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Senior Saving – You May Not Know You Can Get


These apparently are savings that most seniors do not realize that they can get. Actually there are plenty of companies that offer steep discounts and sometimes free stuff. Some supply serves to those who are 50 and older.

There are private companies and federal programs that a lot of senior citizens don’t realize that they exist. got to this website to find out some more about it.

  • Eat for less
  • Medicare Plan Will Save You
  • Cheaper Homeowners Insurance
  • TV’s Shrewdest Shark Shows One of The Best Ways To Utilize $50
  • Invest In Physical Gold
  • AMTRAK – 10% OFF

To learn more go to SENIOR SAVINGS

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5 More Saving Ways Today


1.Cost Estimator: Repairpal.com gives free quotes for car repairs and recommends competent repair shops.


2. The cheapest gas day of the week: In 29 States in the US are to be bought on Monday according to GasBuddy.com  You can save up to $30 a year.


3. Older driver course: AARP offers a driver course and you may save about $100 per year on your car  insurance. I notice Whitefish High school does as well.

4. Outside airport for Car Rentals: Choose a location near the airport for a rental car. Not at the Airport. Go to Autoslash.com to track your reservation and apply deals and coupons


5. Humanesociety.org – For a list of programs offering assistance with pet expenses. Search for “affording your pet” on the site

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Small Savings – Big Fortune

  • Attend Spring Training – See how your favorite baseball players work with their coaches – for free! Check out springtrainingconnection.com for locations and schedules. Savings $30 the average price of a major league game.

  • If your car is driven under 5,000 miles a year – Ask your insurer for a low mileage discount. Average annual savings of $92.00 or 17% discount


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Small Savings – Big Fortune


Well that is kinda the name of one of my books (“Small Savings Make A Big Fortune – 1069 ways you can save now”), but here is a few new ideas that I will give you each day till I run out.

  1. Travel with a water bottle – I actually travel with an empty water bottle with a filter in it. I fill the water bottle after I have gone through security and just before I board the plane. The filter of course takes out a lot of the chemicals and chorine taste in the water from the tap. This will save you at least $5 as that is the usual cost per  liter bottle from the stores at the airport. Round trip save $10

2. For Some Meds skip your insurance – This of course is for those who live in America – Ask your pharmacist about the retail price of your prescription medication. The reason is it might be cheaper to pay that price as an example – the diabetes medication Metformin costs about $4 for a month supply while the average copay is $11 – Saving $7

Source AARP.Org/bulletin



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Tips For Talking To Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident.


After a car accident the biggest fear is that your insurance company will not come to the ‘Party’.
Hopefully that is not the case.

Amy Bach executive director consumer advocacy group United policyholders says some auto claims can get complicated by the fine print.

Ways to avoid this:

a. Do not lie.
b. Stick to the facts: It is natural to want to explain the accident beat by beat. How much should you really say.
c. Answer your questions honestly but be careful about volunteering unsolicited details. If you try to save money by being less than honest, the truth may come out.
d. Your insurer should not deny your claim because of misrepresentations, but it may raise your rates. Trying to give precise details can lead to false recounts. Instead of specifics, provide estimates is a good way to go.

Avoid assuming blame: Even if you think you were clearly to blame, there may be mitigating factors. Remember your interpretation is just that : an interpretation. Most accidents are caused by both parties. Taking the blame may feel righteous, it might not be correct. It could lead to an unwarranted rate hike or lower settlement.
 Let the investigation play out.

Get your fair compensation:

Getting a fair settlement can be a delicate situation.
For injury make sure you visit a reputable doctor. Remember any claims not documented by your doctor will not be considered.
You could be examined by a doctor who has a relationship with your insurer. So even if you have been examined by your own doctor the result my face resistance and the Insurer may want to use the opinion of their own doctor.

Property damage is usually easier:

Most states give you the right to have your car repaired at the facility of your choice. If your insurer becomes difficult about paying for the repairs consider contacting your State Department of Insurance
Make sure you make the effort to work with your insurer try not to be too adversarial. But on the other hand fight for the protection you have paid for.

Source: USA Today – Money

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Saving Tip For Today – 10/01/2013

242_How to get a discount on an owners title insurance policy in Florida

Title TrickWhen refinancing your home, slash your closing costs by getting a discount of up to 50% off your title insurance by asking for a “reissue” rate. It may also be available if you buy from someone who bought the home within the past 10 years

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Saving Tip for Today 07/22/2013


Home Insurance

Don’t be penny – wise and pound foolish. Make sure you have adequate coverage to rebuild your home in case disaster strikes. Be sure to get replacement coverage on your home and its contents. 

Always, Always read your policy before signing on the dotted line. Don’t take your agents word for it. You may think you are fully covered till you read your policy completely only to find, say for example it does not cover you for flood or dripping taps. Has happened. 

Travel insurance is another policy to read thoroughly. It can be a very expensive experience if you find you are not fully covered for some specific health problems that may arise while you are on holiday.

One example for me is that I had a Texas licence to ride a motorcycle but I did not have and Australian Motorcycle license. My travel insurance was an Australian policy and when I read the policy I found out I would not be covered for any accident I may have in America if I did not have an Australian motorcycle license.  I had to go and get an Australian Motorcycle license before I left the country. 

