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Happiness is a State Of Mind

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October 2, 2018 · 9:49 PM

Common Sense For Happiness

I found this on Twitter and thought these are wise words and common sense from a Google executive. For those who have lost loved ones and are not coping all that well, these words are magic and wake us up to a happier future and may help in our sorrow.

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Did You Know – 1/29/2018

  1. 91 people a day die of overdose from drugs like Oxycodone  in USA . Source Dr Oz


2. There are fences around London that are made from WWII medical stretchers. During the war Great Britain tore down fences and used the metal for the war effort then recycled the stretchers back into fences when the war ended. These fences still have the curved hand holders.



3.   Stats on feet –

  •  52 is the total number of bones in your two feet. That accounts for 25% of all the bones in your body. 
  •  40 is the age at which you may need to start shopping for larger shoes. Muscles, tendons and ligaments in the fee weaken with age causing your bones and the rest of your feet to spread out .
  • 250,000 is the number of glands in your feet. (FYI they can secrete up to half a pint of sweat daily)


4. Your Smile – Research shows

  • A big grin makes your face more memorable than a neutral expression does.
  • Feedback sent to the brain by uplifted facial muscles and that includes a fake smile can ease anxiety.
  • From a psychological perspective, a person who is smiling appears more trustworthy than a person who is either frowning or holding a neutral expression.
  • According to Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, by making smiling a part of our everyday practice, we help our brains create happiness loops that encourage more positive-thinking patterns.
  • according to biochemist and artist Sondra Barrett. In her book, Secrets of Your Cells, Barrett explains how cells can distinguish between safety and danger, find and repair problems and create an overall sense of balance within the body.

5.  Plants know then they are being eaten. There are certain plants like nasturtiums  that emit toxins as a defense mechanism in response to the sounds of a caterpillars chewing – even when the sound is played as a recording . Who knows this discovery may someday help reduce the use of man-made pesticides. 


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Profound Questions And Answers

I was reading the NZ herald today and there was an article asking several people,  some probably well-known but not to me, except Tim Finn a musician. I personally thought, some interesting questions and some of the answers  very profound.

Just thought I would share.



The first one I thought was a great answer was from a Cartoonist called Michael Leunig.

The question:- What does love mean to you?

The Answer  :- Love is the natural spiritual quality that brings meaning, nourishment, understanding vitality and beauty. If we create something with love, devotion, adoration goodwill eagerness and mature innocence – a meal, a painting, a home, a speech, a relationship, a baby, a society, a bridge, a business, a footpath an antidote, an atmosphere or a simple garden shed – then that thing or that situation we create with love  will be likely to work beautifully and be a joy to behold. Love is more than a passive feeling it is an active functional intelligent catalyst or impetus in the way things are going. It is also a mystery. As Mozart said: ‘Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius’.



Tim Finn – The musician the question to him was ‘What do you know about love?

His Answer –  ‘That it means wanting someone else’s happiness more than your own. Everything else, so – called is all drama and confusion.




Nicky Pellegrino – WriterThe question to her was – You write about love all the time does your own life live up to the hype?

Her Answer – I hope I don’t write about it as if  it’s some golden shining perfect thing. Life is complicated and messy, so is love. My husband and I have been together for 20 years. We fight, we misunderstand each other, he annoys me, I imagine I irritate him …. He is still the best person I know though.




A Hospice Nurse – Toni HancockThe question to her was ‘ Do people have the same regrets when they are dying?

Her Answer – They do really. It’s family. Spending time with family. Working too much. That’s especially the case for men. A lecturer told me once that when you have a diagnosis that you are going to die, its like layers peeling away. You start out well and with visitors and then slowly start saying goodbye. First it’s people you know quite well  that you start not to see any more because youre getting sicker. Close friends’ visits stop because you are sicker again and eventually its only family members who are with you. It shows just how important family are.

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Did You Know – 04/22/2013

1. In 1893 an amendment was proposed to rename US to United States of Earth

2. Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, was once a movable city which changed location over 25 times.

3. Chickens have the uncanny ability to keep their head stable while their body moves around.

4. It is impossible to tickle yourself . The reason is The human brain anticipates unimportant sensations, such as your own touch.

5. Happy people make more money.

Researchers followed more than 15,000 individuals from high school age in 1994 to their late twenties in 2008. After following the participants for 14 years, the study found a clear link between a satisfying childhood and a higher salary as adults. Some of the reasons the researchers believe that happier children go on to become more successful is due to their positive, outgoing attitude and their greater likelihood of getting hired, promoted and earning a higher degree.

Mixing alcohol and diet soda can make you drunker.

Why? Turns out that sugar slows down the absorption of alcohol from the stomach to the bloodstream.
“In other words, it is not that diet soda accelerates intoxication. Rather, the sugar in regular soda slows down the rate of alcohol absorption,” explains Dennis Thombs, a professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. He published a paper with similar findings.
“Alcohol, consumed with a diet mixer, results in higher (BrAC) Breath Alcohol Concentrations as compared to the same amount of alcohol consumed with a sugar-sweetened mixer,” says Cecile Marczinski, a cognitive psychologist who authored the new study

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May Every Day Be Mother’s Day For You!

Happy Mother’s Day
By Lesley Voth

She has been around for almost 94 years
She is wise, a comforting strength, seen happiness and tears

She indulges in a wine each day about 5 o’clock
She says, “it’s so nice, makes you feel what you’re not”

She and I don’t always agree
but that is natural and will always be

My Mom is a great character with good humor
Loves to go shopping; avid shoe and clothes consumer

My Mom makes the most of all that comes her way
Simple life, no stress, sits in the sun and reads the paper every day

So Mother’s Day is really something retailers invented
Shopping hours purposely extended

But, I celebrate my Mom all year round
She is love, laughter, and a sparkle compound

Happy Mother’s Day Mom
Enjoy and have fun.

