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Dog Loves To Be Vacuumed

This video is a couple of years old and you may have seen it but its my first time. LMAO. Kinda cute.

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Need A New Shower?

I think the first and the last are my favorites

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Did You Know – 10 /02/2014

Today’s Grandparents At A Glance in USA


1. 43% travel more than 200 miles to see a Grandchild (I travel 14,000 miles – just saying)

2. $57 Billion is how much grandparents spend on their grandchildren each year. ( I can believe that one)

3. 62% of Grandparents are still working. (I am kinda not one of them)

4. 47 is the average age of the first time Grandparent. (Thats about right, I was 52 )

5. 53% help with educational expenses (I educate mine for free)

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Safety First??


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July 6, 2014 · 1:13 PM