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Some Sleep With A Teddy Bear This Boy Sleeps with His Golf Clubs

This little boy is an inspiration to all children that say “I Cant”

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Signs You See Only In Australia

On the golf course


The Outback Waterhole


The Friendly Beach Welcome


The Unnecessary Warning


The No Brainer


The Garden Centre


The Honest Truth


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Inflight Refueling – Above Torrey Pines Golf Course, San Diego!

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Poem Friday – Goodbye my Friend Till We Meet Again

Goodbye My Friend Till We Meet Again
Author – Lesley Voth

I said goodbye to a friend yesterday
One that left a mark on my life in a special way

Life as we knew it took us on a different road
Sometimes, but few, met for lunch, champagne flowed

She left myself and Mutual friend Lorraine great memories that we had
We were not always perfect when playing golf, some would say a little bad

I guess its hard to explain what that friendship meant
For me it’s like a piece of the air missing that surrounds me, Gone, Spent

Many times she walked where others would not
Fearless in her actions stood fast, no patience with rot

I don’t know what happened I guess we spent our money
We had more time, life was a ball, free and funny

For some reason or another felt the need to chase the dollar
That gave us little time for friendships, a chain on our collar

Hopefully when we meet on the other side
It will be free and easy,time to get together to finish the ride

Not sure if we will be wearing wings, we did not learn to abstain
It could be fiery where we go but our memories of good times will remain

Sharon my friend, Goodbye, till we meet again
Hopefully were we go is gourmet food and lots of champagne

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Did You Know « 1/3/2011

As I am In New Zealand at the moment I will give you some “Did You Know” information about NZ.

Despite being a water-loving nation, more people die in New Zealand every year playing lawn bowls than scuba diving.

Less than five percent of New Zealand’s population is human, the rest are animals – one of the highest ratios of animals to humans in the world.

New Zealand has more bookshops per capita than any other country – one for every 7,500 people.

New Zealand boasts the world’s longest place name: Taumatawhakatangi- hangakoauauotamatea- turipukakapikimaunga- horonukupokaiwhenuaki- tanatahu.

New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than any other country – 400 courses for four million people, approximately one for every 10,000 people.

New Zealand’s Lake Taupo, was formed by the world’s biggest recorded eruption in the last 75,000 years. The dust from the eruption was seen as far away as Rome and China.

Curio Bay – in Southland, New Zealand – is one of the world’s most extensive and least disturbed examples of a petrified forest, up to around 180 million years old.

New Zealand established itself as a nuclear free zone in 1985, refusing to allow nuclear powered or armed ships in its waters, and continues this stance today.

The New Zealand kakapo is the world’s largest, rarest and only flightless parrot; the kea is the world’s only alpine parrot; the little blue is the world’s smallest penguin.

New Zealand mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953, alongside Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.



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My Thoughts: On Tiger Woods

My Thoughts: On Tiger Woods

I went to the beach this morning beach towel in hand, with a cup of coffee and my radio. I had a swim and then settled in to have a relaxing time and listen to the ABC.

The subject of Tiger Woods public apology was in discussion. A reporter came on and discussed how in his opinion, and believed the opinion of many, that the apology was well rehearsed and insincere.

I was rather rattled at the judgment. I don’t know what the public opinion is and really it doesn’t matter. It is really none of our business.

What does matter is that Tiger Woods is about excellent golf. He is a man with great skills that has taken a lifetime to achieve. He is human, and hey humans make mistakes.

His private life has now become very public and of course embarrassing to him and his wife. I don’t condone what he has done in any way but I believe the media is crucifying a person when they have no room to judge and intent on destroying any chance he has to make amends to his wife.

This whole scenario reminds me of Lindy Chamberlain, I am sure everyone in the world heard of the story when a Dingo took her baby at Ayres Rock in Australia. Now that in my opinion was trial by media and it destroyed a family and a marriage. Moreover, still to this day, people believe she killed her baby. She never stood a chance. If she smiled the media said she was callous, if she didn’t smile she was cruel and hard faced. She could not do it right no matter what she did. I feel Tiger is in the same position, no matter what he does you will always have the media somewhere saying he is insincere.

His embarrassment will be punishment enough, he will have to face the public sometime and it will be very difficult no doubt. I would hate to be in his position. I am sure he will be very uncomfortable.

Not only is this embarrassing for his wife it will make her public life very uncomfortable. She knows that wherever she goes people will be whispering about her. Would you like it? I think not.

Let the man get on with his life and do what he does best – play golf.

I say to the media: leave it alone. He doesn’t have to answer to us; he has to answer to his family, his friends, and to his children. He will certainly know who his friends are by now I am sure.

Give him a chance to repair the damage to his wife and family. Give his wife the respect she deserves and give them a chance for forgiveness and stop digging up the dirt.

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