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Inspirational to Others – Always Be Kind

You know when you watch this it gives you goose bumps as it makes you realize the kindness that is being shown here. An Example to us all.

God Bless those people they made those in need  smile and feel warm inside I bet.

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Kindness – Wise Words

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February 11, 2019 · 4:26 PM

Kindness is all you Need

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Poem Friday – Kindness

By Lesley Voth

It is always a good feeling to be kind
Wonderful for the soul, great for the mind

Kindess is not always to be found
Some are hurtful, nasty and not nice to be around

We should always aspire to attend the need of others
As we would for our family, sisters and brothers

Be genuine in all that we say
Hopefully make for someone a special day

To give and expect nothing in return
From someone elses kindness we can learn

To be compassionate and sensitive to all living things
Great rewards to our soul will this kindness bring

To display kindness with energy and passion
I hope kindness never becomes old fashion

Inspire, encourage and motivate who ever it may be
You know sometimes that kindness needs to be given to me, by me

Be patient and tolerate those who are disagreeable
We have not way of knowing their trouble, their future not forseeable

So be kind to yourself and those around you
May life for all be happy and smooth, not a dull day only sky blue


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The Power Of Kindness

The Power Of Kindness

I read this article from my favourite magazine Called Nature and health.
I thought, what wise words they were.
Kindness to me makes life easier, pleasant, and leaves a good feeling in your soul.
When someone says unkind words to you it hurts. For that someone, it can give great pleasure and a sense of power, and that is unfortunate, for others it can make them feel really bad and can be upsetting to them and eventually they will apologise for those rude and hurtful remarks or make up for it in other ways.
My rule of thumb is that for every unkind deed you do it will someday come bite you in the ass.
To be kind brings a glow and a sense of happiness to your face and demeanor.

Micheal J. Chase has written five keys to kindness which I believe he would like me to share with you.

1. Being Aware:

Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions.

I believe these words speak for themselves.
We need to be mindful of our surroundings, take delight in the beauty that surrounds us at any specific time.
For me it was when I was paddling on our lake in the early hours of this morning watching the fish jumping and the shrimp jumping out of my way. The sun shining on the water.
I needed that peace and the quiet. I needed to be aware.

2. Asking

Ask yourself throughout each day “Am I being Kind?”

Very profound. When you begin to talk about a friend or person ask yourself “Am I being Kind”. Gossip is not kind and we all tend to do this.
If you are about to snap at someone, complain about anything; feel anxious, angry even resentful, that question should come up after a deep and meaningful breath “Am I being Kind?”

3. Adopting.

Adopt the livingkindness philosophy by practising kindness towards yourself, others and the earth.

Totally more great words. Being kind to yourself is essential. For example what you eat, exercising, when you look in the mirror, give yourself a complement. Make sure you are always on time when possible so you are not beating yourself up for being late.
Spend time in silence give that brain a rest and try to give it beautiful thoughts.
Always, always be kind to others. Be genuine about your compliments. Say nice words to a stranger and mean it. Often I will meet someone in the supermarket or just on the street and something stands out about them that is pleasant, as I pass them I will say love your…… or you are looking happy today. Makes them feel good and brings a smile to my dial.
Kindness towards our surroundings and Mother Earth is also very important. Never litter, ride your bike or walk when you can, recycle, grow your own vegetables, trees herbs, anything.
Never be cruel to animals, or children who are defenceless against you. Be kind to all living things.

4. Applying.

Apply the nine elements of a kind heart.

1. Attentive – recognises the needs of others.
2. Authentic – genuine and acts from truth
3. Charitable – gives yet expects nothing
4. Compassionate – sensitive towards all living things
5. Courageous – Acts from love rather than from fear.
6. Enthusiastic – Displays limitless energy and passion
7. Grateful – Is content and filled with appreciation
8. Inspirational – encourages and motivates others
9. Patient – waits and responds at the proper moment

5. Performing

Perform spontaneous acts of kindness

“Whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness” – Seneca, the Roman philosopher and statesman
Every day you should take the chance to make someone smile, feel loved and give them a sense of hope.
The choice to do this is yours entirely and hopefully after reading this article you will feel so inclined.


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5 Things To Make You Happier & 5 Things That Make Me Happy

Here are five things that research has shown can improve happiness:

Be grateful: People who were asked to write letters of gratitude to people who had helped them in some way reported a lasting increase in happiness — over weeks and even months — after implementing the habit. Even when people wrote letters but never delivered them to the addressee, they still reported feeling better afterwards.

Be optimistic: People were asked to visualize an ideal future and describe the image in a journal entry. After doing this for a few weeks, these people too reported increased feelings of well-being.

Count your blessings: People who practice writing down three good things that have happened to them every week show significant boosts in happiness. The act of focusing on the positive helps people remember reasons to be glad.

Use your strengths: Another study asked people to identify their greatest strengths, and then to try to use these strengths in new ways. This habit, too, seems to heighten happiness.

Commit acts of kindness: It turns out helping others also helps ourselves. People who donate time or money to charity, or who altruistically assist people in need, report improvements in their own happiness.

That was an article from msnbc.com Health.

I thought I would now give you 5 things that make me happy.

They may not be what makes YOU happy but they might just make you think, “Hey, yes that does make me feel good too.” Here goes…

1. The smell of freshly mown grass. (The mower man next door is mowing the grass and it reminded me) I just love it. Whenever I pass a newly mown lawn I take a deep breath.

2. A good belly laugh. I love it when you are with friends and you laugh at something that makes tears come to your eyes.

3. A good movie. I love walking out of the theatre and feel I have been entertained and lost myself in a story for 2 hours. I haven’t seen too many of those lately though.

4. Riding my Motorcycle. The reason I love this so much is I love the feeling of the freedom of it. I love that I am exposed to the wind, the sun and in a way, being alone.

5. The love of my grandchildren. I love listening to their conversations. I love to hear them laugh. I love their judgement of a situation as it comes from an innocent heart. In fact I have to tell you a story about my granddaughter…

About 5pm in the evenings I always stop for the day, to have a cigar and a glass of wine. I try not to do this in front of the children, as I don’t want to influence them in any way.

Anyway my Granddaughter sprung me.  She exclaimed, “Nana you are going to get black lungs.” She thought for a minute then gave me a hug and said, “Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter because you are old.” As she was walking away she turned to me and said, “Have you done your bucket list yet?” She is 8 years old.

I thought that was a treasure.

So there are my ‘5 things that make me happy.’


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