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Did You Know – 08/15/2016


Happy Birthday Jamin. Fishing and relaxing with a Dark and Stormy Drink

Happy Birthday Jamin. Fishing and relaxing with a Dark and Stormy Drink

1.That it is my Son Jamin’s Birthday today. It is also our good friend Tim’s Birthday.Hope they both have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday To our 'Awesome' Tim.

Happy Birthday To our ‘Awesome’ Tim.




2. The Rules to get the best seafood.

a. Buy low – Slash toxin exposure by buying seafood low on the food chain: scallops, oysters, shrimp and anchovies, catfish, clams, pollock, sardines, salmon squid and Tilapia.

b. To minimize mercury avoid predatory fish like: Shark, Marlin, Swordfish, Tilefish, Ahi, and bigeye tun, King mackerel and orange roughy.

c. Pick long living species like bluefish, albacore, yellow fin  tuna and striped bass only occasionally.





3.You need to  read the Ingredients of Sunscreens

Chemicals to avoid like Retinyl palmitate, a type of vitamin A found in many SPF products can speed skin Tumor growth. Oxybenzone, a chemical found in many sunscreens is not only bad for your skin it has been found to be killing coral reefs and other sea creatures. Because of sunscreen used while swimming the Oxybenzone harms the DNA of both adult coral and larval young.

Sunscreen chemicals interact with sunlight to hamper the growth of phytoplankton, causing the death of whales, fish and other species that rely on tiny plants for food.

Source : Prevention.com

run a marathon crop menthol deep coal menthol cool racerback

4. That  studies have found that runners who rinsed with minty mouthwash solution during workout  are able to go faster than those who drank an icy sports drink. Menthol can make you feel cool all over and appears to reduce feelings of dryness and thirst that can slow you down. 

Source: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in sports



5. According to the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology that there is an impressive reduction of 25% in melanoma occurrence among people who drank one to four daily cups of coffee compared with non-coffee drinkers. Various antioxidants in coffee apparently interfere with the formation of cancer via UV light



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Poem Friday on Saturday – 08/15/2015 – You Are All The Colors Of The Rainbow


You are All the colors of the Rainbow
Author:- Me his Mom

The yellow of the rainbow is the light of the sun
He was born with strength, a smile, his life just begun

The red of the rainbow is that of fire
He was born with determination and courage I admire

The blue of the rainbow is that so true
He was born loyal, impressive to those who knew

The green of the rainbow is natures beauty
He was born with the love of water, to enjoy is his duty

The many other colors of the rainbow to me is love
This kid is an honor, now a man of 43, who I respect, a gift from above

Happy birthday Jamin, you are special because I say-so
You make me proud because to me you are all the colors of the rainbow


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Poem Friday – 08/16/2013 – Happy Birthday Jamin


Happy Birthday Jamin
Author: His Mother

August the 15th 1972 is a day for me to remember
My son Jamin was born, he was in a hurry meant to come september

I was then in my 20’s, with no manual on parenthood
I was new to him and he was new to me, we did the best we could

It wasn’t all rosy at first as I got postnatal depression
Babies were meant to be a delight, well that was my impression

Anyway it did not last long
How could it with a baby so happy, so strong

He was beautiful and an absolute delight
He mostly laughed and ate and best of all he slept all night

As he grew, chubby to muscle by the age of three
I was always amazed at the love one felt for something that did not even reach your knee

Even as I write I am left with wonderful reflections
The great life we had, His life and all his directions

My Son is now a father, lucky for him he has my advice
Well till I get that look of, ‘That will be suffice’

I am proud of my son, as he should be of himself
He has a great family, they are happy in spirit and health

He is kinda a fellow with old head on young shoulder and quite wise
And consideration and kindness he gets the gift of first prize

So Jamin from me and your brother Jon akin
A very happy birthday wish to you Jamin


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