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Tap Into A fortune – Great Business Opportunity

I thought I would send this information to my readers from India as I am not always sure they feel  that some of my information is always for them

What would you look for in the Perfect Business Opportunity??

  • No Signup Fee
  • No Quotas
  • No Inventory
  • No annual renewal fee
  • No geographic limitations
  • No Storefront
  • No Employees
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Commissions paid daily
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Highest Quality Product
  • Ability to provide free samples
  • Recognized industry leader
  • Solid product warranty
  • Top Quality marketing materials
  • Easy financing
  • Incredible team support

As an Enagic distributor you get all these and more!!


Seize the moment and check out this exciting opportunity. Join the amazing Enagic distributor team!


Imagine being able to jump on a plane and travel anywhere in the world and no matter your destination, when you arrive you can start building a brand new branch of you business. And you won’t need a storefront, or any inventory or any employees. In fact all you will need to develop your business in another state, country or even continent, is a like-minded individual who recognizes the potential of the Enagic opportunity and decides to become a distributor. Thousand s of successful Enagic distributors are traveling all around the world building their businesses and you can do it too! The magic business allows you to take your business where ever you please, so your level of success is limitless! Our products can be sold anywhere on the planet and Enagic is aggressively expanding into new markets to allow direct distribution in every country on earth. The timing is perfect for you to become and Enagic distributor!

For more information  call us on 1+ 2812396410


email – David@davidvoth.com

Website – http://www.lifechanging-water.com



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Lt. Col. Colonel John S. Blyth USAF And WG CDR Evan (rosie) Mackie RNZAF Spitfire Fighter Ace’s


After watching this video of the spitfire pilot, Lt. Col. Colonel John S. Blyth USAF I thought I would include 3 video’s of  spitfire dog fights from world war 11 piloted by Dads Brother Uncle Evan.  I searched YouTube to see if there was anything there about him and sure enough I found these 3 video’s. I dont know who did the video graphics.  They may be a bit boring to some but for those like me who have always had an infatuation with these planes it will be quite interesting. You will realise how my Uncle manuvoured this plane with great skill. But of course that was the nature of the beast as he was a very maticulous man in all things.

There has been a book written about him by Max Avery and Christopher Shores called ‘Spitfire Leader.’

It has been recorded that Evan shot down 25 enemy aircraft which is pretty impressive. I can always remember Evan saying in one of his few conversations on the matter,  that when he was flying, there were times he wished he was the person who made the small plaque on the dash with the planes identification number. I am sure there would be a lot of things going through ones mind when heading off to battle. Actually I think my Dad told me that Story.

Evan always maintained his own spitfire as he felt his ability to check it out was his responsibility for the safeguard of  his own life.

He was pretty young when he died, only 68. Maybe the stress of it all shortened his life but he certainly has left his mark. As Evans coffin was being carried from the funeral chapel on the afternoon of 1st May, 1986  an RNZAF Douglas Skyhawk of 75 Squadron thundered low overhead in a final salute. The timing precise just as Evan would have expected.





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