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Organic Weed Spray 👌

This was sent by my Greeny friend Julie from NZ

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Good Tip From a Friend

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April 3, 2018 · 5:24 PM

The Sky Was Filled with Angel Wings

This morning while riding my bike enjoying what the morning brings
I was amazed as the sky was filled with what I call angel wings

The clouds were painting the sky today, they had something to tell me something to say
Because it was about the time, on the other side of the world a friend passed away

Goodbye to a long time friend
Larry he fought ALS right to the end

It has left an empty space, a sad heart, hard to comprehend
Life at a distance so, Not enough time did we spend

Your spirit was strong and amazing
Your younger life full, fearless and blazing

But your last years were with illness and pain
So rest in peace Larry, never to feel that again

Each day the sky paints us a picture of many things
Today it was for Larry, it was full of Angel wings

Goodbye Larry

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A True Friend

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.16.58 PM

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January 12, 2016 · 3:37 PM

A tribute to man’s best friend


This is a beautiful story. Get the tissues out.

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Body Language – Interesting subject When You Really Want To Know What Someone isThinking

verbal-and-non-verbal-communicationThis is a subject I really would have liked to learn more about (I could probably say that about Spanish, Sign language, and guitar all of which I would like to learn but don’t make the time). But this subject does fascinate me as I am a people watcher. I like to watch people at airports on a bus, when they are having a conversation with another wether it be a spouse or boss or just a friend. Body language tells you a lot about a person.
I found this diagram of which some of it you probably know already, but some not.

Body Language Reference Sheet

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Have You Had These Thoughts – I Have!

This was sent via Facebook from a friend and I thought it was worth sharing.

weird thoughts


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He Is Their Friend Their Protector

I think these are precious ‘Child and Dog’ interaction.









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To My Dear Friend Rich – God Needs Her More


Dear Rich

To My dear friend Rich what can I say
To make you feel better even in just a small way

I cannot hold you to comfort you as I am too far away
But my heart grieves for our loss, a very sad day

Kristi was special Rich, her passing a shock
I know she is everything to you, you to her, her to you, a rock

We don’t hug, touch, greet and see each other enough when we could
Our friends that are special, we think they will be with us forever, as they should

I can’t imagine the pain, disbelief, emptiness you are all feeling at this time
But I know she would not want you to grieve too long, she knows life has too many mountains to climb

I know Rich your heart is broke, you will miss her, your pain to the core
But you and I know that it is her time and God needs her more


Kristi – You Will Never Be Forgot

To Kristi my friend where ever you are
Right now close by, I am sure not to far

We have only known each other but a few years
Your passing has been a shock we all have shed many a tear

My memory of you will always know you to have good humor and bright
Strong convictions and stand up for what is right

Some laughs a few jell-O shots we have shared
Maybe a few to many glasses of red wine, not counting and who cares

Kristi I bid you farewell and you will be missed by us all a lot
But rest assured my friend, you will never be forgot


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Mans Best Friend

I love this. How clever is this dog, he knows when he is truly loved

Man’s best friend

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