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Dogs Loving Fun In the Snow

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6 Ways to begin Positive Affirmations

We have all been in the presence of those who are negative and doomsayers. Those when you say “Hi how are you?” then you wish you had never asked that question, because you stand there for the next 30 minutes listening to how they are fighting the flu or have arthritis in the hand or leg, they have money problems and on and on it goes. I am sympathetic but really I don’t need the burden of listening to those toxic thoughts. It is a habit they get into and do not even realise that they are doing it. If you are one of them then please make the effort to make changes for the better in your life because you can be a “Pain in the neck” to be around. Don’t complain about your job, your husband or wife, Mother in law and never say “with my luck I will never….”. I  find it unpleasant to hear, it is so negative.
I just love those that are always pleasant and have a bright persona. They are often full of new ideas, their demeanor makes them look confident and beautiful. Those, that you can look forward to their company, because you always come away with something positive even if it is just a good laugh. If I am not on top of the world, I try not to show it because  it is only temporary and it can and will only get better. If we are really honest no one really cares about your problems.

I always like to surround myself with the positive in all that I do. Sometimes it is very hard but with affirmations it helps to overcome.

Here are 5 ways to start to change your life with positive affirmations.

1. Look in the Mirror – Look at yourself, make a positive declaration about what you see. Your eye’s, your skin, your smile. Just keep looking till you see the beauty and uniqueness of your face.

2. Repetition – Repeat your positive thoughts many times a day. Repetition of your thoughts at least 200 times a day will get results. Think about it, if you believe that 200 times is all too much, you probably think twice as often about something that is worrying you.

3. Give yourself approval – A recommended affirmation by Louise Hay, renowned US author of the book 21 Days to Master Affirmations is “I approve of myself”. She recommends that you repeat this constantly for the next month and always in the present tense or it will stay ou in the future.

4. Only see good in yourself – Your self-esteem is the way you see yourself. Always see yourself with admiration. You are unique, no one is like you and you are perfect. ‘Like yourself

5. Always do what feels good – You know how you feel when you do something that is not right. Always do what is right in your eyes. Think happy thoughts, gentle thoughts, loving thoughts. Sometimes this is not so easy when someone offends you, but you need to remember angry thoughts only harms you not the other person.

6. Wear something bright – Get up in the morning and put on something that is bright and gives you that happy feeling. If someone comments on it I am sure it will only be positive.


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