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Best Buy Wednesday On Thursday – 11/11/2015


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Maya Angelou writes beautiful books and do make great gifts.
With Christmas coming upon us very quickly I think every family should have at least one of her books in their library.
Great stories and great words of wisdom


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Go To: Maya Angelou Book Collection


Buy At – Amazon

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Best Buy Wednesday – 09/30/2015


I love the look of these practical wallets. I have a similar type wallet for my cards but it is deteriorating fast with use because it is plastic.  This is a simple system, good material, and compact. It allows you to avail yourself to the cards you use most each day and store the rest in another compartment so that you are not fumbling though heaps of cards to find the one you want.

I think it’s a great practical gift idea. Something different and of good use.

The video below is an example of how the wallet works.

You can buy these for $19.99

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.53.42 PM

Buy Now

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2. Here is another gift idea.

head_logoScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.24.21 PM

Herbs and spices I am always looking for, also good quality aromatherapy oils and gadgets plus good quality green tea and I have found this company ideal.
At this stage they don’t have gift packaging but you can do that yourself. If you have someone who likes these sorts of products then they will make excellent gifts and quality ones from this company.


Just click here or  on the banner and it will take you to the site to look around.

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Christmas Gifts And What I Look For

I love Christmas! I may be one of the few but it is a time of the year that I can show the friends that I like to surround myself with, that I care and appreciate who they are to me. I do it with love and fun.

I don’t go overboard and buy things that are expensive because that can be embarrassing to them, especially if they did not get you a gift. The fact is I don’t want or expect anything in return it is truly in the choosing and the giving that gives me pleasure.

Of course I always buy for the immediate family. It’s a time of the year I can really spoil my Grandkids, as for my sons, and daughter in law, they usually get something functional.

I think the secret to buying Christmas Gifts is to buy something you would like yourself, that usually works.

Here are the things that I usually choose to buy.

One year magazine subscription: (Men or Women’s Health, National Geographic, readers digest)

Candles: (Whole food have some great candles that have a natural, pleasant smelling odor) One year I bought candles made from Honey wax. They were a ‘classy’ looking design and smelt fabulous in fact I notice that Whole foods have them again this year.

Chocolates: I find Costco or Sam’s have beautifully packaged chocolates for very reasonable prices. I usually buy them there for all my chocolate lover friends. Chocolate is often a treat for some because, like me we do not indulge all year, well most of the year, the reason being we are always trying to keep that spare tyre around our middle deflated as much as possible.

Gift basket: Now this is what I get for my Mum. I do it online with a reputable company every year because I send it to NZ.(The same thing can be sent anywhere in USA). It is great value and includes a bottle of wine or port, nibbles like nuts, crackers, Pate, small christmas cake in a beautifully decorated package that is delivered to her door the day before Christmas.

Body Oil: One year I bought some nice looking little bottles from the dollar store. I bought some glass paint and made a design on the bottles. I then made a batch of body oil made from various natural oils including Olive oil, Vit E oil, almond oil and an essential oil (I think it was patchouli and lavender and lemon grass, if I remember correctly) Put a bow on it and ‘Walla’. They loved it. Well they said they did.

Bracelets: This year I think I may make some bracelets. Never done it before but I am thinking that would be something I would like and because of the personal touch, my friends may like that too.

So there are some ideas you may like to think about for your Christmas gifts. I am not one for fighting the crowds in the mall and this is a quick, easy and enjoyable way to overcome your Christmas shopping hassles without spending too much money.

Doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just sayin’

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How To Make Scented Salted Dough Balls

I love walking into a room that has that beautiful Aroma. Studies have shown that certain smells can affect your moods, energy, evoke vivid memories and powerful emotions. I personally love the smell of Lemon Grass, to me, it makes the room feel clean and bright. I find that lemon grass also appeals to men, they seem to recognize the fragrance and comment on how much they like it. I often use lemon scented Eucalyptus, it is sort of antiseptic smell and one that is great if you are feeling a ‘bit under the weather’, maybe the beginnings of the flue. Also reminds me of the bush in Australia.
It is has been suggested that certain odors can create a healthier home and work environment.
An example, and I am sure we have all done this, when you enter a room with a “oh that smells beautiful” makes you feel good, or when someone forgot to empty the garbage bag with last nights prawn shells in it. The reaction to the garbage smell is, your face immediately becomes screwed up, mood changes to accusingly, “Who didn’t take out the garbage last night” and you become that unpleasant person.
I think everyone has their preference to an Aroma. The smell that you enjoy may not be the same for your partner or spouse so it is a good thing to find an aroma that suits you both. I know my husband is not very keen on the odour of Ylang Ylang, me, I love it.
You have hundreds of different essential aromatherapy oils.  My suggestion is not to use fragrant oils. They are usually made from artificial scents and to me are very overpowering, stay with the pure oils. Men usually don’t like those strong scented sort of smells but will handle the subtle smell of pure essential oils.

