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Happy Birthday Jono You’re the best


Well another year has gone round
Oh my the Years are going too fast I have found

That baby is now a very tall 42 years old
He has a few stories that I have never been told

2016 Has been a big year for him
Got married and no longer living in sin

She is a good one you better believe
He knows she the best, he ain’t never going to leave

Anyway you will never guess, his luck did grow
He won a raffle and they are off to Canada to Heliski in mountains of snow

Yep it’s been a good year for him
He deserves it, his life is now full to the brim

Your life together with Kerry will be truly blessed
Happy Birthday Jono cause you are the best

Love Mom xxxxx



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Poem Friday on Thursday – 09/03/2015 – Happy Birthday Jono I Know You Will Have a Good Day

Jono and Kerry

Jono and Kerry

Happy Birthday Jono I know you will Have a Good Day
Author – Me His Mom

It was 41 years ago my boy was born
The fact that those years just swept away is something I do mourn

From boy to man that went way to fast
Mostly fun and adventure in those years passed

He has found the love of his life
And next year round March she will be his wife

Pretty well suited I am beginning to think
life for them both seems to be in the pink

Jono is kind, Loyal and strong, I did a good job
I love that he is having fun riding my Fat Bob

I really don’t know what else to say
Except, Love you, Happy Birthday Jono I know you will have a good day

Jono, kerry, Mika and me

Jono, kerry, Mika and me

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Jono Engaged

My Son Jono and his girlfriend Kerry are engaged. Mind you not before time as he has just passed 40. Maybe, no pressure, but I may get another grandchild. How good would that be.


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Happy 40th Birthday Jono

40th bday

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.50.58 AM

It was 40 years ago today you entered this world, years have gone so fast
You were my second and my last

You are a great kid Jono, I know, a kid no more
You have another 40 years plus ahead, lots of fun in store

I don’t know where those years have gone
It seems like yesterday and great memories live on

I love your smile and the man you have become
I love that you are kind and you still give big hugs to your Mom

Anyway Happy Birthday son you have a good one
Have a day off work and too bad about the chores that should be done

Love You

Mom xxxxx

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This Reminds Me Of My Son Jono

Nice bike parking




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Poem Friday 08/30/2012 – Happy Birthday Jono

My son Jon has a birthday in three days
1974, September the third, seems like yesterday in many ways

Out into the world he was thrust
Getting to the Cairns races, for the staff was a must

They filled me with drugs to bring him on
Fantastic very quick , stitched me up and then they were gone

You have been a pleasure my son in many ways
We have had good times and some not so good days

But you always make me proud
Because you are  your own person, honest, never loud

There is not a bad bone in your body, you are kind
A great catch for any woman to find

Tidiness is not your best strength
That job as a kid, you would avoid at great length

But we have got great memories, fun laughter of the years
Remember you made wings so you could fly, didn’t work, you shed a few tears

So Jono I wish you a fabulous day
Happiness, love,health, abundance in every way

I wish I was not so far away
So Jono I could hug you for your birthday


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