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Saving Tip For Today « 8/24/2010

Pay Annually

If possible pay your insurance annually rather than in installments you could save as much as 8 percent.
Also think about raising your deductible from $500 to $1000 to save up to 15 percent on a homeowner’s premium.


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20 Tips To Save Money On Health Care

This is an article sent to me and was written by a website called Healthy Lifestyle I thought It was excellent so once again am sharing with you some pretty good information

Health insurance is in more trends now a days. People have been seen into investing their money on health insurance. Health insurance not only provides men free medical services to the insured men, but also avoid the high costs of treatment for health conditions. The health insurance trend has been increasing in all the countries, especially, US has been reported as leader, in insuring health of their people. But is investing your money in insuring your health is a right decision. However people can reduce the costs of healthcare insurance and can decrease their medical expense, here are some tips by which you can save your money on Health care.

Tips on Saving Money on Health Care Costs

1.Increase the deductible on your health insurance: while it is sometimes not possible with a particular type of policy, it could help save a considerable amount of money in the long run if it can be done.

2.Request generic prescriptions: some drugs are available in generic form, which can cost almost half the amount of the name brand. Another thing to think about is using one of the major retailers that offer $4 prescriptions for certain medications.

3.Shop around for the best plan:
each year, when faced with renewing your premium it can be worthwhile to view yearly healthcare expenses versus costs of the premium and what is covered. Tailoring a plan to suit your family is another way to save a considerable amount of money on health care.

4.Utilize health care clinics: some clinics will charge a cheaper rate for exams, immunizations and prescriptions. Check with the local health department to inquire about clinics which are located close to your home.

5.Join a discount insurance program: there are many options available in terms of programs which provide dental, optometric and health care services at a discount rate to members.

6.Join the Farm Bureau: a person does not need to be a farmer to join and by paying the annual membership fees, an individual becomes eligible for all different types of benefits which may include discount health care programs.

7.Get regular check-ups: do not skimp on regular check-ups in order to save money. The exams are covered by health insurance and can lead to early detection of a health problem which could be treated at a less expense than if it were to progress.

8.Check into special programs and services:
many health care programs will help individuals save money on chronic conditions like asthma, allergies and other illnesses through preventative methods which are cheaper.

9.Check your doctors and health insurance bills carefully, which would make you aware of any possible errors that may have been overcharged. Read over your benefits booklet carefully and be aware of what is covered and what is not covered to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

10.Stay within network: some insurance policies will charge more if a person were to visit a non-network provider. When out of town and needing medical services contact your insurance company to find out if there are in-network providers in the area which would save you from having to go out of network for care.

11.Ask for prescription samples from a doctor: when needing certain prescription medications, many doctors will have samples on hand from pharmaceutical reps which are free to patients; this can be a big cost saver.

12.Avoid the emergency room at all costs: unless you have a definite medical emergency, never go to the emergency room in lieu of using your regular health care provider. Everything during an emergency room visit will cost almost three times as much as it would if the problem were taken care of by a general practitioner.

13.Go to a dental school for taking care of the teeth: consider using a dental school in lieu of a regular dentist. The services are much cheaper and most schools will work on an income curve for those that have little or no dental coverage; you could save as much as 20-50% for major dental services over what would be charged by a regular dental office.

14.Use all available tax breaks: a person can deduct certain medical expenses during income tax season if the costs exceed more than a certain percentage of income, a tax specialist can let you know if you qualify. For those that are self-employed, up to 100% of health insurance premiums can be deducted from personal income.

15.Search for subsidies available: if a person is of low economic means or permanently disabled, there may be federal or state offered insurance programs which could cover high medical costs an individual will possibly endure if paying out of pocket.

16.Fight any claim denials: some insurance expert’s site that an estimated 70% of claims appeals are successful. Instead of paying out of pocket for a health insurance claim that was previously denied, it pays to be diligent and fight the insurance company until resolution is provided.

17.Set aside money for unforeseen health expenses: some employers will offer employees an HAS or health savings account, which allows a person to put away a certain amount of money for use for future health care expenses. The money will accrue interest, is not taxed in some cases and can be used for pay for health care expenses and help a person avoid having to use disposable income in lieu of a medical emergency.

18.Check into the low cost services available from local medical schools instead of using a high cost general practitioner. Medical students are able to provide basic medical services at a fraction of the cost and the students are supervised and diligent about health care.

19.Check into an HSA: a health savings account will allow a person to set aside a certain amount of money for medical related expenses and help defray unexpected medical expenses and the money set aside is tax free and some policies are a use or it lose it, know what type of policy you have and use it accordingly.

20.Consider your age: if you are younger and relatively healthy, you may require only period visits to a general practitioners, it may be smarter to use a PPO insurance program. The money saved on the premiums can offset the higher cost of doctor’s office visits. If you are past the age of wanting children, it may be less expensive to drop off the maternity coverage on a health insurance premium.




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For Retirees: Get Dental Care for Less Money

Jordan Braverman, MPH

Dental care is rarely covered by Medicare… few retirees have dental insurance… and those who do have dental insurance often find that their coverage is very limited.

Dental bills average around $677 per year for the typical senior, and a major procedure, such as a root canal or a dental implant, can push that tab into four or even five figures.

Exception: Medicare usually will pay dental bills if they are related to a medical incident that requires a hospital stay, such as jaw reconstruction following a car accident.

Some resources that could help you dramatically reduce your dental bills or even provide dental care for free…
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