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Credit card fraud

According to Dave Ramsey of Daveramsey.com, 1 out of 11 identity thefts are done by members of the family.

Scary! The most disturbing part about this is that you must make a police report or you are liable for that debt.

Here are some of the suggestions he made to protect yourself from any sort of fraud (well the best you can anyway)

a. Buy Identity theft protection 

b. Do not use any suspicious websites, even if they sound like they are offering a good deal. Always check that the site has a well-known security protection badge.

Some computers will drop down a box questioning the validity of the site and asking are you sure you want to continue

c. Check your bank statements often. I check mine every two or three days.

d. DO NOT give any information to any email you may receive until you have definite knowledge that  the website or email is legit.

e. Credit cards and debit cards have the same security protection from the bank. Check both at regular intervals  

If you find you have some inconsistencies in your credit report you have a legal right to question it.  The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you 30 days to prove the inaccuracy and have it removed. 

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Where to Turn For Advice and Help on…


1. Identity theft resource center. No-Cost victim assistance: 888-400-5530; idtheftcenter.org

2. Financial Privacy Now. Consumers Union’s website on security freezes, data breaches, and protecting your Social Security Number: financialprivacynow.org


1. Freddie Mac. Links for reporting suspected fraud, and examples of what to look out for:

2. Neighborworks America.. Information on predatory lending and foreclosure rescue scams: nw.org


1. Financial industry regulatory authority. ,Broker background checks and warnings: 800-289-9999; finra.org/investors

2. AARP. Articles and guides on safe and responsible retirement planning: 1-888-687-2277; aarp.org/money/retirement

SOURCE. January/February 2010 AARP magazine


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