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My Amazing K8 – Strong Kangen Water



My fabulous K8 machine. Amazing Waterūüí¶This is only some of what it can do




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How Ionized Water affect Athletes

This is just another reason why a Kangen Water machine should be a must in every household. You don’t have to be an athlete but you may suffer from some form of exhaustion or struggle breathing when just walking or any type of exercise, then ionized water is for you.

For more information call 281 239 6410 or go to http://www.lifechanging-water.com

Remember “If you don’t do different nothing will change”

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The More You Drink …….


When you use the Kangen water machine, in addition to alkalinity the ionized water is also loaded with active hydrogen which serves as an anti oxidant when it interacts with the body.
There are three main properties that make ionized water different from any other water in the word: anti – oxidation, micro – clustering and alkalinity. Together they create an incredible combination.
What is micro-clustering you may ask. Most drinking water including bottled and tap water is comprised of clusters containing between 16-60 water molecules known as Macro cluster. During the ionization process these clusters are broken apart, resulting in fragmented clusters containing 4-6 water molecules. That is known as micro-cluster. These micro-clusters are abet penetrate and be absorbed very effectively and that in turn leads to a greater degree of cellular hydration.

I have to say that this water is also, so much easier to drink. I struggle with tap and bottle water to drink the required amount, especially when exercising. The Kangen water is so much smoother and easier to drink and keeps me well hydrated.


If you are interested in a Kangen Water Machine – go to http://www.lifechanging-water.com or call us on 1(281)239-6410. Also if you are interested in a home business this is a beauty.
“If you don’t do different nothing will change”

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Kangen Water Machine – The Seven Types From the One Machine

This is the machine that I have and Love. This infogram shows you all the types of water that it produces.

For more information on this machine go to http://www.lifechanging-water.com


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What These People Have in Common?

Not that I Care too much about celebrities as I think they are Totally overrated and totally overate themselves. It is interesting as they are mostly about ego and beauty and health, they also have Kangen water ionizers which is quite the recommendation for this machine.
If you want to find out more go to http://www.lifechanging-water.com


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Here She Goes Again – I Know But…



I know you are going to say that. But I honestly have found something I want to share till you get one because everyone should have this machine especially if they  believe Alkalinity will give you good health and it does.

I have invested before in a business I believed in and this Water filter  is no exception. Just to mention also this filter is sold in over 100 countries and developed by a company that has been in existence for 43 years.

My other investment is a bit of long story, but I had a hairdresser that I used for years and she died. That is the sad part. Well my hairdressers partner in the business ¬†was going to be forced to sell as my exhairdressers spouse wanted cash in. Her partner was having to sell the shop who was also a very good hairdresser so rather than go look for another hairdresser I bought the shop. Well she only lasted a couple of years and she retired. ¬†Lucky for me I have now the best ever hairdresser in my shop,(If you live in the Sunshine Coast Australia it is Hara’s & Co 0754510713) ¬†a young entrepreneurial girl who has now a fantastic business, a fantastic hairdresser and staff and is the only one in the world I like to do my hair. When I am in the States like now, I miss her.¬†

I believe everything comes into your life for a reason

Anyway back to the Water filter. I came across this video by a Dr Micheal on this very subject but not affiliated in any way with this Kangen water filter. The video is 26 minutes long but so worth the watch. If you have any health issues serious or not or indulge in a preventative type lifestyle  you should watch this video as you may find a solution to your issues.


Once you have watched this and are interested in getting one go to our website and read more about it : http://www.lifechanging-water.com

Cause “If you don’t do different, Nothing will change”




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The COFFEEBOXX – Everyone Should Have One

This machine appears to be indestructible.¬†¬†If you love coffee like I do and your favorite and fresh, ¬†you need this ‘go anywhere ‘ machine. They are about $300 which is about what you pay for the household machine and it uses coffee pods just like the keurnig. Its rough, tough and almost unbreakable.

I personally would like it for camping but the producers of this machine had the building industry in mind mostly. The workers would be getting good quality and tasty  coffee.  You also could take it hunting, I mean how many hours are you out in the field and salivate for a good cup of coffee especially if its cold.

It also makes hot water so you could make tea or hot chocolate any and many sorts of drinks. So in my opinion its a beauty and should have one of these for the outdoors

It was a product that was introduced on jumpstart and with money invested the company has been able to complete the project.

I believe a great buy.

You can purchase this on amazon, just click here



Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.20.07 PM

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