Some of the oils can be rather expensive, although lemon grass and lavender are normally reasonably priced. Only a drop or two is needed and a small bottle will last a long time.

Rather than use candles and an aroma burner, I found this recipe for Scented salt dough balls. The scented dough balls can last for a very long time and only take a drop or two of oil on them every now and then to keep that nice fragrance in you room. These can also make nice gifts.

You Need

2 cups plain flour
1 cup table salt
1 cup of water
1/4 tsp essential oil


Mix the water into the flour and salt to make a modelling-type dough. Add a few drops of food colouring for your desired coloring before adding the oil.

Knead well until smooth, roll into small balls and leave to dry.

Dry the balls in a warm place over several days, or speed up the process by placing them in an oven at a very low temperature for a few hours

Tip: Adding 1 tbsp of lemon juice helps the dough to harden.

You are able to perfume a room with these balls and look nice, placed in an attractive ceramic bowl. They harden after a period but remain absorbent and can be regularly refreshed with a few drops of oil.
Unlike potpourri dough balls do not get dusty and dry over time. As the balls get impregnated with the oil, they develop a glossy appearance. Instead of balls you can also try other shapes such as shell shapes or fruit shapes. What ever takes your fancy


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Gadgets For Mom For Christmas

This is an article written by By Clayton Morris
Published December 06, 2010 FoxNews.com

I found this article which had some excellent suggestions for gifts for Mom at Christmas. I added the pictures to the article because I was unaware what some of them were.
I love Google. I Googled up the images so that both you and I could see what they looked like.

I would like any one of these gifts as they are useful, not dust collectors.

1. Kodak Pulse Frame: Kodak has made tremendous strides in making photo sharing supersimple across all of its products. And the Kodak Pulse is one of my favorite new photo frames, because it takes the guesswork out of getting pictures on the frame.
Out this year with a bigger than ever 10-inch version, it’s incredibly easy to use. With the Pulse, family members can send photos to mom’s frame no matter where they live: Just e-mail them to a special address that mom sets up in a few minutes and voila! The photos show up in her slideshow.

2. Sony Dash: If mom loves to listen to music, watch a Netflix movie, or any of the above while she’s cooking then she’ll love the Sony Dash. It’s the perfect kitchen companion. Sony calls it a”‘personal Internet viewer” and the company’s marketing suggests it would be great next to the bedside. It would — but I think it’s better suited for the kitchen.
The vivid 7-inch color touch-screen is water resistant, and its wedge shape lets mom flip it up or down depending on the viewing angle. With over 1,500 apps, she’ll be able to check Facebook, listen to Pandora, view recipes and watch a Netflix movie or cooking demo on YouTube. And when it’s not being used for any of those other things the family can enjoy it as a digital photo frame.

3. Macbook Air: Apple’s 11-inch Macbook Air is my favorite new laptop — and it really doesn’t get any better than this thing. It’s ultra light, extremely thin, and wicked fast. And only half an inch thick!
With its flash memory storage (no spinning hard drive) the Air has instant wake capabilities; that means a simple flip of the lid lets mom get right to work. If the Air is off and needs to boot up, she’ll wait just 14 seconds from the time she hits the power button until she’s e-mailing. It’s so thin that it will fit in a large purse. And the price is just right, too; Apple dropped the cost to $999, putting it in a tie for cheapest Apple laptop.
You won’t see me carrying a bulky laptop ever again. Don’t make mom do it either.

4. Powermat: It’s as certain as death and taxes: Women hate having electrical cords strewn all over the place. Men don’t seem to mind — as evidenced by my monstrosity of an entertainment center.
The Powermat lets you charge your smartphone by simply laying it on a charging mat. Look Ma, no cords! Powermat makes beautiful cases that fit around your new iPhone 4, iPod, Blackberry or other product too. One early complaint was that the cases were too thick; Powermat listened and the new lineup is even thinner and sleeker than before. And they’ve included a mini-USB port on the bottom of the case that means you can connect to iTunes without having to remove the case.

