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Did You Know – 03/21/2011

1. Jupiter spins so fast that there is a new sunrise nearly every 10 hours.

Sesquipedalian Dictionary

2. A “sesquipedalian” is a very long word, and means a person fond of extremely long words.

3. 11% of people in the world are left-handed.

4. A saguaro cactus can grow over 60 feet and live as long as 300 years.

5. Alaska has the highest percentage of people who walk to work in USA.

The Keeshond,

6. Holland is the only country with a national dog.

7. “Dysania” is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

8. The strike note of the Liberty Bell is E flat.

9. Elephants only sleep two hours a day.

10. Giraffes have no vocal chords.

Source: Yahoo answersWikipediaSnapple

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Did You Know….5/17/2010

1. In Japan they have square watermelons.

They get square watermelons by growing them inside of square glass cases. That way they can fit easily into a refrigerator, and you can stack things on them. Square watermelons are expensive though (10,000 yen or about $82). Compare that to regular round watermelons which cost about $15-20 in Japan


2.Even though Jupiter is made of hydrogen and helium, the lightest gasses, it is the heaviest planet in the Solar System.

Jupiter’s characteristic features are the Great Red Spot, and a complex system of red belts that look like stripes on the surface of the planet. Jupiter recently lost one of its stripes, and NO ONE KNOWS WHY.
source 1.
Source 2.

3. There are more TV sets in an average U.S. household than there are people. By 2006, Nielsen Media Research estimated that the average U.S. household had 2.73 televisions sets. Compare that with an estimated 2.55 people living in an average household in the U.S.

4, Your funny bone is not actually a bone. It’s actually a really sensitive nerve. And hitting that nerve isn’t funny at all!
The ulnar nerve (scientific name for “funny bone”) is a huge nerve that extends from your elbow to your hand. It lies directly under the skin on your arm. Usually nerves like that are protected under muscles. The ulnar nerve isn’t protected near the elbow. There’s only a thin layer of skin there to shield it from pain.

5, The faster you move, the heavier you get. You’re heavier when you run than when you’re standing still.
Where it goes is mass. According to relativity, mass and energy are equivalent. So the more energy you put in, the greater the mass becomes. This is negligible at human speeds – Usain Bolt is not noticeably heavier when running than when still – but once you reach an appreciable fraction of the speed of light, your mass starts to increase rapidly.



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