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Small Savings – Big Fortune


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September 21, 2017 · 9:11 AM

Small Savings – Big Fortune

  1. Use baby oil to remove eye makeup. Approx 25 cents per oz. Works extremely well and many name brand eye makeup removers can cost $4.50 per oz. Savings at least $4.25. 

Baby oil Gel – This also makes for a great body oil. Soaks into the skin easily. Savings $4.00 or more.


2. Mens shaving gel – recent check at Jet.com found that a 14 ounce container of mens shave gel sold for #3.76. The same quantity of similar wines shave gel was $5.35. Savings $1.58

3. Routinely call or write – To your cable company, internet provider or tv services to see what they will do to keep you loyal. Netflix for example offered a free month of service. Savings $8. 

These companies in Australia, not so much. Not enough competition so not so eager to please

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My New eBook – Small Savings Make A Big Fortune

This book has been in the making for the last 12 months and at last I have finished it. My New eBook, Small Savings Make A Big Fortune, is full of great helpful upfront tips to save money everyday. It’s great for the kids and adults alike.

The eBook contains 1069 useful tips on saving. If you are not saving then you will be finding it difficult or totally unable to make money. You cannot make money out of ‘thin air’ as they say. The object of this book is to save money then be able to make money.

We don’t know which way the economy is going to go, and I do not like dwelling on the negative, but it does not look good. We need to position ourselves against another grim reccesion if that is to happen.

You can download this book for ONLY $1.99, it will be money well spent. It is available from Amazon.com on Kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes and Noble on Nook, Sony on eBook Reader and other ebook sites.

Make a start. Click here to learn more!

“If you don’t do different nothing will change.”

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Did You Know – 11/30/2011

Fortune cookies – They are American not chinese. They were invented by George Jung, a Chinese immigrant to the United States, in 1918 – Source

Siberia – Contains more than 25% of the world’s forests – Source

Termites – A Termite mound is the tallest non human construction on earth.The world’s tallest non-human structures are built by Australian or African termites. If a human being were the size of an average termite, the relative size of a single termite nest is the equivalent of a 180 story building–almost 2000 feet high. It would easily be the tallest building in the world. How is it possible that this tiny creature has the engineering know-how to erect an edifice of this magnitude? Obviously this knowledge is innate to the termite. The process of construction, the materials and correct combination of materials to yield an elegant, structurally efficient and durable structure is simply awe-inspiring. Source

Domestic cat – Is the only cat species able to hold its tail vertically while walking. All wild cats hold their tains horizontally or tucked between their legs while walking – Source

St. Nicholas – Known as Santa, was born in Patara, Turkey and became the bishop of Demre, on Turkey. Devoted to good works, Saint Nicholas [270-310] was once Bishop of Myra (“Myrrh”), a town now called Demre. Anatolia, the territory of modern Turkey, has been the heartland of human civilization since 7,000 BC – Source

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