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Goodbye 2017 – Hello 2018

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Poem Friday on Thursday – Goodbye 2015

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Goodbye to the year of Two Thousand and Fifteen
Great for some but also sad times around the world for many it has been.

Closer to home we lost a dear riding mate
So for all Toms friends 2015 will be a marked date

Each day of the year has been a blessing in some way
Cant remember what they were but at least I am alive to say

Thank you my friends for being just who you are
Close to home and many many miles afar.

I treasure your friendship because you have been in my life for many years
Although we don’t always see much of each other, when we do, we talk off our ears

Well for all my readers, family and all my friends however 2015 has been and how it will end
I wish for peace, happiness, health and abundance and all the Love I can send.
I forgot and as much money as you need for the year to spend

All the days and hours and minutes in-between
May many Blessings be with you all in the coming 2016
Goodbye 2015

Lesley Voth


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Goodbye 2014

new year 2015 written in sand

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December 30, 2014 · 8:04 PM

Poem Friday – That Last Hug Was A Goodbye

That Last Hug Was A Goodbye
Author – Lesley Voth

My beautiful brother was here the other day
So good to see him, looking happy and healthy in a kinda glowing way

I did not know it and nor did he
How special, that time, was going to be

Barry my brother died two days ago
Leaving us breathless, wounded, dealing our hearts a heavy blow

If he had faults, I know of none
He was kind and thoughtful loved by everyone

Megan his wife will have great memories of times together
He would Go anywhere, venture in all kinds of weather

He had a love for sailing and fishing too
He loved just being there with his boys, they made his sky sunny and blue

I am sure his Grandchildren will be wondering why
Their Poppa is not there to laugh and play with them, soothe them when they cry

Not a bad bone, didn’t judge, never hurt a fly
We all love him and will miss him but God needs him more I guess that is why

As your sister my dearest brother
I will miss your smile, your laugh, which is like no other

Your passing has taught me one thing, to cherish each second, I know I will try
Because I did not realise that last hug was not a Hello it was a Goodbye


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Poem Friday – Goodbye My Friend

This is a poem I wrote to myself when I was giving up smoking.

Goodbye my Friend.

My friend has been with me over the years.
But really my friend only brought fears.
Fear of destroying my perfect health.
Not to mention the big hole in my wealth.

Whenever there is stress I reach for my mate.
Each time, feeling guilty, sometimes hate.
Always in hand when having a beer.
Even at parties – saying” have another in my ear.”

So now it is time to part my friend.
No more including you – no more I tend.
I pray for strength to say goodbye.
For if I continue my lungs will surely die.

So never again will you touch my lips.
When I drink I will spend more on tips.

So goodbye my friend – Hello sweet breath.
Because my agenda is good health not death


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