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Do You Know What Is In Your Local Water Supply – Find out


This Database is only for America but I will see if I can find something similar in Australia. It is a little scary and if you have a look at some of the analysis of the water you are drinking you may start thinking about a good water drinking machine.

I am not saying go out and buy a Kangen water machine, although if you do you will be buying the best and also it may save your life especially when you see what you are drinking straight from the tap and of course if you have health problems.

I clicked on the area where I live in Houston and this was the result: – Just saying if someone is fighting Cancer they may need to look at the water they are drinking before looking at anything else for a cure or rather to avoid drinking their local supply of Tap water.

  • Arsenic  Cancer

  • Bromodichloromethane


  • Chlorite

    change in blood chemistry

  • Chloroform


  • Chromium (hexavalent)


  • Dichloroacetic acid


  • Radiological contaminants


  • Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)


  • Trichloroacetic acid


Now that is rather frightening. 


Tap water suppliers publish their water quality tests. The vast majority of bottled water companies don’t. Read your annual tap water quality report. Look up your city’s water in EWG’s National Tap Water Database.

Since 2010, water utilities’ testing has found pollutants in Americans’ tap water, according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 30 million state water records.

If you are interested in finding out what is in the tap water in your area just go to EWG tap Water Database.

Put in your Zip Code and take a look.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”



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This Made My Morning

It is a gorgeous morning here in Houston this morning and after watching this it has made it even more beautiful

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Trip To The Tail Of The Dragon



Last week I rode my Harley with my riding buddies Bob and Dave, to the “Tail Of The Dragon”. For those who do not know what or where it is, it is an 11 mile road with 318 corners and travels through Tennessee and North Carolina.
We rode 2,281 miles From Houston to the “Tail” and back. On leaving and returning to the Houston area it literally pissed down with rain, the rest of the trip was steaming hot, one needed to cover up from the heat of the sun but it was gorgeous. Because of all the rain the trees and pastures were a brilliant green.
The States we passed through were Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee. This means I have done most of the States in USA only a few to go.
The roads in this country are so great for riding. (Take note Aust and NZ, they know how to build roads here). The scenery magnificent,different in every State.

Back to the “Tail”. I have to tell you I was shaking in my boots after doing the 318 turns, I bet my normally very low blood pressure was sky rocketing, but on the way back the 318 turns did not seem quite so daunting. 636 corner tally. After the “Tail” the ride back to Murphy included another 200 or more turns but less stressful in my opinion.

Here is a graphic picture of the “Tail Of The Dragon”

Tail of the dragon - Deal's Gap, NC 999×1,057 pixels
I had to have a cigar before I headed off.

IMG_1318 (1)

Bob With the Dragon

Bob With the Dragon

Me With the Dragon

Me With the Dragon

Me riding the

Me riding the “Tail Of The Dragon”

Bob in front of me

Bob in front of me

Unfortunately my bike was making funny noises at this stage so when I got back to Houston I had to take it to the Harley shop for repair. Like a big repair hopefully I get it back in a couple of days.

It was a great trip and look forward to doing it again and all the other rides in the area.
Thank you Bob and Dave.


If ‘Blue’ my Fat Bob keeps playing up the Harley V-Rod my next bike!

Life is good – If You Don’t Do Different Nothing Will Change


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Poem Friday – 01/23/2015 – Start 2015 Just Right

I love the mornings, best time of the day
With a view like this it starts in a good way


At this time I was in NZ to see my Mum
And of course ‘Charlie’ her dog love her she is such fun

Her face is so cute, of course communicates in dog talk
Especially when you are about to take her for a walk



Christmas day is a great family tradition
Mutton on spit, motor broke down, turning by hand was the decision

Many a beer had to be drunk while it cooked away
Probably what gave it that great flavor I would say



Went to Mt Ruapahu a four hour trip to see friends
Snow on the mountain, a view from my bed, the beauty never ends


And no that is not cloud coming from Tongariro Mountain
Its volcanic activity, spewing smoke and at times a hot lava fountain


About to leave NZ and go to Australia I call home
Take charlie for his last walk with me, no lead I just let him roam



Now back in Australia where the morning is a beach
I know, a long way from Houston that I miss, I wish my arms could reach



It is such a great pleasure to watch my grandson and son
At the beach together surfing the waves while I go for a run.


Just to end I was lying on the beach sunbaking looking up at the sky
With my new camera I took this picture of the moon, It just looked beautiful that is why


Ate too much at xmas so need to exercise to get fit
Boxing this morning tomorrow these steps, no time to sit


But at the top is a beautiful sight
Makes you feel good and start 2015 just right


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I Am About To Get On My Harley, See A Movie After A Snack

I Am About To Get On My Harley, See A Movie After A Snack
By Lesley Voth


Ohinemuri Estate

I arrived in New Zealand about 3 weeks ago
My brother had arranged a get together with cousins, Mum and Co

Good idea have not seen them in years
I knew there would be celebration with copious wine and beers

So off we went the next Saturday for lunch
I knew we would have a good time as they are all a jolly bunch

We went to a place called Ohinemuri restaurant and winery
We arrived  with Mum and dog at round twelve at Karangahake gorge in all our finery


I know they sound funny names to those of other places
But its the same in different countries of different races

It was good to see them, a few extra wrinkles and all
It had been a few years since we met, some smaller some tall

We laughed and reminisced about the years gone by
I was a bridesmaid for one of them, oh my how time did fly

So there we were looking at old photo’s and such like, simple things that gave us thrills
Laughing about our Scottish  grandfather, so mean, put his car in neutral going down hills

Anyway four hours later we all went our separate ways
Still chuckling about the stupid things we did in those days.


My Mum bless her soul was not sure what to make of the day
At 94 every day is a new day for her, memories vague for her in a way
But I have to say in a pleasing way her sense of humor it did stay

I am now in Texas, been here for a week, great weather but today rain and Thunder
The sky went black, warnings and alerts this morning, sky opened up, scary no wonder

Anyway Houston it is good to be back
I am about to get on my Harley, see a movie after a snack

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Have You Had Breakfast?

Well arrived back in Houston on Sunday and must say it is good to be back. Rode  my new Harley Fat Bob (‘Robert’), a few adjustments need doing such as new pipes, the stock ones are just far too quiet. Have to say ‘Robert’ is pretty beautiful and cant wait for the weekend (hopefully no rain) to go for a long ride.

The weather has been fantastic so far. I have been in the bikini sun baking an hour or so by the pool for the last 2 days getting my quota of Vitamin D and recuperating from 20 hours of traveling with 16 of that in the air.


Have you had breakfast? If not this is a cute idea to present scrambled eggs and rice the the kids. 


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My Friday Walk In Houston

This is sunrise on my walk Friday, in Houston. Not the same as Down Under but just as beautiful. It seem no matter where you are that hour of the morning is precious.

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Poem Friday – Hello Houston

Hello Houston
Author: – Lesley Voth

Hello Houston here I am again
Only to find you are in desperate need of rain

Well I was hoping I would bring some back from ‘Down Under’
They have had plenty of rain and heaps of thunder

But alas no such luck
Walk out the door to – oh shuck

Yesterdays temperature one hundred and three
A record they say, Drink plenty of Water and ice-cold tea

My blood it’s still thick from Aussie winter days
A bit hard to get back into the hot Texan ways

Never the less the beer tastes so good
That cold glass does wonders as it should

Tomorrow they say it will be a little cooler and so nice
So I will be out on my Harley, wind in my face, not change places for any price

I am in Air conditioning and working on my Mac
About to encourage my husband to go exercise and not be slack
Yep, Hello Houston its good to be back

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