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What’s New » 1/24/2012

A safety mechanism that has been in the more expensive vehicles, such as a radar that warns the driver if they stray out of the lane.. It now appears this safety gadget is now leaning towards the cheaper vehicles.

  • This safety mechanism is now finding its way into the mainstream midsize sedans. The first to introduce this is Ford into the Ford Fusion
  • The Steering wheel vibrates to alert the driver and the system will steer the car back to the lane.
  • Gov Data: 100,000 Police reported crashes every year from drowsiness.

Hopefully this will save some lives.

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Email Banking Scams

You have probably heard and seen for yourself  the emails that are trying to tempt you to open and divulge your personal banking information. Well here is another one.

  • You will receive an email that seems to be from the FDIC or some official organization.
  • Tells you to click the link to fix the problem with your bank account
  • This link will unleash Malware that exposes all your banking information.
  • Takes ID’s and passwords


45 cents to Post a letter!

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