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Happy Birthday Jono You’re the best


Well another year has gone round
Oh my the Years are going too fast I have found

That baby is now a very tall 42 years old
He has a few stories that I have never been told

2016 Has been a big year for him
Got married and no longer living in sin

She is a good one you better believe
He knows she the best, he ain’t never going to leave

Anyway you will never guess, his luck did grow
He won a raffle and they are off to Canada to Heliski in mountains of snow

Yep it’s been a good year for him
He deserves it, his life is now full to the brim

Your life together with Kerry will be truly blessed
Happy Birthday Jono cause you are the best

Love Mom xxxxx



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My Daughter-In-Law Kerry


This is my daughter-in-law, well she isn’t yet, but will be in March next year.

Kerry is becoming more and more successful in her field of photography. The picture above is her in Ethiopia and also she has just got back from the Himalayas and brought back some magnificent pictures.

Kerry has been accepted to attend a workshop run by the Alexia Foundation in NYC on the 6th November so it’s a bit of a quick turnaround on this project!

The workshop, “Photography: Agent For Change,” will be a fantastic opportunity for her to learn more about using her photography to effect change.

Most of Kerry’s work is usually sponsored but in this case not so and funds are needed to get her over there to New York.
She has a website that if you feel the urge and you are able to donate to help her along the way. It is http://www.pozible.com/project/201532

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