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Do You Know What Is In Your Local Water Supply – Find out


This Database is only for America but I will see if I can find something similar in Australia. It is a little scary and if you have a look at some of the analysis of the water you are drinking you may start thinking about a good water drinking machine.

I am not saying go out and buy a Kangen water machine, although if you do you will be buying the best and also it may save your life especially when you see what you are drinking straight from the tap and of course if you have health problems.

I clicked on the area where I live in Houston and this was the result: – Just saying if someone is fighting Cancer they may need to look at the water they are drinking before looking at anything else for a cure or rather to avoid drinking their local supply of Tap water.

  • Arsenic  Cancer

  • Bromodichloromethane


  • Chlorite

    change in blood chemistry

  • Chloroform


  • Chromium (hexavalent)


  • Dichloroacetic acid


  • Radiological contaminants


  • Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)


  • Trichloroacetic acid


Now that is rather frightening. 


Tap water suppliers publish their water quality tests. The vast majority of bottled water companies don’t. Read your annual tap water quality report. Look up your city’s water in EWG’s National Tap Water Database.

Since 2010, water utilities’ testing has found pollutants in Americans’ tap water, according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 30 million state water records.

If you are interested in finding out what is in the tap water in your area just go to EWG tap Water Database.

Put in your Zip Code and take a look.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”



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Tips for consuming clean Food and Making Life Healthier


I read this article by written by Terry Walters who has written a book called ‘Clean Start’ which I found rather interesting.
Unfortunately we live in a culture of fast food dining for the most part, and we have forgotten the pleasures of that great taste of fresh clean food. Our conversation skills while dining have also deteriorated over time. I think we have all been guilty of rushing our meals and not thinking about what we are eating and making the time to have that meaningful conversation with our partner or kids. My husband and I are guilty of this so we do make an effort to slow it down.

In our rush to live life, we rely on packaged or canned food and don’t take the time to eat fresh. We forget about the nutrition that healthy food provides and we wonder why our kids have so many allergies or the body weight we cannot reduce, premature development of our young children and so on.

So when I read this article I thought it was worth jolting our memories of good clean food and how excellent it is for our well-being and future of our children. Even if you only make one healthy choice a month or week and keep adding to it you will be on your way to better health for all your family.

Here are Terry’s top 10 tips to getting started on a lifestyle of eating clean food

1.Eat colors of the rainbow; The more colorful your diet, the more nutrient-rich
2.Eat Dark leafy greens at least once a day; Greens are not always a favorite of the family but they are so cleansing, healing and uplifting, rich in calcium and minerals.
Use them in soups, salads, sauces, stir fries, and smoothies. I often make a green drink (smoothie) with spirulina and wheat grass banana, apple juice or orange juice and throw in seasonal fruit like apricots, plums, my grandchildren love it, where they are not so much in love with spinach or peas.
3. Eat all Five tastes; Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent are all found naturally in clean food as opposed to manufactured ‘Natural’ flavors and the imbalance of sweet and salty tastes found in processed foods.
4. Eat foods that are grown not manufactured; Anything from a farm or your own vegetable patch not a factory.
5. No packaged food; Look for food that does not require a label to reveal what is inside
6. Buy only clean; The choice to buy clean food should be at the supermarket and then the temptation to eat packaged food is not there sitting in your pantry
7. Buy and try one new clean food each time you shop; Try broccoli or salad greens.
8. Know your source; Going to the weekend markets is a great place to buy clean food. Get to know your farmer or produce stall owner and talk about where the food came from and maybe what chemicals if any may have been used in the growing process.
9. Buy local when you can.
10. Enjoy your meals; Make a conscious choice to enjoy every bite, allow your meal to nourish your soul.

Source: Terrywalters.net

If you make the changes in small ways the benefits will be large.

As I say “If you don’t do different nothing will change”

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