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Headline Stuff Today « 8/26/2010

Men find frugal Sexy

This was a subject on HLN today which I thought was rather interesting and I have to say a little surprising. What happened to big Boobs?

When it comes to attracting men, a low credit card balance could do more than a low-cut dress. That’s because according to a new survey from ING DIRECT USA, the nation’s largest direct bank,the majority of men (61 percent) find a frugal blind date to be both “smart” and “sexy.” Women, on the other hand, find a frugal blind date to be more of a turn off – with only 44 percent describing frugal dates as “smart” and “sexy.” In fact, the financial battle of the sexes survey found that women are twice as likely to be upset by a partner who spends too little on them.

No, to Facebook when hiring.

Apparently Germany is looking to pass a law that puts restrictions on checking Facebook when recruiting.
They are able to check only the job network sites only.

Go to the source to read more.
Source: NY Times

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Why The Chicken Crossed The road

I thought this “Frugal” message was so funny. It was a good belly laugh. Think you will like it too.

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40 Tips On How To Be Frugal with Water

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
—Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The cost of water is getting more and more expensive. The water rates that your Town or City Council are charging are becoming a major expense. Water is no longer cheap and expendable, we need to conserve every drop. Be frugal with the water and you will be surprised how much money you will save.

We should all be very thankful for the clean water that we get by just turning a tap. “Each year between two and five million people worldwide die from lack of safe water and sanitation,” said David Douglas President of Water Advocates.

Today we often take the use of water for granted, but if we are wasteful or not mindful of how we use it, it can become rather expensive. If you had to rely on the rain for water you would learn very quickly not to waste it.

Here are some of the suggestions for saving water:

1. Have a short shower. Keep you shower between 5-10 minutes. That is plenty of time to cleanse and shampoo, etc. If possible, wash your hair only twice a week, as it is better for your hair, although shampoo companies would argue that fact. Use only a small amount of shampoo, a teaspoon size. The same goes for the conditioner. If you shorten your once per day shower by 2 minutes, you will save 150 to 300 gallons of water per month, depending on the flow of your shower-head.

2. Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerator. efficient shower heads can cut water use by 50% compared to conventional fixtures.

If your bathroom was designed before 1992, your shower heads probably put out 5 gallons of water a minute (GPM). Multiply this by the number of minutes you’re in the shower and you can calculate you water usage. After 1992, shower heads were required to put out no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You can even find adjustable shower heads that put out as little as 1 gallon of water per minute.
The average person uses a shower for 10 minutes per day, so switching to a low flow shower head (2.5 GPM from a 5 GPM) can save a family of four over 36,000 gallons of water per year.

3. Save water… shower with a friend, but make it a quick one.

4. Do not fill your electric kettle with hot water thinking that you would be saving power. It cost more to heat the hot water system than it does to boil the electric kettle filled with cold water.
Only put enough water in the electric kettle that you intend to use.

6. Depending on the size of your family, have only one day a week as your clothes-washing day.

7. If you go to the gym or there are shower facilities at your work, shower there, as it will save you water and power. The gym is likely to have hair dryers as well.

8. If it rains, turn off your automatic garden sprinkler system. This will reduce the water bill. Also, make sure that the sprinklers are not watering the foot path, the house, or driveway. Watering areas that don’t need to be watered is wasteful.

9. If it is still raining and you are at home, leave a couple of buckets out to fill with water. Use the water for pot plants that are not situated in the rain.

10. Instead of buying bottles of water, which is an expensive way to have drinking water, get a tap filter or a filter water jug to filter tap water. They are excellent options and do a great job. They produce great drinking water which is excellent for cooking, coffee, tea, etc.

11. If you like to drink your water cold, keep a pitcher of water in the fridge so that you are not continually going to the tap for water. This way you don’t lose excess water down the drain while you’re running it to get cooler water.

12. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Letting the water run while brushing your teeth wastes approximately 3 gallons per day.

13. That goes for shaving too. Shut the water off while shaving or switch to an electric shaver—zero water use required.

14. When you are washing the dishes by hand, don’t allow the water to run while rinsing. Fill the other sink with the rinsing water.

15. When your fridge gets full of ice cubes, like mine always does, empty the container in the garden or around the houseplants. It’s a good way to water.

16. When you are washing dirty pots or pans, soak them rather than clean them under running water.

17. Put ground covering plants or small shrubs on steep slopes to hold any water that may leach down the hill.

18. Composting will save a lot of water as well. When you compost around plants it keeps the water in the ground and dehydration is not a problem. Also it keeps the weeds away that will also suck up the water.

