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I Think We Should Be Growing Hemp

I think these statistics speak for themselves. Yes sir, we should be growing hemp and make our earth a happier place.

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Ways To Save Money, Be happier, And More Time For Friends.

I am always looking for new ideas to save money and I enjoy sharing these with you. While I was in New Zealand I found this magazine called “GOOD – simple choices for a simple life”. It had some great ideas and it seems that we are now looking for a simple life with no worries and terrible debt. We can do it, we can make the sacrifices, we can also enjoy life at the same time. That is very important.
I have just finished an e-book called 1001 simple saving tips and suggestions and I hope to have it online by the end of August.
This is my second book (The other book is “Simply Fantastic – Living Better On Less)on a similar subject but this book just lists of the savings you can make without all the dialogue. Simple and easy way to learn what you can save on and keep on saving till you are out of “debt”. Getting everyone out of debt is my aim. As for the country we have to leave that to the politicians who are not making such a good job of it at the moment and that is why we have to take our own lives into our own hands.

Here are some saving suggestions that I believe beneficial to you.

Throw away your catalogues
Put a “No Junk Mail” on your letterbox. The challenge of constantly being bombarded with advertising can be very challenging for “Will Power”.

Spend Winter Nights Together

I know it’s not winter yet and everybody is sweating with the heat but here is a thought. Heating the whole house is very expensive. Shut the doors of rooms like the bathrooms, toilets, unused rooms, laundry and keep the warm in one area where the family can read, watch tv, play games together.

Try to reduce Waste

I know the present time is not like the “Big Depression” but it is not to say we can’t go there again and times are tough for many people now and I believe will get a little tougher. In the great depression households wasted nothing. Brown paper bags were kept for further use, fruit was preserved, toothpaste was put through the wringer to get out the last drop. Even rubber bands were put away for a purpose. Try thinking about what we are disposing of. Maybe we could use that little bit of honey left in the jar or sauce in the sauce bottle.

Everything can be used twice

Using something twice is an age-old practice. In the 40’s everything was used twice. Packing cases were painted and covered and used for side tables. I have seen some and they look great, you would never know. Powder puffs were used as shoe polishes. Cloth napkins washed and reused rather than disposable napkins which are loses the personal touch to a meal.

Don’t use shopping as recreation

Once upon a time recreation was playing cards, cricket or football in the back yard or swimming in the local pool or river or even fishing. It seems that today the recreation is going to the local mall having some “retail therapy”. Not a good idea. Almost a 100% of the time you will buy something and usually it is something that you really do not need. Try staying at home and fixing what is “Broke” instead of replacing it. Be creative, be inventive.

Use the fresh air cure

Today we are so busy doing what we do we forget the one thing that makes us feel good, keeps us in good health and more tranquil. “Fresh Air”. Take a few minutes each day just to walk outside and breathe that air, stand in that sun, feel that air around you. In the weekend have a dig around in the garden for an hour or two in the sun. Make time for your friends, have them around for coffee, it will make them relax also and have a joke or two. Keep the conversation light.
This therapy in itself will help keep away anxiety, trips to the doctor because of bad health, keeps you in touch with your friends, family, and yourself.

Choose quality

This has been proved to me over and over. Many times I have chosen an item for its price not quality and it has come back to bite me. If you need to buy an item for yourself or household choose quality not because it is cheaper. It could cost you more in the end. necessary items like pots and pans, it is better to pay that extra few dollars for better quality because you know you will get more years out of that product than the cheaper one and often made of healthier materials. The same goes for clothing. Buy classic styles that will last in fashion, not something that will be fashionable this week and probably you will not get as much wear out of it and in some cases not look as good.

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5 Things To Make You Happier & 5 Things That Make Me Happy

Here are five things that research has shown can improve happiness:

Be grateful: People who were asked to write letters of gratitude to people who had helped them in some way reported a lasting increase in happiness — over weeks and even months — after implementing the habit. Even when people wrote letters but never delivered them to the addressee, they still reported feeling better afterwards.

Be optimistic: People were asked to visualize an ideal future and describe the image in a journal entry. After doing this for a few weeks, these people too reported increased feelings of well-being.

Count your blessings: People who practice writing down three good things that have happened to them every week show significant boosts in happiness. The act of focusing on the positive helps people remember reasons to be glad.

Use your strengths: Another study asked people to identify their greatest strengths, and then to try to use these strengths in new ways. This habit, too, seems to heighten happiness.

Commit acts of kindness: It turns out helping others also helps ourselves. People who donate time or money to charity, or who altruistically assist people in need, report improvements in their own happiness.

That was an article from msnbc.com Health.

I thought I would now give you 5 things that make me happy.

They may not be what makes YOU happy but they might just make you think, “Hey, yes that does make me feel good too.” Here goes…

1. The smell of freshly mown grass. (The mower man next door is mowing the grass and it reminded me) I just love it. Whenever I pass a newly mown lawn I take a deep breath.

2. A good belly laugh. I love it when you are with friends and you laugh at something that makes tears come to your eyes.

3. A good movie. I love walking out of the theatre and feel I have been entertained and lost myself in a story for 2 hours. I haven’t seen too many of those lately though.

4. Riding my Motorcycle. The reason I love this so much is I love the feeling of the freedom of it. I love that I am exposed to the wind, the sun and in a way, being alone.

5. The love of my grandchildren. I love listening to their conversations. I love to hear them laugh. I love their judgement of a situation as it comes from an innocent heart. In fact I have to tell you a story about my granddaughter…

About 5pm in the evenings I always stop for the day, to have a cigar and a glass of wine. I try not to do this in front of the children, as I don’t want to influence them in any way.

Anyway my Granddaughter sprung me.  She exclaimed, “Nana you are going to get black lungs.” She thought for a minute then gave me a hug and said, “Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter because you are old.” As she was walking away she turned to me and said, “Have you done your bucket list yet?” She is 8 years old.

I thought that was a treasure.

So there are my ‘5 things that make me happy.’


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