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Hear This Young Man Out!!

I am an Australian resident, NZ born. I live 6 months of the year in Texas as that is where I do business.

I watch different political video’s from time to time but do not invade your space by showing them on my blog. This case is different. I have to be honest I am a Trump supporter (More than I can say for the Republican Congress) so you could say I am a little one sided but this young man is saying exactly what I believe but he does it better than me. He is a registered Democrat (just thought I would mention that)

I listen to the media over here in Australia and they are forever making fun and criticizing the President. I have not heard one positive thing from the media here. Shame on them. Cause they are only repeating what they want to hear not the truth. Anyway instead of me babbling on just take 15 minutes of your time to just listen. Think about what he has to say because he is our next generation and they should be heard.


Because ” If we don’t do different nothing will change”


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That Kid With a Moth on his Nose is Now 18


I remember in 2010 how I wrote a Poem called ‘That smile’
Seems like yesterday but it has been quite a while

It was about my grandson Jayden who is such a pleasure
My pride in him is immense, I could never be able to measure

Today is his birthday, the years have gone too fast
I so wanted his funny young innocent boy time to last

But alas he is now a young man
And of course naturally I am his biggest fan

He is indépendant, honest, respectful and delightful in all ways
I so wish him a great birthday and abundance of wealth health and happiness for the rest of his days

That kid with a moth on his nose is now eighteen
For me, how blessed for 18 years have I been


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Tips For Talking To Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident.


After a car accident the biggest fear is that your insurance company will not come to the ‘Party’.
Hopefully that is not the case.

Amy Bach executive director consumer advocacy group United policyholders says some auto claims can get complicated by the fine print.

Ways to avoid this:

a. Do not lie.
b. Stick to the facts: It is natural to want to explain the accident beat by beat. How much should you really say.
c. Answer your questions honestly but be careful about volunteering unsolicited details. If you try to save money by being less than honest, the truth may come out.
d. Your insurer should not deny your claim because of misrepresentations, but it may raise your rates. Trying to give precise details can lead to false recounts. Instead of specifics, provide estimates is a good way to go.

Avoid assuming blame: Even if you think you were clearly to blame, there may be mitigating factors. Remember your interpretation is just that : an interpretation. Most accidents are caused by both parties. Taking the blame may feel righteous, it might not be correct. It could lead to an unwarranted rate hike or lower settlement.
 Let the investigation play out.

Get your fair compensation:

Getting a fair settlement can be a delicate situation.
For injury make sure you visit a reputable doctor. Remember any claims not documented by your doctor will not be considered.
You could be examined by a doctor who has a relationship with your insurer. So even if you have been examined by your own doctor the result my face resistance and the Insurer may want to use the opinion of their own doctor.

Property damage is usually easier:

Most states give you the right to have your car repaired at the facility of your choice. If your insurer becomes difficult about paying for the repairs consider contacting your State Department of Insurance
Make sure you make the effort to work with your insurer try not to be too adversarial. But on the other hand fight for the protection you have paid for.

Source: USA Today – Money

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Signs You See Only In Australia

On the golf course


The Outback Waterhole


The Friendly Beach Welcome


The Unnecessary Warning


The No Brainer


The Garden Centre


The Honest Truth


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7 Smart Ways To Restructure Your Life

Are you in a situation that you have become comfortable with, yet you know you are not happy. You don’t feel fulfilled. You are in a relationship that you know is not working, boring, uninspiring, you just so don’t want to be in it, but you just go along because its easy. You don’t want to make waves.

This often happens in young relationships that start at college and it becomes easy, comfortable and expected in the end you will get married and not long down the track you realize what you have done. Some stay, but most of the time the marriage suffers a breakdown.

You are in a job you just hate. Everyday it is a chore to get to work.
You have too much “Stuff” it is bogging you down. You would like to move but you have too much “Stuff” and it is easier to stay where you are than move or get rid of it.

I am sure we have all been in this situation. Some of us make a move, while others stay in this situation for years and years until life makes a decision for them.

Stop right now. Life is too short. I know you have heard that many times but the older you get the more real it is. I have made some very uncomfortable changes in my life and each one of them has led me to some great adventures and some not but each time it has led me on a journey that has taught me more lessons. Each one of the changes had to be made and I will still be making changes till I take my last breath.

Don’t waste a minute of your time.

I know it is fine for me to say this, but I also have some suggestions that might make the change easier or give you that ah ha moment that tells you that you are about to do the right thing.

1. Be Honest.

Stop lying to yourself. Start being honest, it will get easier the more you do it. Talk to yourself. They say it is the first sign of madness but I think it is the first move to change your life. Ask yourself some hard questions. About relationships, attitude, habits, all those things.

2. Make a list of 5 people who are important to you.

If you cannot think of 5, then whatever number you are comfortable with, I think more than 5 is probably stretching the imagination a little.
If some of the people that surround you, actually annoy you and you know you could live without, they are not a good influence on your life, they are negative “high maintenance”, then it is time that you moved on from them. Not always an easy thing to do but a decision you need to make.

3. Think about moving to a smaller living space.

You will be forced to sell or get rid of personal items that will not fit in the new place.

4. Write a list of 7 things that are irreplaceable in you life.

At the same time you will find things that you do not need or use and can live without.

5. Quit your Job.

Well you can dream about it.
With 15 million people, out of work in America, it maybe not the brightest thing to do. Unless you are about to take the leap and work for yourself.
Maybe you have an entrepreneurial idea. If you think it is good, get moving, do some more research. Make the change. Don’t make excuses.
Dreams are cheap and you don’t know what you might come up with so dream away it may be the first step to change.

6. Decide to do something out of the box.

Try extending yourself. Start training for a marathon, take up ballroom dancing, join toastmaster, write a book, start walking (if you are not into exercise – just try it).

7. Get rid of commitments.

If you have commitments that are a drag but you do them because you don’t want to offend. Eliminate the ones that are not essential. Give yourself more time to make these changes.

Who knows what will come of these changes. You may meet new and exciting friends, your career may explode in a totally unexpected direction and heaven forbid you may even get fit with all the exercise you are doing.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change” Quote Me

Happy Restructuring your life.


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