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Did you know….7/26/2010

1. Albert Einstein Was Offered The Presidency Of Israel In 1952.

2. Alexander Graham Bell, Never Telephoned His Wife Or Mother. They Both Were Deaf.

3. Augustus Caesar Had Achluophobia–The Fear Of Sitting In The Dark.

4. Benjamin Franklin Lived At 141 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

5. Bill Gates’ First Business Was Traff-O-Data, A Company That Created Machines Which Recorded The Number Of Cars Passing A Given Point On A Road.

6. The French Queen, Catherine De Medici Was The First Woman In Europe To Use Tobacco. She Took It In A Mixture Of Snuff.

7. Cathy Rigby Is The Only Woman To Pose Nude For Sports Illustrated. (August 1972)

8. Charles De Gaulle’s Final Words Were, “It Hurts.”

9. Einstein Couldn’t Speak Fluently When He Was Nine. His Parents Thought He Might Be Retarded.

10. Napoleon Bonaparte Was Afraid Of Cats.

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