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Great Reading for Christmas

Two great books as gifts for Christmas


This of course is my book ‘Living better on less’  which I believe to have some great tips and a good Christmas present.



Just click on books to go to Amazon

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Did You Know 03/02/2015 – Math Hacks You Probably Did Not Learn At School!

1. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine



3. How To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head

4. How to Multiply Double-Digit Numbers by 11

5. Secret To Remembering The Numbers In Pi

6. How To Find Fractions Of Whole Numbers

7. How to Add And Subtract Fractions


8. How To Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius


9. How to Quickly Figure Out the Day of the Week Any Date Falls On


10. How To Remember Which Sign Is Greater Than And Which Is Less Than


11. How Japanese kids learn to multiply in primary school

Now this I find fascinating. How simple does this make it.


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Why Women Don’t Make Less than Men

Why Women Don’t Make Less than Men [Infographic]

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June 21, 2014 · 8:38 AM

10 Great Wines For $10 or Less – via Sex, Cigars & Booze Lifestyle Magazine

This is a good time of the year to be looking for great wine at a good deal.

Click on the picture to enlarge so you can read it clearly



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10 Items Cheaper in 2011 Than 2010

1. Full-Size Digital SLR Camera

Price in 2010              $319

Price in 2011               $299

This camera is  great value. Point and shoot cameras are very popular and have caused the price of these heavier type cameras to be reduced.

2. Kindle

Price in 2010: $130

Price in 2011: $99

Because there is so much competition now in the retail market, the kindle price has dropped considerably.

3. HDTVs

Price in 2010: $699
Price in 2011: $599


The price for the 42″ and the 55″ HDTVs have been dropping for the last couple of years. The technology is getting better each year and the components cheaper. The price between the 42″ and the 55″ is very little so buyers lean towards the 55″. I expect the 42″ may be replaced by the 55″
4. Blu-Ray Player

Price in 2010: $50
Price in 2011: $39


Blue Ray is now being built into a number of tv’s and the price of the individual unit will probably come down. More than likely they will eventually become obsolete.
5. Wii System Bundles

Price in 2010: $150

Price in 2011: $99


There is so much competition out there with the Xbox, Sony Playstation and Microsoft knect is getting very popular. So the basic Wii becomes much cheaper as the demand drops.
6. 16GB SD Card

Price in 2010: $17
Price in 2011: $12


As memory cards get more powerful, the 16GB card just doesn’t stack up to the rest anymore. So the price is dropping significantly.
7. Portable GPS

Price in 2010: $45
Price in 2011: $40


Portable GPS is now built into cars or on phones and iPads, so basically they are becoming obsolete. $40 is about as low as they will probably get.
8. 15″, 16″ and 17″ Dual-Core Laptop

Price in 2010: $218,

Price in 2011: $199

As tablets are becoming more popular, computers are dropping in price.

It has been said that Tablets will replace the use of laptop because they are lighter and much more portable. Not so heavy to carry on the plane.

9. External 2TB USB Drives

Price in 2010: $90

Price in 2011: $50


“Technology is getting better and faster, and with all the things people are doing on computers, they need more storage, so this USB drive is less popular,” said Pinsker of dealnews.com.


10. iPhone 3GS

Price in 2010: $97
Price in 2011: $49


You can already find one from AT&T for this low price.

The iPhone 5 is reportedly coming out in April so the price of the old one of course comes down. Still a great phone and good price if you need one now.

SOURCE: Beth Pinsker, editorial director of dealnews.com.

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The Stress Less Shower!

I think this shower would be perfect. How could you possibly think about the office in the morning while you were showering with this surrounding you. Its like showering in the middle of nowhere.


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The Strangest Secret in the World

I was on YouTube today and for some reason this video popped up out of nowhere. When this sort of thing happens I believe there is a message in it.

I have watched this video before, or something like it, but it was good to listen to it again and be reminded. If you put enough effort, thought, and passion into what you’re doing, then you will succeed at whatever you do.

So, after I watched the video this morning, I began to think again about my book and realize that the main objective of my book is to serve others. I want to see as many people as possible in this country get out of debt. To have them begin to be aware of where they are going in life. You know: “The Big Picture.”

I believe in non-conformity when it comes to being in debt. What I mean is, don’t get sucked into the material lifestyle at the expense of increasing debt and the stress that it causes. If you’re in debt now – know that you can be free from it by deliberately seeking to be debt free. My book is a guide to being aware of all the small things that make people slaves to debt and a guide to all the ways to get debt free and slash your cost of living. Once you are debt free and have a lower cost of living you will be able to enjoy life more.

Simply Fantastic: Living Better on Less is a book for people of all ages. The young generation has learned that debt is normal for most families. It should not be and it certainly can be different. Young people need to be knowledgeable about debt now, early in their lives, so they can be free of debt and learn to enjoy life debt free.

This is a great video by Earl Nightingale that I watched this morning. I want to share it with you. It teaches us just how easy life can be with a little bit of thought and effort. Watch the video The Strangest Secret in the World…

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