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Great Article – Life As Your Teacher

I found this article on the website The Daily Mind. I thought this article was brilliant and passed it on to many of my friends and of course to you because I believe it could make you take a look at your own way of handling your life of problems and happiness. Eckhart Tolle the Author of “A New Earth” also has the same belief. His book into great depth, I found it life changing.( “ A New Earth”.)

The Art of Taking Your Life as Your Teacher

Source: The Daily Mind
The day I finished school I packed my bags, borrowed some money from my mother and got on a plane to the Himalayas. I needed a teacher. I needed someone who could help guide me in my life, help me to make sense of the world I was living in. And after a few months of frightening train rides, painful illness and agonizing angst I found my teacher. As I sat there in a crowd of students listening to his talk I picked up on a very stark theme – you must become your own teacher.

Life gives you two options: learn or complain
As I get older I start to see that there are two types of people in this world. There are those who see the lessons and meaning in their life and there are those who complain. And its not just about optimism and pessimism. It goes deeper than that. Some people, for example, are naturally very pessimistic but when something goes wrong they choose to see it as a lesson. This is a very valuable trait to have and to develop.

Human experience is common. We are all different but in a way that makes us all the same. We all want to be happy and we all feel pain and sadness. Although the circumstances of our grief or our pleasure may differ the underlying experience is the same. We cry, we laugh and we die. The thing that differs is not what we feel but how we react to those feelings.

So here and now, as you sit reading this post, take a look back and see if you have been a learner or a complainer. Now is a good time to make a choice. Choose to learn from your life and its ups and downs. Promise not to complain and take the stance of a victim. Starting today you are going to take your life as your teacher.

Learning from suffering

When you choose to take your life as your teacher the first thing you need to do is learn how to deal with and view suffering. Here are a few ideas that I have discovered over my life, perhaps they will resonate with you.

1. Don’t try to stop the suffering
For some warped reason most people think that happiness is the absence of suffering. They think that happiness only comes about when there are no problems going on in your life. This is a mistake. There will always be problems and your joyful moments will never last forever. Instead, happiness is when you view your problems and suffering in a new way. When you see suffering as an opportunity instead of a burden you will grow into a much happier person. Don’t try to stop the suffering, just learn to view it in a different way.

2. Only through suffering can you grow
Have you ever met someone who grew up in a rich family, was given everything they ever wanted and never had to fight for anything? Have you noticed how vacuous and empty they are? Have you witness how weak their spirit is? That is because they have never experienced any great suffering and as such they missed out on the only opportunity there is for true inner growth.

Suffering is a catalyst for change. It is only through suffering that you grow and learn lessons about yourself and the world around you. View suffering as a great friend because unlike anyone else you know, suffering can make you into a better person.

3. It is your only choice
This point may sound somewhat doomed but it is a reality. You really don’t have a choice; if you want to be happy in this world you need to view suffering in a new way. Suffering will always occur. Old age, sickness and death are inevitable and cannot be avoided. Armed with this knowledge you need to adopt a new, more open stance towards the darker times in your life.

Learning from happiness

Life is not just suffering. There are many happy moments that occur from time to time. It is important to learn from these moments too – not just to let them fade away like a mirage or a dream. If you want to take your life as your teacher you need to look at the lessons of the happy times.

1. Everyone wants to be happy
When you experience happiness you feel wonderful and you want it to last forever. You hate it when the moment ends. One thing you can extract from this event is that everyone feels the same way as you do. Everyone wants to be happy and no one wants to experience pain and suffering. This is a wonderful method for developing compassion towards other living creatures. Next time you are laughing and having an amazing time cast your mind outwards and think about everyone else who wishes they were doing what you are.

2. Happiness doesn’t last
Whenever I write about impermanence I get emails from readers telling me to stop being so depressing. But I keep writing about it. Why? Because I truly believe that the idea of impermanence is something that everyone needs to be introduced to. Our parents rarely talk about it. It isn’t taught in school. But the one truth of this life is that nothing lasts, especially happiness.

When you are happy you need to live in the moment but you also need to let it go when it ends. Happy times can never last forever. Soon the people gathered at the party will part or the movie you are watching will end. But this is a source of great hope because you can be free of the suffering of change and loss if you are acutely aware that it will occur. Next time you are doing something that makes you happy remember that it is going to end and you won’t be as sad when it does.

3. Happiness is dependent upon others
In the west we spend so much time talking about “me” and “mine” that we often overlook the kindness of other people. When you begin to analyze and look at your life you will discover the 90% of the time your happiness is dependent upon others. This is a fantastic realization because it helps you to see how interconnected we all are.

Now, I am not saying that you need to rely on others to be happy. This is not some state where you are miserable whenever you are alone. That is not the point. What I am saying is that when you are happy it usually has something to do with other people. Think about how many people went into the production of a great movie. Without them you wouldn’t experience the joy of the cinema. Open up your mind and look at how kind other people have been to you. Life will become more joyful.

Life is one lessons after another. Some lessons are hard to learn, others are easy. But you really have no choice. If you want to be happy you need to view your life as a teacher or you will spend the rest of your days cursing all the mistakes, errors and pains that you experienced. Look at your ups and downs as a lesson.

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