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As A Harley rider Myself – Great Ad

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Day 10 – 22 Pushups – 22 Days – Awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Had to go to ‘Republic Harley Davidson’ to get a new tyre on my bike so took the opportunity and with the help of the receptionist I did my pushups in front of the new 2017 Street Glides. I have to say I am warming to that bike. I may have to upgrade from my Fat Bob. Maybe, not sure, but probably.

Day 10 – 22 Pushups – 22 Days – Awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

The reason for 22 days and 22 pushups is the recognition and awareness of proven statistical evidence that there are at least 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States Of America and a growing number in Australia. There has been 274 suicides in Australia since 1999.

For most of us, we can not comprehend the trauma that they experience and how tolerant and supportive we must be for those who fight for our freedoms. It is not only tragic for our vets it is certainly heartbreaking for the families of these young men and women.
Today I nominate my eldest son JAMIN who is home for two weeks from work to take the challenge.

No pressure . If you can great, if not that’s ok too.
But once you accept, you start tomorrow. The rules are simple:
* Once you are nominated your 22 days starts the following day.
* Every day you record yourself doing 22 push ups, try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted push ups (from your knees) or you have to stop and take a break, that is fine but try to get them all done in one video.
* Every day the push-ups must be in a different location.
* Every day you just nominate a different person.
* And finally have fun with this!
This a great way to have fun and let these courageous Men and Women who put their life on the line and those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) know that someone is thinking about them.
You can make donations to assist in the rehabilitation of our veterans with PTSD on the website of ‘Getheadstrong.org
Crisis line in USA
Crisis line in Australia




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A Trip In Time – Priceless Old Photo’s

A young Bill Clinton meeting J.F. Kennedy.

Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot – 1956


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Alecia Beth Moore

Alecia Beth Moore (also known as the artist “Pink”) sitting atop a Harley Chopper
Alecia Beth Moore (also known as the artist “Pink”) sitting atop a Harley Chopper 1,199×1,600 pixels

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Have You Had Breakfast?

Well arrived back in Houston on Sunday and must say it is good to be back. Rode  my new Harley Fat Bob (‘Robert’), a few adjustments need doing such as new pipes, the stock ones are just far too quiet. Have to say ‘Robert’ is pretty beautiful and cant wait for the weekend (hopefully no rain) to go for a long ride.

The weather has been fantastic so far. I have been in the bikini sun baking an hour or so by the pool for the last 2 days getting my quota of Vitamin D and recuperating from 20 hours of traveling with 16 of that in the air.


Have you had breakfast? If not this is a cute idea to present scrambled eggs and rice the the kids. 


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Back On The Job Again

So sorry that I have been so neglectful of my Blog Site. On my way back from Australia I called into New Zealand to stay with my Mum and Charlie (the Dog) for three weeks. All my time taken up. Will catch up with a few photo’s when I get settled. I am now at the Sydney Airport waiting for my flight to Dallas. Love Texas. This trip I will be riding a new Harley which is the same model as ‘Bobby’. I have named this one ‘Robert’. Cant wait to get bum on seat and test it on the road. Bobby arrived in Australia safely and only had a chance to ride it twice and the rest of the time it rained so was a little uncomfortable to be riding on those roads in the rain.

Talking about weather I was sent this the other day. Thought it was quite funny


This was also sent to me which I thought was rather apt. I have come to the conclusion that it is too much bother to be chasing organic and for what? So you can pay higher prices and feel good about it.

Non-organic vs. organic food

Well that’s it for me for now as I am about to partake in a class of wine. It is 12 o’clock somewhere in the world

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Poem Friday – Hello Houston

Hello Houston
Author: – Lesley Voth

Hello Houston here I am again
Only to find you are in desperate need of rain

Well I was hoping I would bring some back from ‘Down Under’
They have had plenty of rain and heaps of thunder

But alas no such luck
Walk out the door to – oh shuck

Yesterdays temperature one hundred and three
A record they say, Drink plenty of Water and ice-cold tea

My blood it’s still thick from Aussie winter days
A bit hard to get back into the hot Texan ways

Never the less the beer tastes so good
That cold glass does wonders as it should

Tomorrow they say it will be a little cooler and so nice
So I will be out on my Harley, wind in my face, not change places for any price

I am in Air conditioning and working on my Mac
About to encourage my husband to go exercise and not be slack
Yep, Hello Houston its good to be back

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