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Science and God Are Completely Simpatico

Interesting to see Science and the recognition of  God coming together.

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Wise Words for Monday

These are words that I constantly need to remind myself and I am sure there are many of us that worry ourselves sleepless. My favorite words when such times occur are “Let go Let God” Works every time

A person that I have the utmost resect for is Eckhart Tolle. Teaches the power of Now.

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Who Knew Who Knew – Ross❤️

Who Knew, Who Knew

Who knew that the last time together, was the last.
Almost Two years ago, Jon’s Wedding, time has gone fast

It was so good to see you, as meeting over the years were few and far between
Usually at family gathers where most of us would convene

So glad we don’t see the signs and cannot see ahead
Although your future, from the doctor was read

The news was unbelievable, heart wrenching for us all to say the least
For your life to end by such a mean and most times uncontrollable beast

I wont linger on the pain we still all feel
I am sure we all thought, no sweat he will heal

It was not to be, so I just picture you Kite surfing at sea
I picture the love you always had for the water, and seemingly carefree

You seem to make many friends wherever you went
Few beers, laugh and a joke, in my mind, time well spent

Well there are a few Mackie’s now, up there where you are going
As the years go by, the numbers will keep growing

But that is ok, till we meet again, if you are still making your home brew
Save a glass for me, so we can indulge in a few
God bless you Ross, rest in peace, for He Knew, He Knew
Aunty L

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Definition of Materialism

Untitled attachment 00011

A very successful attorney parked his brand new Porsche 911 Turbo in front of his office, ready to show it off to his colleagues. As he was getting out, a truck came barrelling down the road, drifted right and completely tore off the driver’s door. Fortunately, a cop was close enough to see the accident and pulled up behind the now door-less Porsche with his lights flashing.

Before the cop had a chance to ask any questions, the attorney started screaming hysterically about how his precious Porsche, which he had just purchased the day before, was completely ruined and no matter how any car body shop tried to make it new again, would never be the same. And that being an attorney, he was going to sue the truck driver, his employer and even his driver’s education teacher!

After the lawyer finally wound down from his rant, the cop shook his head in disbelief, “I can’t believe how materialistic you lawyers are!” he said. “You are so focused on your possessions that you neglect the most important things in life.”

“How can you say such a thing?” asked the lawyer.

The cop replied, “Don’t you even realize that your left arm is missing? It was severed when the truck hit you!”

“OH, MY GOD!” screamed the lawyer… “My Rolex!”

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Poem Friday – 06/06/2014 – Bottle Of Champagne For Two – Just Me And You




I remember this day it was almost 10 years ago
I had red hair, new boobs, that’s how I know

My friend Cindy she passed away 2 days ago, in the night
Beautiful Cindy, pure delight, God Why? It is so not right

I am trying not to weep but the tears just flow
She would not want sadness, they say she is at peace, I know, I know

But my heart hurts and I cannot help that choking feeling
She wont be there when I get back to Australia, that’s what I am dealing

Picture 8

Outrigger Paddling she loved and that’s how we met
Some curly-headed mates in the picture above, we all had fun you bet

Picture 3

She loved the freedom the feeling of the ocean
She was talented, creative, her family, her devotion

She leaves behind Grandchildren who will not know her as we knew
But I know she has left them things to remember, as she bid adieu

Well Cindy, you have passed, and our lives move forward in great stride
Till we meet again for sure on the other side

When I get back to Australia I will buy a bottle of champagne for two
Will sit in your beautiful garden by the pool and drink it just me and you

Picture 1

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To My Dear Friend Rich – God Needs Her More


Dear Rich

To My dear friend Rich what can I say
To make you feel better even in just a small way

I cannot hold you to comfort you as I am too far away
But my heart grieves for our loss, a very sad day

Kristi was special Rich, her passing a shock
I know she is everything to you, you to her, her to you, a rock

We don’t hug, touch, greet and see each other enough when we could
Our friends that are special, we think they will be with us forever, as they should

I can’t imagine the pain, disbelief, emptiness you are all feeling at this time
But I know she would not want you to grieve too long, she knows life has too many mountains to climb

I know Rich your heart is broke, you will miss her, your pain to the core
But you and I know that it is her time and God needs her more


Kristi – You Will Never Be Forgot

To Kristi my friend where ever you are
Right now close by, I am sure not to far

We have only known each other but a few years
Your passing has been a shock we all have shed many a tear

My memory of you will always know you to have good humor and bright
Strong convictions and stand up for what is right

Some laughs a few jell-O shots we have shared
Maybe a few to many glasses of red wine, not counting and who cares

Kristi I bid you farewell and you will be missed by us all a lot
But rest assured my friend, you will never be forgot


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Good Way To Start The Weekend – Lets Boogie Woogie!

Thank God its Friday. Wahoo for the Weekend!

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Did You Know – 06/25/2012

Human Eye Detects sound

Yes, sound. University research studies show that mild and incidental noises cause the pupils of the eyes to dilate.
According to David Louis’s book of  Fascinating Facts, Uninvited noise bothers professions like surgeons, watchmakers  and others who perform delicate work, because the sudden noise causes their pupils to change focus and maybe blur their vision.

The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea in the eye. It takes in oxygen directly from the air.

The cornea has unmyelinated nerve endings sensitive to touch, temperature and chemicals; a touch of the cornea causes an involuntary reflex to close the eyelid.

In 600 AD, Pope Gregory 1 decrees that “God bless you” is the correctly response to a sneeze.

A sneeze was believed  the expulsion of some sort of evil, and the phrase was meant to ward off the evil’s re-entry.

In Vermont A wife must obtain written permission from her husband to wear false teeth.
Crazy but true.


The only known poisonous bird in the world is the Hooded Pitohui of Papua New Guinea.

The poison is found in its skin and feathers.
They call it the “garbage bird” because of its unpleasant smell, and avoid eating it because of the bitter taste and a tendency to make people sick. The Hooded Pitohui has batrachotoxin (BTX) in its dander, and in its skin and feathers, a neurotoxin identical to that used by deadly poison frogs in Colombia, South America.

The oldest living tree and hence one of the oldest known living things on earth

Is a bristlecone pine tree located in California, its actually over 4,600 years old. The ancient warped and twisted bristlecone pine tree, a big draw for photographers, painters and other artists.


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This Gave Me A Good Feeling.

This was tweeted to me but was unable to catch who it was, who ever it was Thankyou. I kinda needed to hear that at that moment.
Hope it gives you goose bumps like it did me.

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