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My Absolute Favorite Meal – Thai Green Curry

This is a fantastic meal made easy by Jamie Oliver. He even makes his own Green curry Paste. It is so simple so easy and just divine for that evening meal with a difference.


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Jamie Oliver and Others Rapping the Revolution Song


Great song. It should be shared with others as it has a great message.  I so believe all Kids of today need to be aware of what they are eating from a young age. It will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

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Ryan Seacrest & Jamie Oliver – Food Revolution Show

I have just been watching an interview with Ryan Seacrest; he is a very interesting and driven man. Ryan is a person who is passionate about his career and fortunately gets paid very well for it.

He works many hours a day doing what he loves to do. The love of his work keeps him pumped up, while snacking on a stash of green apples and almonds keeps his energy up.

He said of himself…

“I was never the strongest, tallest, fastest, or the smartest, but I was always willing to come in the earliest, leave the latest, and work the hardest”.

He certainly lives by that statement when you look at his schedule. This has made him very successful and one of the highest paid people in his industry.

He has worked with many famous entertainers and one gave him good advice, to “always be smarter than you are famous.” Always look after your financial assets because you don’t know how long you will be in that industry. He is a great believer in Karma. He said he is always aware of treating people with respect, which has stood by him, as he appears to be a well-grounded and likeable person.

Jamie Oliver who is a well know world wide TV personality and chef has together with Ryan, about to launch a reality program called “Food Revolution” with the object of improving the eating habits of Americans at home and at school.

I think this is a wonderful project, as it is one of my pet subjects. I see such bad eating habits of this generation that is leading to obesity and bad health.

Most families have both parents working and eating healthy is unfortunately not a priority in many homes. The fact is that a lot of families are not aware of how to eat healthy, as we have been feed so much ill-informed information from the fast food, and pre cooked food companies that we now tend to believe them.

Jamie has come across a lot of resistance in England, and here in the United States, as he is stepping on the toes of those that have been so used to cooking and eating a certain way for many years.

It was an eye opener when he visited a funeral parlor that now has to make jumbo coffins to accommodate people who are too large to fit in the conventional size coffins. It was just jaw dropping. They are too large to cremate, as there is too much body mass for the furnace.

Anyway I felt I needed to share this with you and hopefully support what Jamie and Ryan are trying to do. I commend them and wish them all the success in what they are trying to achieve.

Because: “If we don’t do different, nothing will change.”


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