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This is crazy funny – Too Real😂

A Millennial Job Interview
I am not in a position to employ a millennial but I believe those who do, this video is close to the truth. LOL well sort of.

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What you Wish You Knew Before A Job Interview

If you are having trouble reading these info graphs just click on them and the image will become larger.  If that does not work right click then click on image and it should enlarge. This information is rather good and I think that maybe if you print it off you can give it to someone as a guide to the best way to enter the process of an interview.

Job Interview Infographic 1


Job Interview Infographic 2

Job Interview Infographic 3

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5 more tips

This is an excellent idea especially with theatre tickets or even flight tickets so you are not dealing with bits of paper.

This is also a very wise suggestion.  It saves face if you never have to explain why  you did not get a job. If no one knows you have nothing to tell.

I never really lock my bike as I figure most thieves are to lazy to ride a bike and bikes are so cheap to buy these days why would they want to steal it. Unless it is one of those fancy bikes then you would probably want to keep it thief proof but if it is why would you want to even ride it to a place where you would have to lock it.

You would have to be a bit desperate to use doritos but sometimes there may be a call for desperate measures especially if it is cold.

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