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True Freedom

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October 5, 2018 · 11:32 PM

Our Rules Our Backyard – Don’t bite the Hand That feeds you

Interesting – I believe to be words coming from 90% of Australians
In my opinion you have Freedom of Speech and song.

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Riding motorcycles… it’s this much fun!

I have not been riding for 40 years only about 5 years but I am sure I would feel the same way.
It is that sense of freedom that riding motorcycles give you. I love it and am sure I will till I physically can no longer do it.

After 40+ years of riding motorcycles, this is still how it feels…
After 40+ years of riding motorcycles, this is still how it feels!

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Hey Wouldn’t It Be Good

Hey Wouldn’t It Be Good
Author: Lesley Voth

Get up in the morning and jump for joy
Have that feeling of freedom and excitement, nothing to annoy

Just soak in the sun and feel so well
Anyone got nothing good to say, tell them to go to hell

No World crisis where people are in pain
Everyone in the world has food because of plentiful rain.

No tax man trying to find new ways to rip us to pieces
Politicians with no sense, their bad decisions never ceases

Just to breathe have fun and be productive and go on our way
Enjoy our work, make the country rich, plentiful every single day

To all have enough money that we could live to share
Not just let these morons keep making our lives hard to bear

There is really no place that we can go and hide
Live in a place where we love and have heaps of pride

I guess I am feeling frustrated and down in the dumps
Because I have to sit inside and do my book work for those taxman chumps

Oh Lord what a pile of stapes and papers
I dream of Jeanie and her magical vapours

Well I guess I better get started, it wont disappear
The week is almost over, procrastinated long enough, need a kick in the rear

All I want to do is lay on the beach in the sun
Go have coffee with friends and generally have fun

I will definitely win lotto tomorrow its time I should
That would be great, Hey Wouldn’t that be good

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Poem Friday: What’s Happened to Our Freedom? 10/08/2010

What’s Happened to Our Freedom?

What has happened to those days when we were free?
To be all the things we want to be.

To do all the things we wanted to do,
Without all the rules that control you.

Those do gooders pretending to protect your life,
Supposed to make you safe, keep you from strife.

But what is going to happen when our life gets tough,
We are getting so used to being pampered, not handling the rough.

We have let them disarm us, make us weak,
We now are losing the right to speak.

The money we work for, we let them take Tax,
They even make us think its their right to take the Max.

We don’t even object or put up a real fight,
We just complain, and let them take another bite.

The freedom of taking initiative, being able to take a risk,
The choice is disappearing, fast, and brisk.

I cannot cut a tree on the property… I own without a permit,
I cannot fish… without a license I must submit.

I cannot ride my bicycle… without a hat,
Now we are strip searched at the airport, we all know about that.

I know some of you will be saying it is all for our good,
For me, I believe FREEDOM is now misunderstood.

We don’t even know what it is like to really be free.
We are so caught up in the ‘Money Tree.’

Afraid to lose our possessions, our purse,
That money has now become, to some a curse.

We have been spending like there is no tomorrow,
Now we must, yes must stop what we borrow.

So every time we have a new law, new tax, or new order,
If you don’t agree, get out of your box, object, and stretch your border.

Your freedom is precious you must defend it with all your might.
Pass on the freedom to you children, make it right.


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