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Everything about silence

Anti Trumpers you look at this video and think about what you are doing to the great country of America. Right now what the Media and others I will not name, are doing – The Anti Trumpers (I say Trumpers because they are crucifying all the family)  are becoming bent and twisted, nasty and at the same time call them selves Christians or outwardly appear genuine and peace loving or call themselves comedians. Come on guys start thinking about what you are doing. You are hurting the innocent with cruel words. You are not constructively helping in any way. Trumps siblings do not deserve this and if you were taught properly, no one does. But it seem those in privilege positions don’t care.

This video shows children being a wonderful example of what we all should be. Have a Kind and generous heart. America and those who defame – Anti-Trumpers, you are neither kind or genuine, you are not funny you are hurtful. I am sure many of us are sick of it. Let the man do his job and support the country to prosperity that many under other governments have not been privy to like yourself. Those who shout and act out such profanity are the privileged not the poor.

Let America be great again show some pride. Advice to Americans and the world do not believe the media they will be your destruction in time to come.

“Cause if you don’t do different nothing will change”

In my opinion L Voth


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iPad Deals – Be Skeptical

READ;Fake iPad versus the real thing

Thinking of buying an iPad for Christmas? Well here is a warning.

If you see an email or any advertising for an iPad that is $50 or more, less than retail price, be very cautious.
There apparently are a large number of counterfeit iPads out there on the market, they are also very good replicas and it is not until you try out the functions of the iPad do you realize it is not the ‘real deal’. Try it before you buy.
If you see and Ipad for sale $70 to maybe $300 lower than retail price then be suspicious. The chances are they are fakes.

You need also to be aware of the “Gray Market” where the genuine article is sold illegally. There will of course will be no warranty with this iPad which will be your first sign that it may be an illegal item.
It is probably stolen.

There is only one way to avoid such a scam and that is to make sure you buy the iPad from a reputable online store or retail store. It will be the only way to make sure you avoid ‘Fakes’.

It is worth reading this article before you buy.

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