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Gift Idea Wednesday – 09/16/2015

If you have teenage daughters or Granddaughters as I have, I think they would love these outfits. As a Christmas Gift comes to mind.
You may think it is months away but as you know time fly’s.

Just click on the article to go the site

These products including the jewelry are at a ridiculously low price. But as I have said before the clothing size is small so make sure you take a look at the size chart which is usually at the bottom of the page of the article you are looking at. Take your measurements and compare with the sizes shown (Do not take any notice of the s – m – L – Xl or 2XL as they do not compare with the USA sizes, so get that tape measure out)

Click on picture to go to site




There are heaps of great looking jewelry on this site also. Once again just click on the piece of jewelry below and it will take you to the site.


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Gifts That Pay It Forward

Christmas day is fast approaching and if you have not done all your shopping you may want to look a these options as you are not only giving a great gift you are helping others.

Here are some of the gifts you may like to purchase.

1. Jewelryprojecthavehope.org –  They sell bangles made out of recyclable paper and 100 percent of the proceeds go to women in Uganda. I have one of these and they are very attractive. Amazing actually you would never know they are made out of paper.

2. Hatunicefusa.org – Apparently 15c of the proceeds of these warm winter hats go to this charity which provides vaccines and clean water all over the world.

3. bagswww.feedprojects.com – Order a beneficial bag for just $30. A portion of the proceeds will provide a child in need with five school lunches.
FEED Projects, was actually co-founded by Lauren Bush and to date they have provided over 66 million meals.”
They are also available at Lord and Taylor.

4. Sunglassestoms.com – Check out the Classic 301 sunglasses for $145. For every pair sold, Toms will provide eye care to a person in need.

5.  A Treepeopletowels.com – Looking for a ‘green’ gift? Look no further than Seeds of Change. A tree gift set, costing $20, will plant 10 trees and your recipient gets to plant one too.This organization works with Trees for the Future, a non-profit that has been helping communities around the world plant trees

6. Sneakers www.converse.com – buy a pair of savvy sneakers at Converse for $50 and a portion of the proceeds goes to RED the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. This was started by BONO


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To Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry

Joe Brandt
J.L. Brandt Company Inc.

What you need to keep in mind when selling your jewelry…

Appraisals or bills of sale have little bearing on the price you’ll get when selling. Generally, you won’t get more than “scrap” value.

Take each item to several places that buy jewelry and get competing offers. Try pawnshops, especially when selling gold. Most jewelers do not buy used jewelry.

To get more money, sell to an individual (such as to a friend or relative) through a private sale — you might get as much as 50% of retail.

Sell through eBay. This is reasonably safe if done carefully and if you use a third party, such as PayPal, to handle the financial transaction.

Note: Protect valuable jewelry from being stolen before you can sell it by storing it in a hard-to-find place, such as a hollowed-out book. Never use a jewelry box on your dresser. That should be reserved for costume jewelry only — if anything is stolen, it will probably be that box.



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