19. Keep an eye on the amount of water you’re being charged for on your water bill. This will give you an indication if there is a leak in your system.

20. Wash produce in a bowl rather than under running water.
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Frugal And Smart

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Woman Pole Dancers… Now Men…

There is an article in the Washington Post today, written by Vicky Hallett. The subject is male pole dancing. Evidently it is not just women that are pole dancing; the guys are doing it too. Once it was the girls who got the workout and the fella’s eyes were the only part that got the exercise, plus the flap on their wallets as they throw in a dollar or two.

Now we have the men doing it. Dressed mostly in hip hop gear, showing the “six pack” and a great deal of strength and talent, as you can see from this video.

They are now incorporating it into some gyms and why not. I am not sure that I would be concentrating on my own exercises if that was going on in my gym, but I would try.

I am not sure that this article comes under Savings or Frugal, but I am sure, if you had a pole in your home, it would save you going to the clubs and or the gym. Either way if you participated, it is probably very good for your health, so it would save you on doctors bills.


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Spring in the Air – Tips For Frugal Travel

This is the time of the year that you need to spread your wings and get a little spring in your steps. Winter has gone and now it is time to get some fresh air, go see the new spring growth and feel that warmer air. It’s good for the soul.

It doesn’t have to be a major expense, you can do it on the cheap and have fun at the same time and also do something different. You won’t come home feeling the pinch in your wallet.

1. Take your own basket of food. It is so expensive by the end of the day if you have been buying food from vendors at the fuel station or along the way. Make your favorite sandwiches. We always used to make a bacon and egg pie to take with us. Easy to make and no knives and forks necessary to eat it with. Muffins are a good thing to make. These are all good for lunch picnics

2. Take a thermos of tea or coffee. Take some water from home in bottles or one large container and some plastic cups. If you have to buy any of these, and there is four of you, well, you can kiss $10 goodbye.

3. If you are going away for a few days and don’t have friends to stay with, look up the internet for coupons that will give you a discount on the hotels in the area that you will be staying. Groupon is a discount site for the area you live in. I have also found another good one that is one of my Twitter followers Destination Travel Magazine

4. Coupons for meals is another way to get cheaper meals. Coupon Chief.com now they have coupons for just about everything. If you can’t find anything on that site there are many others.

5. Prioritize what you want to do. If you want to spend extra on nice accommodation then cut back on your meals. Visa Versa scrimp on hotels for extra spending money during the day. Check ahead for ticket specials or if a certain time of the day has cheaper prices. Sometime the morning times are cheaper.

For a whole lot more ideas Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less it has them all.


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Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Here are some of those secrets. Well I guess they are not secrets now. You could say what they have in common.

1. Educate yourself
2. Passion pays off
3. No Guts no glory
4. Set your sights on where you are going.

Here are some millionaire facts that I got from the Australian Readers Digest. I am sure they are probably appropriate for most millionaires in the world.

  1. 70% live in Capital cities, 10% in other cities, and 0% regionally.
  2. Average age of investment millionaires is 51
  3. The number one driver of wealth is time – for savings to accumulate and investments to compound.
  4. Many careers pathways can lead to wealth. The rich include self-employed entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, partners in professional firms and medical specialists.
  5. Divorce can permanently impair long-term wealth by about 25%
  6. Successful business owners are twice as likely to be wealthy as employees, but not all are rewarded for the risk taken.
  7. Blips in the property market and other economic downturns are unlikely to stop the long-term wealth building of most people.
  8. Wealth doesn’t equal happiness: but people who aren’t saddled by a large mortgage or credit card debts seem to be less unhappy.

What’s Their Biggest Secret?

Stop Spending.

Every millionaire has one thing in common: Not a single one spends needlessly. Many travel on the cheap, some don’t have mobile phones, they don’t drive new cars and their neighbors probably have no idea of their wealth. Some believe in recycling every scrap of paper in their office—Printing on both sides.

Wealth Benchmarks’ research shows that most millionaires said they are prudent and below average spenders. “It is never too late to get on top of your finances.”

Their advice is to “save.” It is only for a short time and if you stick to it for a year it could make all the difference for the rest of your life.

The common trait of most millionaires is that they live well below their income.

A good example of this is Warren Buffett the third richest man in the world. According to Forbes he lives in the same Omaha, Nebraska home he bought four decades ago for US$31,500.

So there you go. We can all do it if we put our minds to it. Just think you could abstain from all luxuries for one year. I’ll bet you would be surprised how much money you would have at the end of that time. It’s a start.

Hey, “If you don’t do different nothing will change.” If I say it enough you might end up believing it.


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