5. iRobot Scooba and Pet Series Roomba: I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes — I clean the floors more than my wife, after all — but most moms would love a helping hand when it comes to vacuuming the carpets and mopping the floors. I’ve tested a few competitors to iRobot’s line of vacuum-cleaning robots and no one has managed to top them. I’m impressed with the Pet Series Roomba, which lets you choose when to vacuum the carpets with a little more cleaning power than the basic model.
Why not schedule it while you’ve taken mom out to dinner? Return home to find the Roomba back on its charger after it’s finished with the carpets. The only thing it doesn’t do is empty itself. There’s something gratifying about coming home to find your house clean and a Roomba filled with dirt, dust, hair and muck.
If mom has hardwood or tile floors then the Scooba is the choice. Just like the name implies, Scooba mops the floors. When it’s all done you’ll find a tank of dirty water. And somehow, cleaning THAT out is gratifying in itself!

Clayton Morris is a Fox and Friends host and the tech brain behind the Gadgets and Games show. Follow Clayton’s adventures online on Twitter @ClaytonMorris (where he promises to try to answer all your gift questions) and by reading his daily updates at his blog.


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How To Please Mum On Mothers Day

Mothers Day is coming up quickly so the family needs to get their heads together and think of some things to make her day very special.

I know my favorite Mothers days were the one where the boys did something special. I loved getting breakfast in bed. I loved that they went and picked some flowers even if they were Bougainvillea and prickly. I loved that they hung around for the day instead of dashing off with their friends. It is really those little things that make the day special. It makes it memorable. We often went for a picnic on the beach, it was one day of the year that they really did make me feel appreciated.

On the other hand sometimes they feel that they need to buy or make something and that is ok too.

Here are some suggestions for inexpensive ideas.

1. Coupon Book;

The kids might like to cut out paper in the shape of coupons and write a promise on them. Example being, I will do the dishes in the evening for a week. I will massage your shoulders for 30 minutes. I will clean your car. Keep my room clean for a week.

These coupons can be made into a booklet type form. Cashed in by Mum at any time.

2. A Wall Hanging.

Make a wall hanging in the shape of a heart. Color it and frame it with sparkly things or whatever you think makes it pretty and say I love you.

3. A Poem.

Hand print on a nice pretty paper a poem to your Mum.  Write something straight from the heart.

4. Get a photo frame.

Find a picture of something you have all done recently and frame it. You can make frames from anything. Cardboard with your drawings on it, like flowers,stick on bubble wrap, sprinkle glitter on cardboard frame. There are many ways to make a picture frame at little or no cost.

6.Take Mum to the Movies

Use Pocket money to take your Mother to the movies. I am sure she will love it. Spoil her with popcorn

7. Magazine subscription

Get a 12 month subscription to her favorite magazine. That gift I find is well received.

For more great Mothers day gift ideas go to Bing.com

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Thoughtfully Thrifty: Seven Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

By: Vicki Santillano DivineCaroline.com

Recently, the National Retail Federation estimated that Americans will spend an average of $63.34 on each other for Valentine’s Day in 2010. That’s 6 percent less than last year, which is hardly surprising, given the recent economic tumult. It’s hard to justify spending obscene amounts of money on roses and fancy dinners when unemployment rates and house foreclosures remain steadily (and alarmingly) high. Frankly, I’ve always supported low-key Valentine’s Days. When it comes to showing love and affection, it’s the thought and effort, not the price tag, that matter. The best gifts to give on the fourteenth come from the heart, and, luckily for the cash-strapped among us, they won’t drive us into debt come February 15.

1. Can’t put your feelings on paper? Put them on a CD or MP3 player.
I believe that mix CDs, done properly, convey more sentiment than a random Hallmark card. Include the songs your partner loves, songs that are significant to your relationship, and songs that remind you of him or her. Write out the playlist and don’t forget to decorate the CD itself for an extra-special touch. Another variation on this idea is to make a personalized Pandora or MP3 player playlist. Your Valentine can enjoy the gift en route to or at work; plus, it’s a daily reminder of your love (or extreme like, depending on your situation). And don’t limit yourself to music; include favorite podcasts in the mix, too, especially if there’s a radio show or comedian you both enjoy.


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