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Poem Friday – 08/16/2013 – Happy Birthday Jamin


Happy Birthday Jamin
Author: His Mother

August the 15th 1972 is a day for me to remember
My son Jamin was born, he was in a hurry meant to come september

I was then in my 20’s, with no manual on parenthood
I was new to him and he was new to me, we did the best we could

It wasn’t all rosy at first as I got postnatal depression
Babies were meant to be a delight, well that was my impression

Anyway it did not last long
How could it with a baby so happy, so strong

He was beautiful and an absolute delight
He mostly laughed and ate and best of all he slept all night

As he grew, chubby to muscle by the age of three
I was always amazed at the love one felt for something that did not even reach your knee

Even as I write I am left with wonderful reflections
The great life we had, His life and all his directions

My Son is now a father, lucky for him he has my advice
Well till I get that look of, ‘That will be suffice’

I am proud of my son, as he should be of himself
He has a great family, they are happy in spirit and health

He is kinda a fellow with old head on young shoulder and quite wise
And consideration and kindness he gets the gift of first prize

So Jamin from me and your brother Jon akin
A very happy birthday wish to you Jamin


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Poem Friday 08/30/2012 – Happy Birthday Jono

My son Jon has a birthday in three days
1974, September the third, seems like yesterday in many ways

Out into the world he was thrust
Getting to the Cairns races, for the staff was a must

They filled me with drugs to bring him on
Fantastic very quick , stitched me up and then they were gone

You have been a pleasure my son in many ways
We have had good times and some not so good days

But you always make me proud
Because you are  your own person, honest, never loud

There is not a bad bone in your body, you are kind
A great catch for any woman to find

Tidiness is not your best strength
That job as a kid, you would avoid at great length

But we have got great memories, fun laughter of the years
Remember you made wings so you could fly, didn’t work, you shed a few tears

So Jono I wish you a fabulous day
Happiness, love,health, abundance in every way

I wish I was not so far away
So Jono I could hug you for your birthday


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