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Shilajit – Know What it is?

I am always looking for new and exciting stuff about health and nutrition. I came across this article while I was looking up information on Fulvic acid and Humic acid.

The reason for that is my Father in Law who is 80, became very sick and was not expected to live. Could not walk was not eating and lost a lot of weight. His daughter was already taking both these acids, she was suffering from depression, irritable bowel and other problems and all the symptoms improved dramatically. She started her Dad on these two acids to see if it helped.
Her father started taking both Fulvic and Humic acids and now is driving walking a mile and to the surprise of his doctor has given him a clean bill of health.
So I went searching and found that Dr Axe actually had articles on these substances which I am imparting on to you,  but you do need to go to his site Draxe.com and read all the articles.
First of all I am starting with Shilajit. If you don’t know what it is,  go some research and take a look at the info-gram below.



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Poem Friday 07/17/2015 – Mr President I Hope You Enjoy Your Father And Daughter Weekend

US MARINE CORPS | Portrait 1,800×1,200 pixels

Four Marines were Shot and Killed yesterday
By a 24 year old terrorist in a cold and brutal way

How stupid is the law that no marine on base can carry a gun
No way to protect themselves from all that training done

Many have been killed in this type of situation before
Would not common sense tell you in todays time, more was in store

A Mother and Father, Wife and siblings will be feeling such unmentionable sorry
For those Four Marines there will be no hugs or smiles there will be no tomorrow

I am lost to understand these needless deaths from those that have such crazy evil intent
Is it not payback time, show our intolerance, the anger we must vent

We let this culture come into the country, they sift among us as a stool pigeon
We are told to be politically correct, we are forced to accept their religion

I feel grief for those who lost their loved ones. It won’t be the last there will be more
For goodness sake Mr President get angry, show some remorse, show you care some for those four

For these next few days and for evermore these boys family will realize it is the end
So Mr President I hope you enjoy your father and daughter weekend

My Opinion
Lesley Voth

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Father And Son Bonding

Father and son time well spent! 1 Father and son time well spent! 2 Father and son time well spent! 3 Father and son time well spent! 4Father and son time well spent! 5

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How Cute Is This – Great Father and Daughter Bonding

Tonight You belong to me

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Did You Know – 04/14/2014

Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevisare are parasitic mites that particularly favor the hair follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes and measure a mere fraction of a millimeter long.

1. This is gross but a fact of life

Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevisare are parasitic mites that particularly favor the hair follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes and measure a mere fraction of a millimeter long. They crawl about your face in the dark to mate and then crawl into the pores to lay their eggs and die. Healthy adults have around one or two mites per square centimetre of facial skin, though people with the condition rosacea can have 10 times more. Demodex does not have an anus and therefore cannot get rid of its faeces. Instead, their abdomen gets bigger and bigger, and when the mite dies it decomposes and releases its faeces all at once into the pore.

More info: http://bit.ly/O9wCVM




2.  Hong Kong is the only city you can pronounce without moving your Tongue.




3.  90% of people will fake laugh when they don’t understand what someone said to them.





4.  There are 210 more billionaires than there was three years ago.



Arena - Bob Marley - Exodus '77

5.  Bob Marley was the father of 3 children born to 3 different women within 4 weeks.




6.  It’s physically impossible for pigs to look up to the sky.



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Poem Friday – 08/16/2013 – Happy Birthday Jamin


Happy Birthday Jamin
Author: His Mother

August the 15th 1972 is a day for me to remember
My son Jamin was born, he was in a hurry meant to come september

I was then in my 20’s, with no manual on parenthood
I was new to him and he was new to me, we did the best we could

It wasn’t all rosy at first as I got postnatal depression
Babies were meant to be a delight, well that was my impression

Anyway it did not last long
How could it with a baby so happy, so strong

He was beautiful and an absolute delight
He mostly laughed and ate and best of all he slept all night

As he grew, chubby to muscle by the age of three
I was always amazed at the love one felt for something that did not even reach your knee

Even as I write I am left with wonderful reflections
The great life we had, His life and all his directions

My Son is now a father, lucky for him he has my advice
Well till I get that look of, ‘That will be suffice’

I am proud of my son, as he should be of himself
He has a great family, they are happy in spirit and health

He is kinda a fellow with old head on young shoulder and quite wise
And consideration and kindness he gets the gift of first prize

So Jamin from me and your brother Jon akin
A very happy birthday wish to you Jamin


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