, His life and all his directions

My Son is now a father, lucky for him he has my advice
Well till I get that look of, ‘That will be suffice’

I am proud of my son, as he should be of himself
He has a great family, they are happy in spirit and health

He is kinda a fellow with old head on young shoulder and quite wise
And consideration and kindness he gets the gift of first prize

So Jamin from me and your brother Jon akin
A very happy birthday wish to you Jamin


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Car Got The Cold Weather Blues?

I am not a lover of cold weather and in some cases your car feels the same.
It does not really matter how well maintained your vehicle is kept, there are times when it is very temperamental and does not want to start. This has happened to me many times over time.

Here are some tips if you turn the key in your car and nothing happens.

1. Take a deep breath – Relax. You are not going to make it in time to wherever you are going. Get used to that idea. That’s ok, there could be lots of reasons for that. Some people have missed a plane crash because they could not get to the airport on time. So tell yourself it could be a good thing. Now that you are feeling better lets look at the more practical things that could help your situation

2. When you turn the key – It just clicks or nothing then most likely in the cold weather it will be the battery.

3. Did you leave the lights on? – The inside light left on will flatten a not so healthy battery by morning. Left the headlights on? Yes that will do it.

4. Battery connections – Give the battery connections a wiggle. Loose? Get out the screwdriver and tighten the connection. Give the key another turn, see if that will do the trick.

5. Corroded connection – Check for corrosion on the connection. If it looks like it could be, give it a light brushing to clean it up. Try to start it again.

6. Jump Start – Not all vehicles can be jumped started. Read your owner’s manual, first. Your manufacturer may advise against jump starting a vehicle due to sensitive electronic circuitry.

7. Frozen Battery – Don’t try to jump-start it while it is frozen

8. Check Battery – If you see that it is cracked or leaking Do Not try to jump-start it. You need to go buy a new one or get a tow truck to take your car to a repair shop.

9. Dry battery – Check to see if the battery has fluid inside. If it is dry then you will have to fill it to the fluid levels. There is a caution here though as batteries usually need pure clean water. You need to check with your manual.

10. Sparking connections – If you are jump starting the vehicle make sure the hook up clamps do not touch. You could have a fireworks display that could be a bit scary

11. Tow Truck – Still not able to start it then you may have a more serious problem like a bad starter or alternator. I think you are going to need a tow truck.


If the starter turns, but the engine won’t start, the problem can be much harder to diagnose. One common problem is a frozen fuel line. In the winter, be sure to always keep your fuel tank half full. If water accumulates in your fuel line, the condensation will freeze and your car won’t start. If you’ve been driving in wet conditions or deep snow, wet spark plugs or other engine components can prevent your car from starting.

Here are some items you should always carry in your car in case of emergencies

Jumpstart cables - the longer the better

Jumpstart Gloves - protect hands from acid

Flashlight - a must in any car

Paper Coveralls - inexpensive and will protect your clothes

Jumpstart manual - a must read before you attempt to jumpstart any car

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